Saturday District Convention notes: Don't research JW's online!!!!

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  • truthseeker

    With two thirds of my sentence complete, I am almost ready for parole.

    There was some unbelievable stuff said today - I think there must be some sort of hallucinogenic gas coming through the AC, because no one batted an eyelid over what was said from the platform.

    As usual, I will highlight the main talks.


    "Deliver Us From The Wicked One And From Every Sort Of Lawlessness" - Matt 6:13, Titus 2:14

    9:50 Fortified Against Satan by Considering the Daily Text

    Brothers, Jehovah is preparing us for a spiritual warfare by means of the daily text.

    Classic phrase: Satan causes a veil of darkness to cover the mind of "professed Christians".

    10:00 Symposium:

    Continue in the Ministry - Deliver Those...Staggering to the Slaughter

    When I heard this title I thought WTH? Staggering to the Slaughter? Speaker says that those "staggering" are the ones who need our message of salvation.

    DEMONSTRATION: A brother, about 30 years old, who is single and cares only for himself is putting in just 2 Saturday's a month in field service and only staying out for an hour. He gets a shepherding call - elder is concerned about his hours and meeting attendance. After some soul searching, brother agrees to change his schedule, his attitude and view the ministry with more joy. He decides to work with some of the pioneers.

    "Pioneers look so happy" the brother says to the elder, "I wish I could be that happy"

    Elder encourages brother to develop a "sense of urgency."

    Concluding comments: If we don't warn those who are "staggering" we will be blood guilty and accountable to Jehovah. Our ministry saves lives!

    Continue in the Ministry - Pay Attention To Your Art of Teaching

    Use the Bible more with the householder.

    Householders may give you unscriptual viewpoints - do not correct them straight away, but allow the study to "mold their thinking.'

    Keep it simple, teach with simplicity (not too difficult with the University of Awake! courses)

    11:10 Delivered from the trap of the Birdcatcher - *** APOSTATE ALERT!!! ***

    Satan is the Great Birdcatcher, always looking for a way to catch JW's. How does he do this?

    Satan uses four methods:

    1) Fear of man

    2) Materialism - Get Rich Quick Schemes - speaker failed to mention any examples.

    3) Entertainment

    4) Personal differences and divisions

    Other traps - Satan is cunning, he tries to ban the work - case of Ohio v Stratton mentioned (where JW's had to get a permit to preach)

    DEMONSTRATION: A brother decides to search on the Internet for progress reports on the JW Hurrican Katrina relief work. He uses a search engine (not specified which search engine) and finds an article.

    Then he says, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I don't need this, the society mentioned about apostates opposing us on the Internet. I think I'll go to the official website of the Watchower"

    SIDE NOTE: The mention of searching for JW news articles on the Internet AND the mention of the brother finding NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNING BODY is the FIRST example I have ever heard given of what a witness could find on the Internet about JW's and not just the usual "half-truths and apostate lies" mentioned.

    It seems there is some desperation there - how many witnesses must have found out negative things concerning the Governing Body?

    11:30 Searching Into the Deep Things of God

    Many witnesses are content with the milk of God's word, preferring not to do deep Bible study and research.

    Do you see a need for deep Bible study in your life?

    12:20 Dedication and Baptism

    Same old drivel - speaker announced that the youngest getting baptized was just 10 years old. My goodness, and they condemn Christendom's practice of infant baptism. What could a 10 year old really know about repentance, conversion and dedication?


    SIDE NOTE: These attendants in the main foyer look ridiculous - they are walking up and down holding "Quiet Please" and "Keep Moving" signs.

    2:15 Keep A Scriptual View of Health Care

    This was a MANUSCRIUPT talk.

    Reasonable concern for health care is practical and beneficial.

    We should have a realistic attitude about our health care and accept our limitations - some health problems will only be solved when God's new system arrives.

    Follow example of Paul, who supposedly had an eye affliction - three times he entreated the Lord to remove the afflcition, but the Lord said, "My power is being made perfect in weakness."

    Timothy had stomache problems - Paul suggested a "little wine"

    Our choice of therapies matters to Jehovah - some are pursuing questionable therapies (again, no examples mentioned)

    Dangers of blood, blood derivatives and the occult in helping with our health problems.

    Avoid obsession with health care - it can detract from spiritual things and slow you down in meeting attendance and the Christian ministry

    Could lead to us being self-centered Phillipians 2:3, 4

    Be determined not to forfeit Jehovah's (WT's) approval by making use of unscriptual healthcare.

    Have you read some of the life stories in the WT where elderly ones prayed to Jehovah, forgot their health problems and zealous pursued the ministry?

    2:55 Forsee the Calamity And Conceal Yourself

    A whole 20 minutes on the dangers of pornography, alcoholism, materialism and flirting

    3:45 Maintain a Three-fold cord in Marriage

    Lot of marriages failing among Jehovah's people - divorce brought up almost any time there are big problems.

    4:10 Young People, Remember Now, Your Grand Creator *** Higher Education Bashing Alert ***

    This whole article was nothing to do with remembering your grand creator but on the evils of higher education.

    Brothers, would we pay an individual thousands of dollars to tell us how we can improve our life? Yet, some of you are paying thousands of dollars going to university.

    Speaker mentioned 2005 WT about the dangers of higher education: Can our studies take us away from Kingdom interests? What about the immoral campus scene?

    Are we making our best efforts to put the ministry first?

    Interview: Two youths in their 20s who forsook a college education and engaged in the regular pioneer work.

    SIDE NOTE: This is sick - they don't even let the youth make a decision about what he/she wants to do with their life. The youth HAS NO CHOICE in the matter. Doctor, dentist, nurse, technician, professor - forget it, just leave high school, get a crappy job and pioneer.

    The only time someone could pursue education is to advance Kingdom interests.

    Quote of the day: "Wise young people do not allow Higher Education to govern their thinking!"

    4:35 Are You Living With Jehovah's Day In Mind?

    Final talk -

    A sense of urgency should permeate every aspect of our lives. We are deep in the time of the end. Deliverance is at hand! (Waits for seals to clap)

    How long have we been waiting on Jehovah for deliverance? Some of us have waited for a few years, others for decades. Are you willing to wait patiently on Jehovah for deliverance?

    New book release which summarises the sayings and doings of the 12 minor prophets and how their prophecies find fulfillment in our day. I will be doing a separate post on this.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Truthseeker. Thank you! The notes are very much appreciated!!!

    Quote of the day: "Wise young people do not allow Higher Education to govern their thinking!"

    should be more like: Wise young people do not allow 11 Old Men to govern their thinking"

  • Gregor

    Thanks for your sacrifice Truthseeker, I felt like I was there! Wow, it has been a lot of years since I went to an assembly/convention. Brings back weeered feelings.

  • truthseeker

    Thanks for comments.

    The talks would be considered very strong and very pointed.

    I know one elder present whose son is due to start at university this Fall - how they must have felt I wonder.

  • Leolaia

    Quote of the day: "Wise young people do not allow Higher Education to govern their thinking!"

    So much for college teaching kids how to think. It's just a worldly attempt at mind control. We all know that we are supposed to have the Society control, er, govern our thinking.

    *** w66 12/1 p. 736 Questions From Readers ***

    Of course, when individuals begin to associate with Jehovah’s witnesses it takes time until Bible principles really govern their thinking in all the matters of life. Even some who have been associated with the organization for many years may be careless in this regard. This is evident from the fact that nearly every week the Watch Tower Society receives letters from individuals who are shocked by the tight-fitting, excessively revealing or suggestive clothing that some who attend congregation meetings wear.

  • truthseeker

    I cannot start another topic, so here is some info on the new 192 page publication,



    Section 1 - God Can Help You Prepare For His Great Day

    1. Jehovah's Messages for Then and Now

    2. Prophets Whose Messages Can Affect Us

    3. The Day of Jehovah - A Vital Theme

    Section 2 - Know Jehovah And Serve Him

    4. Jehovah - The God Who Fortells and Fulfills

    5. "Seek Jehovah" Through Worship He Approves

    6. "Let Justice Roll Forth" - A Key To Knowing God

    7. Serve Jehovah According To His High Standards

    Section 3 - Please God In Your Conduct And Dealings

    8. 'What Is Jehovah Asking From You?'

    9. Dealing With Others As God Desires

    10. Contribute To Family Life That Pleases God

    Section 4 - Await Jehovah's Day With Joy

    11. Jehovah Wants People To Gain Life - Do You?

    12. "Keep In Expectation Of It"

    13. "Proclaim This, You People, Among The Nations"

    14. "A Blessing Until There Is No More Want"

    I overheard some sister say this publication would probably be studies after the Revelation book.

  • lovelylil

    Thanks truthseeker,

    I know it was hard for you to sit through all that today but just think about how much your notes are helping people tonight!

    About that "staggering to the slaughter" comment - we should blow that up on a large poster board and stand with it in front of our local KH to show the "worldly" people how the smiling Witnesses who come to their doors really feel about them. a.k.a. Danny Haszard style!

    I always hated those "be quiet" and "keep moving" signs. You can't get more unloving and dictorial then that now can you? I used to tell my hubby I would love to just once take the sign from a "brother" and tear it up on the spot. wonder how that would have gone down?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I will make my own "reply" signs.

    "Bite Me"

    "Make Me"

    "Who's your daddy?"

    "I am illiterate and deaf, please talk to the hand"

    If you see these at your Assembly. You will know that WAC has arrived.


  • truthseeker

    More on the new release...

    Page 4


    "The Great Day of Jehovah is near," said God's prophet. (Zephaniah 1:14) That day is fast approaching, so we need to live with it in mind. Do you

    realize that the so-called Minor Prophets have something important to say to you about that great day? Chapters 1 to 3 of this book will help you

    to become familiar with those 12 prophets and the themes of their books. Thus you can benefit from what they wrote, finding lessons that are

    practical for your life.

    paragraph 17

    However, the approach of the volume you have in your hands is not a study of the figurative, or symbolic, meaning of the books of Jonah nor of the

    other 11 books. Neither is the approach that of a verse-by-verse analysis. Rather, the focus is primarily on information in these books that we can

    apply in our daily life. Ask yourself: 'In these 12 books, what useful advice or divine counsel does Jehovah provide for me? How can these books

    help me to "live with soundness of mind and righteousness and godly devotion amid this present system of things"? What do they tell me about

    Christian living, morality, family life, and attitudes in these critical days, since "the great day of Jehovah is coming, for it is near?"

    SIDE NOTE: If the books of the minor prophets are not studied symbolically or analyzed, then how can they write about them and apply them to our day?

    They are prophecies, there is no other way to write about them. You either have to interpret them or just ignore them. How can they tell you about Christian living if ]

    the books were written before the birth of Christ? They use the same old testament examples to motivate people.

  • Leolaia
    However, the approach of the volume you have in your hands is not a study of the figurative, or symbolic, meaning of the books of Jonah nor of the other 11 books. Neither is the approach that of a verse-by-verse analysis. Rather, the focus is primarily on information in these books that we can apply in our daily life.

    Pretty much as I expected....that it was to be less of a prophetic speculative treatise and more a didactic volume on personal conduct....

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