anyone here watch "LOST" ?

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  • Elsewhere

    "God doesn't know how long we've been here John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can" - (Fake) Henry after John Lock says, "God knows how long you all have been on the island."

  • daystar

    I'm of the opinion, however, that there is very little that may be trusted as truth from Henry's mouth though. He was able to lie through Sayid's interrogating quite easily, though true enough Sayid was not exactly performing his best of that arcane art upon him. (Why didn't he grab some bamboo shoots at least?)

    Lie upon lie upon lie. The only thing we can be sure about what he says is that it most likely is a lie. And remember that Kate found the fake beard of the Other guy as well as assorted costumes? These people are very clever and seem also to be able to play acting parts quite well, not to mention their extreme survival instincts.

  • target

    Here are some neat facts compiled from the internet about TV show Lost.

    several areas were marked CVI, CVII and CVIII. Those happen to be Roman numerals for 106, 107 and 108, the last of which is the hatch clock's countdown time in minutes.

    While we're on the subject, there was more grist for Lost's numerous numerologists and students of the 4-8-15-16-23-42 sequence:

    * The number on the safe deposit box in which Locke's father had stashed the retirement-con cash was 1516.

    * The card that Sawyer dealt to Jack from the bottom of the deck was an 8.

    * Henry Gale's address on the driver's license was 815. And the ZIP code of his hometown of Wayzata, Minn., is 55391 - which adds up to 23.

    Other coincidences (or not): Many readers noticed that the woman whose house Locke is inspecting in his flashback happens to be Nadia (played by Andrea Gabriel), Sayid's old girlfriend from a past flashback. And by the way, both planes that flew close over the Flightline Hotel were - everybody, now - Oceanic Air.

    As long as we're talking about Lost's eclectic and growing bookshelf, why was Sawyer reading Judy Blume's pre-pubescent classic Are You There God?

    It's Me, Margaret?

    In the night's biggest mystery, if Jin is infertile, who - or what - is responsible for Sun's pregnancy? (Sharp-eyed readers note that the name of the corporation that made the pregnancy test, Widmore, has popped up in earlier episodes.) And in possibly the night's smallest mystery, why was Hurley's chocolate bar unmelted?

    In response to our continuing request, more than a few eagle-eyed viewers of the most recent new episode (Feb. 15) told us they noticed that the soldier who interrogated Sayid in Iraq was Kate's father, Sgt. Austen (played by Lindsey Ginter), whom we met in a previous flashback. To make sure we'd pick that up, the writers had him pull out a photo of an obviously younger Kate as he asked Sayid if he had a family.

    Sharp-eyed viewers responding to our weekly search for clues for the ABC island mystery (Wednesday, 9 ET/PT) spotted one in Sawyer's diner scene. The waitress is Kate's mom, Diane (Beth Broderick), who was introduced in a flashback in November. And the music that Sayid and Hurley picked up on their radio was a big-band tune by Glenn Miller, who was presumed dead after his plane disappeared in 1944.

    the washer-dryer in the hatch is much newer than the rest of the furnishings, which sharp-eyed viewers also had noticed. So is there a way that items (and people) continue to move to and from the island?

    As Kate visits her adoptive father in an Army recruiting station, Sayid appears on a TV screen; some say he looks like a military prisoner. This type of sighting is reminiscent of the Season 1 episode in which Hurley appeared on Korean TV during Jin's flashback.

    Coincidences? We think not.

    in the hospital where Shannon's dad died, you see Jack hurrying by in his scrubs. Was Jack's future wife - who was in the hospital after an auto accident - the driver of the SUV that killed him?


    * It's the number of stitches on a major-league baseball. (This ties into the Yankees' retired-number theories covered earlier.)

    * It's a sacred number in Buddhism; a prayer strand traditionally has 108 beads. (This ties into the name of the mysterious island project, the Dharma


    * It's approximately the number of minutes some satellites take to circle Earth.

    * The shark that chased Sawyer and Michael on the raft had a Dharma Initiative mark on its fin. Another apparent Dharma logo was at the compound where the new group of survivors was found. (Adrift)

    * The actor who played Hurley's boss, Randy (Billy Ray Gallion), played Locke's boss, too - also named Randy. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

    * The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 total 108, which is the number of minutes the computer operator has to reset the counter. (Man of Science, Man of Faith)


  • Scully

    I'm starting to wonder whether the numbers are all part of a post-hypnotic suggestion trigger. The picture of the island in the psychiatrist's office (Dr Brooks) could serve as a focal point when undergoing hypnotherapy. That could be the reason why we see the numbers popping up all over the place, either together, or in various combinations.

    I'm also wondering about the numbers being a part of an experiment on sleep deprivation and hypnotic suggestibility. The numbers have to be entered to the computer every 108 minutes - with an alarm sounding at approximately 104 minutes. The normal sleep cycle is between 90 and 110 minutes. Interrupting the sleep cycle in this manner would leave the subjects vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion.

    The fact that at least 3 of the main characters (Hurley, Libby and Locke - via his mother) have connections to the Santa Rosa psychiatric facility, suggests that there could be experiments involving hypnotherapy, false memory induction, etc.

    The amount of pre-Island connections between the various characters suggests that their presence on the Island is anything but a random happenstance.

  • Elsewhere

    several areas were marked CVI, CVII and CVIII. Those happen to be Roman numerals for 106, 107 and 108, the last of which is the hatch clock's countdown time in minutes.

    I considered this but I also noticed another area on the map marked CVIV, which is an invalid roman numeral. This makes me suspect the areas are actuall CV-1, CV-2, CV-3 and CV-4

  • blsrose

    Last nites show gave me the impression that the magnetic field has collected these survivors, 2 of which we now know to have been healed, could be more than that have! All of their "checkerd" pasts, maybe? And, does anyone else think "Henry" might be the top man of the others? And I'm a bit concerned about Michael being gone so long, then returning and in the next episode trying to convince them that they can be taken?/ He'll do ANYTHING to protect Walt--right?


  • daystar
    And I'm a bit concerned about Michael being gone so long, then returning and in the next episode trying to convince them that they can be taken?/ He'll do ANYTHING to protect Walt--right?

    I considered that myself as well. Or perhaps he's been "converted"? We don't yet know the rationale behind the actions the Others have been taking. It's been hypothesized that they are part of an initiative to save the world, or possibly immanentize the eschaton, at all costs.

  • blsrose

    guess its gonna be 2 weeks before we know anymore!! or probably next season :(

  • Scully

    I know it seems like forever since we've seen Michael, but in terms of the story timeline, he's only been away from the camp for a week or so.

    I reckon he's going to lead Jack, Sawyer, Locke and all their strong men into the jungle to try to get Walt back. Meanwhile, there will be a trap - and someone going to the camp intent on kidnapping Claire's baby and probably Sun (now that she's pregnant) when there is nobody there to defend them.

  • daystar

    Yeah, well, for all you fanboys, and dare I say fangirls, I have discovered this little gem of Evangeline Lilly, Kate, of Lost:

    Please keep the drool to a minimum. I don't want to have to give her a sponge-bath later... oh, wait..

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