anyone here watch "LOST" ?

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  • Balsam

    I am totally hooked on LOST show. I have a dvr and record it every week.

    So many twists and turns I love the mystery and the surprise.

  • wednesday

    there are so many theories about what the island is, but an after life of some sorts,or an alter universe is still a good one. Seems like a number of the island residents have had miricles happen to them, (sorry I'm terrible with names) the guy who was unable to walk, he now walks and seems to know the secret of the island, and Jin becoming pg really could just be another island miricle.

    we love this show, but it has gotten so complicated that it has nealry "lost" us.

    There have been several other stories built around islands, mysterius island , for one.

    we watch a few programs every week.

    medium-monday night 9p cst

    American Idol


    House (we love house)

  • Sunspot
    American Idol


    House (we love house)

    My line-up too! AFA House goes........So do WE! It is one of THE best written and quick-witted shows on TV today.

    I wonder whatever happened to the huge land mammals that used to be "seen" when "Lost" first started?

    So WHAT is up with the imposter, the balloon and the rest of the last few minutes of last night's episode? Whatta mess!

    I am also a huge fan of Sunday nights....Desperate Housewives and Greys' Anatomy......and I HAVE to tape Boston Legal every week too.....the adventures of Allan and Denny make me roar with laughter! Another cleverly written show.....

    I'm so glad that "Lost" is so popular! I can count on being able to SEE it because it won't be cancelled any time soon! I can't TELL you how many shows I've watched and gotten very interested in.....and POOF....they rudely disappear.

  • blsrose



    greys anatonomy

    american idol(when work permits me watching)

    and i enjoy Home makeover, they do a great thing , helping people, though there are so many others that could use help, but they can't be everywhere, I guess

    I also enjoy the Law and order, C.S.I shows

    I am so anxious to know the answers to the mysterious island!! keeps me on my toes!! LOL

  • MissBehave

    Why does it seem like everyone has forgotten about Michael?

  • Billygoat

    There is a lot of good TV right now. I have to be very careful or I get hooked on a show I don't even want to be hooked on. I've already gotten hooked on "Project Runway" and "Top Chef" on one of the cable channels. That mixed with Lost, Medium, The Office, Dog the Bounty Hunter (dare I admit that one???), Futurama, all the Law and Orders, ER, Boston Legal...egads, I could sit in front of the damn tele all week and not get one thing accomplished. LOL! I have to just limit my intake or I'd be a certified couch potatoe.

  • daystar
    Why does it seem like everyone has forgotten about Michael?

    It seems that they allow certain characters to be forgotten for a time for reasons. I recall wondering what the deal was with Rose for a while... Also, the Others told them not to pursue Walt any further, remember?

  • Elsewhere

    Here is the diagram written more clearly....

  • blsrose

    WOW!! that is a very interesting map!! phew--right over my head!! but, very cool! Wed. seems like an eternity away, can't wait!!

  • Scully

    OMG... I finally DL last week's episode and all I can say is WOW.

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