anyone here watch "LOST" ?

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  • Scully

    I watched that clip with the map a few times, and I'm trying to figure out if it's a projection from somewhere around the black light, or if it's been drawn on the door itself.

    I think "Henry" knows more about the hatch than he's letting on. He remembered those numbers far too easily - even after falling and getting the wind knocked out of him. I get the feeling that he was yelling "What's happening??!!" etc during the loudspeaker sequence to distract Locke and keep him from figuring out what was being said over the loudspeaker. Notice how he tried to caution Locke about scooting under the lockdown door - as if he knew that the toolbox wouldn't be strong enough to hold the door up for the length of time needed to slide under it. And then his comment afterward: "It's your hatch..."

    During the time that Locke was stuck under the door, it appears that Locke gave him information on how much they knew about the hatch. Big mistake!!

  • free2beme

    When I saw the preview for next week, it showed someone coming out to get food that was not in the group. From the map, I gathered that perhaps there are other places that enter that number things and Walt might be in the center one that was labeled "?" and that is why he was able to type something to his father. From the beginning, I have felt that these people are either in a coma and being experimented on in a lab or they are like rats in a maze, with someone else pushing the buttons to get them to do what they want them too. I think the man who showed up from the balloon, is the person in charge of this whole thing and this is his island. Either way, I need a DVR or TIVO as watching American Idol and this show, is conflicting!

  • blondie
    Something I just read on another board that I totally did not catch...folks are saying that the woman who's house Locke was inspecting in the flashback was Sayid's Nadia.

    Good catch! I keep up on several Lost DBs (once I goofed up taping a show, oy!)

  • Mulan

    Maybe they are the people that were on the plane that was reported hitting the Pentagon.

    Okay, I know that's lame, but was just musing about what could have happened to those people who are supposed to be dead, if it wasn't an airplane that hit.


  • bikerchic

    Dog gone it! I "lost" interest in this show last season and so I have not watched it at all this season!

    Now reading this thread makes me wish I had stayed with it, so I'm not going to listen or read anything

    more about it and wait until the re-runs this summer. Darn it!

    *covers eyes*plugs ears* and leaves this thread........

  • daystar

    More info on the "map" from last week's ep on wikipedia -

  • blsrose

    Did you see last nite's show!!? What an idea, everything Hurleys imagination, then....Libby made him realize it couldn't be.but...she was in the same hospital!! He always seemed to be a stable kind of person to me.. And I am not sure about their captive....other or not other? maybe he escaped them, but, more than likely he is a spy!!

    gettin good!!

  • Scully
  • Elsewhere

    Looks like the Dharma Initiative, the "hatch" and the numbers and all of that stuff have nothing to do with whats really going on. Perhaps the Dharma Initiative failed because of what is really happening.

    I also suspect the whole thing with Hurley and the possibility of the whole show being a hallucination was presented for the sole purpose of killing off the theory that the events in the show are not real. Too many viewers of the show have been proposing the idea that the experiences of the people are not real and that they are in a coma, or in heaven, or some other unreal state.

    Hurley's experience has allowed those theories to be put to rest. The island is real and not even god knows it exists or how long the "others" have been there.

  • blsrose

    scully, thats interesting!! what exactly is it?

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