Saturday District Convention notes: Don't research JW's online!!!!

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  • truthseeker

    Cyberguy, probably you're right!

    I am one of those who goes out for an hour, twice a month, wonder if the speaker was referring to me?

    the brother actually said he found the ministry boring and had no zeal for it.

    I am very tired and exhausted and my fingers ache from all that typing - will let you know Sunday's highlights tomorrow.


  • truthseeker

    Looks like the 2004 "Keep On The Watch" brochure didn't have the desired effect!

  • magoo
    Concluding comments: If we don't warn those who are "staggering" we will be blood guilty and accountable to Jehovah. Our ministry saves lives!'t you feel guilty......only 2 hours a month? what's the should be lending a shoulder for those "staggering" can't do this in only 2 hours a month! get with the program......more hours in the ministry......more meeting attendence....more love in your marrige..........more.......more.......more.....oh and don't forget to help clean the hall...maintain the grounds....and a little more in the way of monetary contributions at the hall while your at it, just for starters


  • VM44

    "Our ministry saves lives!"


    Name one person whose life has been saved because of The Watchtower's prophetic speculations!

    The answer is None!

    It is so easy for them to make statements from the platform that are empty.

    Wishful thinking passed off as fact!


  • yesidid

    Dear Truthseeker ,

    I really don't know how you did it.........but I for one am so grateful you did.

    We have family, beautiful people whom we love dearly, still deceived. It is

    important for us to know what they are being "fed" so we know what we are

    up against.

    Your meticulous reporting helps us no end.

    Thanks again, very much appreciated.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Thank you very much, Truthseeker, This is my 1st assembly away...

  • parakeet

    "A sense of urgency should permeate every aspect of our lives. We are deep in the time of the end."

    Yeah, we are deep in a pile of something, all right. Thanks, truthseeker. You have tons more patience than I have, to sit through all that.

  • Leolaia

    SilentWatcher....I wouldn't doubt it. There are many eschatological scenarios promulgated by others that may draw on the Minor Prophets. My comment pertained to how the conclusion did not follow from the evidence presented.

  • What-A-Coincidence
    "A sense of urgency should permeate every aspect of our lives. We are deep in the time of the end."

    Biggest crock in the world! I was at Bethel and other x-bethelites can confirm. You would think that bethelites would be the most urgent at this, nonsense. The only thing urgent is planning your next vacation.

    I mean, the GB's don't walk around with a sense of urgency. You never see them running to the next meeting. It's all talk and #'s.

  • lawrence

    Thanks Truthseeker-

    Wonderful encapsulation! Loved this one from the book:

    those prophets lived many years before Jesus' birth, yet we should consider how their words about Jehovah's day are relevant in the 21st century.

    Rabid beasts never quit!

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