Saturday District Convention notes: Don't research JW's online!!!!

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  • Schizm
    A sense of urgency should permeate every aspect of our lives. We are deep in the time of the end. Deliverance is at hand! (Waits for seals to clap)

    Bull shit!

    And I don't necessarily feel bad for having said it.

    I'm absolutely sick of the erroneous 1914 doctrine. (I stopped attending meetings over 30 years ago because of it and nothing has changed in all the years since, as it's still being taught.)

    I'm sick of the teaching that the United Nations is the 8th King, because it isn't, and I can prove it.

    I'm sick of the teaching that the 7th King is the United States and Great Britain, because they aren't, and I can prove it.

    I'm sick of the teaching that sheol/hades is the "common grave of mankind", because it isn't. (But it isn't what Christendom teaches either, in case anyone is wondering.)

    I'm sick of a basket load of things, come to think of it.

    Listen my friends up there at Headquarters in Brooklyn: Isn't it about time for you to get down to business and reconsider the accuracy of what is being taught? My God people, you came to my door right at 42 years ago, which resulted in my getting baptized a few years later. I can honestly say that it was you (the WTS) that got me started on my spiritual journey. Had you not laid the foundation, I would not have gotten to where I now am with regards to the things I've learned from the Bible. The problem is, though, that I've surpassed you in several areas (note the above for a few examples). How can this be possible?! Perhaps it's because, unlike you, I haven't been tied down to overseeing a worldwide organization. Whatever the reason might be, there are a multitude of real live people who have been affected by the ministry that you sponsor, and (knowingly or unknowingly) are counting on you to properly explain the Bible. What a weighty responsibility you have voluntarily accepted. But I ask again, Isn't it about time that you reconsider a number of the things being taught as "accurate Bible knowledge"? I've grown to become and old man since first having been approached by a member of the Watchtower Society. And given the fact that I may not live for too many more years, I'd really hate it if I were to pass into non-existence with no progress (doctrinally-wise) having been made on your part.

    Consider it seriously and with a sense of urgency, won't you?



  • Synergy

    Made me sick to read all that. I want to scream when I see it. All the memories brought up from the past life. Thanks for posting it. I know lurkers will be helped by your post here. When I was lurking on this site it would have helped me to see that kind of commentary.

  • moomanchu
    Classic phrase: Satan causes a veil of darkness to cover the mind of "professed Christians".

    Aren't JW,s professed christians?

    the youngest getting baptized was just 10 years old.

    All you teenagers don't you now feel like shit? Jesus was 30 what was his problem?

    "Quiet Please" and "Keep Moving" signs.

    These signs are for the numerous worldly people who do not know the ways of Jehovah.

    Reasonable concern for health care is practical and beneficial.

    Interpretation stop using illness as excuse for missing meetings and field service.

    Thanks for the memories truthseeker.

    These conventions make the JW,s think that the world revolves around them, while in fact once you leave you realize that 99% of the world doesn't give two shits about them.

  • Ozner





    it's five past twelve!

  • Elsewhere

    Then he says, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I don't need this, the society mentioned about apostates opposing us on the Internet. I think I'll go to the official website of the Watchower"

    SIDE NOTE: The mention of searching for JW news articles on the Internet AND the mention of the brother finding NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNING BODY is the FIRST example I have ever heard given of what a witness could find on the Internet about JW's and not just the usual "half-truths and apostate lies" mentioned.

    I find it VERY interesting that they did not deny any of the "negative talk"... Instead they just instructed everyone to ignore the "negative talk".

  • merfi

    Then he says, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I don't need this, the society mentioned about apostates opposing us on the Internet. I think I'll go to the official website of the Watchower"

    If I'd heard this presented this way, I'd have been the first to go running to the internet to check it out. It doesn't out and say "do NOT go on the internet and research JW... apostates linger and lie there... do not 'associate' with apostates...". It isn't commanded, but leaves it somewhat open to discernment. Also, negative talk about the GB?? That would make me more curious than the usual blah blah rhetoric about "against JW".

    Hopefully it's the same script in all conventions and it will pique curiosity.


  • Mary

    Oh Christ, I'm going next week.............I can barely contain myself I'm so damn excited at the prospect of sitting through a day of this mind-numbing shit.........

    A whole 20 minutes on the dangers of pornography, alcoholism, materialism and flirting

    You mean they mentioned Gumby?!

  • IronClaw

    This is a bunch of bullshit. The reason I am here is because of researching the WT on the internet. I am sure I'm one of many many persons who are no longer a witness due to looking up the WT on the net. When I had real questions about some of the things I learned, guess what?? NO ELDER would come over to answer my questions. Esspecially the one about Mexico/Malawi. So no wonder they don't want people to research on the net. They know that the TRUTH would set them FREE.

    The Claw

  • candidlynuts

    it may backfire on them.. a lot of witnesses are starving for info about the secretive "gov body" and bethel..if you never had a family member in bethel you are reaaaaaallly curious about the place and the people.

    and now they're telling people there is info about the gov body online!! you just have to do a web search!

    even if its " negative" it is more info than the average rank and file would ever have about them.

  • inbyathread

    It's all a ploy. Convention listeners who are weak™ will go to the websites and find out all this information.

    Reporting back to the elders with questions. This in turn results in many announcements of persons no longer being JW's

    This removes low hour publishers, low or no donation publishers. Cut the dead wood and bring in actual performers.

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