anyone here watch "LOST" ?

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  • Elsewhere

    It's a "crop circle" with the numbers 2, 4, 15, 16, 23 and 42 from the show LOST.

    Looks like someone made it using a tool like Photoshop.

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    OMG....I don't watch much TV because I do not have time, but this.....this is not television, it is mind crack!! I ordered the box set that is why I am not going to read through any of the other posts on this. I blew through the box set of the 1st season in 3 days.

    I think Lost is my all time favorite show ever in the history of my ever watching television. I think it is a total metaphor for life--we're all stuck here. None of us has a clue why, though we've got all these conjectures, clues, feelings, etc.


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    OMG - nobody commented on this week's show! So this has SPOILERS in it for those of you that have not yet watched it.

    So based on this week's episode, do you think it really could be a figment of Hurley's imagination?!!? My coworker pointed out that there was a picture of a tropical island in the psychiatrist's office at the mental hospital. What does it mean that Libby was at the mental hospital too!? I thought she was a therapist of some kind herself?

    Well I just discredited in my own mind that it's Hurley's imagination. Because there wouldn't be a back story on every single character if they were all made up.

    But it would explain why Hurley's numbers are on the hatch...and are the numbers they have to enter in...

    This show is so confusing to me, but I am definitely hooked. What did others notice about this week's episode?

  • Elsewhere

    Go back one page and read my comments on the last episode and let me know what you think!

  • Scully

    The creators of the show have already discredited the theory that this is all in someone's mind. They've also discredited that it is a group hallucination.

    I think Libby may be one of the "Others". I think she may have been at Santa Rosa at the same time as Hurley, not because she was a patient, but because she was a Dharma Initiative operative [she claims to be a psychologist] sent to observe Hurley - she was only acting as though she was an inmate - her "medication" could simply have been placebos, and I have a feeling that Dr. Brooks is in on the whole Dharma Initiative plan. Remember how Ethan pretended to be a medical doctor when Claire was kidnapped in the late stages of her pregnancy? I think these are all just "roles" that various "Others" are playing to engage the characters.

    My personal theory is that the Island is just one big Skinner box, full of mazes and hatches and other surprises, and all the characters are "mice" learning how to make things work. And the "Others" are researchers running behavioural experiments on everyone to see if and how a person's behaviour changes according to the various situations that they are placed in.

    There are far too many coincidences for all of it to have occurred randomly. The plane crash that killed Mr Eko's brother was on the Island. It was full of heroin, Charlie's drug of choice. Sawyer having seen Jack's father just before he killed himself. Locke inspecting the house that Sayid's Nadia was buying. Claire being directed to go to LA to have her baby adopted by an American family. Hurley's winning numbers [which he learned at Santa Rosa from Lenny] being the same numbers on the hatch and the medicine vials and the ones that need to be entered into the computer.

  • Jim_TX

    Has it been noticed that if you add all six of the numbers together... (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) you get 108?

    The same number of minutes that that the clock displays. (cue Twilight Zone music)


    Jim TX

  • Elsewhere

    Remember the pic of Hurley and Dave? Check this out...

    In the "live" shot there are other people and sunlight.

    In the Polaroid there are no people, no sunlight and the room is totally different... even the items on the table are arranged in a manner that is blatantly different. The plate and the pill cup are oriented totally differently. If the LOST Producers wanted to prove that Dave didn't exist, all they had to do was have the actor get up and leave for the Polaroid shot... but they didn't! They went through the trouble of totally changing the environment for the Polaroid shot and this tells me the differences are significant to the plot.

  • Scully

    Yeah, but in the flashback at the end of the episode, which I believe is Libby's flashback, Hurley was putting his arm around "air" as Dr. Brooks was taking the picture.

  • Elsewhere

    Scully, here is that shot....

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