Saturday District Convention notes: Don't research JW's online!!!!

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  • Pistoff

    FEAR and GREED are the only driving forces behind the WT.

    FEAR that the dubs will find out that they are a sham.

    FEAR that the brain dead, mentally challenged, socially stunted lifers might actually break free from their mental bonds.

    I have decided to go for one day to appease the radical faction in the family; I am dreading it.

    The last time I went, I was not even in my seat when the brother doing the daily text said:

    "Obedience to the elders is the same as obedience to Jehovah himself".

    I stopped in my tracks; did no one else hear this blasphemy?? Apparently not.

    I just don't know how I will handle the luddite view of school. I have one graduated, one in and one heading there.

    I just love how amazingly double minded and hypocritical most dubs are about school; I have a close relative that says not all view school this way. He has at least one degree, mind you, and makes 140 plus per year. Now has the money to pioneer!!

    I always say the same thing: Young ones have little defense against the character assassination that college gets. NO; they don't forbid it. BUT: they imply that if you go you are greedy (like them), don't want to pioneer, lack spirituality and most importantly WASTING your time. Why would someone go to college if they believe that? To please Dad or Mom? When apologists state that not everyone believes this way, my answer is the same: if you are listening and believe that they are the channel, you are NOT going to go to college.

    More lives have been ruined by the WT's policies than I can stomach to think about. Some days I dream of exiting in a very public, vocal and insulting way. Then I realize that I will only play into their game.

    Lying, manipulative, life destroying. That is the true state of Ted J. and his buddies.

  • Pistoff
    Brothers, would we pay an individual thousands of dollars to tell us how we can improve our life? Yet, some of you are paying thousands of dollars going to university.

    Like Judah Ben Schroeder, maybe???


  • NYCkid

    SIDE NOTE: The mention of searching for JW news articles on the Internet AND the mention of the brother finding NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNING BODY is the FIRST example I have ever heard given of what a witness could find on the Internet about JW's and not just the usual "half-truths and apostate lies" mentioned.

    It seems there is some desperation there - how many witnesses must have found out negative things concerning the Governing Body?

    It's interesting that they mention "negative talk about the Governing Body." I would think they should be more concerned with negative talk about the Bible or, Jehovah....NOT - What an excellent example of their self-seeking interests. By the way, since they can freely meet and proselytize; freedoms protected by our Constitution, then they must in turn allow their members and families of their members to freely criticize their theology and practices without reprisal or fear of reprisal. The fact that they forbid their members to see, read or hear criticisms smacks of communistic China, North Korea, Cuba as wells as fundamentalistic sects of Islam, Judiasm and Christianity.



  • blondie
    Brothers, would we pay an individual thousands of dollars to tell us how we can improve our life?

    I guess he doesn't go to a physician, or have an operation by a surgeon........what is this, faith healing.


  • serendipity

    Welcome spiritfinder!

  • LDH

    The best part of the JR Bown interview is that people like Minister Amos are calling and identifying themselves as faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and wanting to verify this story that's circulating ONLINE......during the same summer faithful JWs are being told not to research them online.


    Their public affairs office must be in a state of shambles.

  • Quandry

    Of course, even though higher education is unnecessary and evil, the Society is very much willing to use lawyers. Bet they are glad some don't follow their advice,

  • spiritfinder

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Sorry, if I sounded a little "overboard" in my first post. Just very frustrated and determined to stop these mind control leaders in the WTS.

    Thought for the day......

    Is it possible we could send all Jehovah's Witnesses to the moon? Absurd as it may seem, it would be in the best interests for everyone, including them.

    Here is my reasoning:

    1.)They wouldn't have to go door to door everyday, just each others.

    2.)Secondly, the "worldlings", so we are called, would still be here in this world.

    3.)They wouldn't have to salute ANY flags...Although, they would probably pull the one we put up there...Sorry Armstong.

    4.)They wouldn't have to create phophesies any longer, or wait, would they? I guess that would change everything, except fot the "new heavens and new earth" part.

    5.)No more persecution by others, except for the few alien species they may come across. However, I think the aliens would take flight quickly after the first knock on their ship.

    Let me know your thoughts, and I will start designs for their vehicle tomorrow. Oh, wait scratch that, I would have to take two of every animal and it would consume too much of my time and efforts.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    If the Society ITSELF didn't use the internet, then genuine dubs would not stumble upon 'apostate' sites looking for the Watchtower's site.

  • Lotus65

    i was forced to goto that damned convention because im 16 and a minor and i took 7 pages of written notes on every piece of bull i saw there im thinking of putting them online or on the forum but thats alot to type lol

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