Made-Up Rules Dubs Try To Impose On Each Other

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  • sass_my_frass

    one should sit in the back seat, to make sure nothing happens.

    ... hmm yeah, nothing naughty has ever happened in the back seat of a car

  • lowden

    Yep....loadsa man made stuff!! I got counselled for taking my son out on the ministry in a papousse sling. Better to be next to his dads heartbeat than in a bloody pram in the dead of winter i thought. But oh no!!! Tosser elder givin his own stupid opinions. ...'you stain out the gnat and gulp down the BULLSH*T'!!!



  • MerryMagdalene

    This is extremely embarrassingbut I counselled a newer sister once, who was at least a decade older than me, that she shouldn't wear her long, full, swingy hippie skirts any more because they were "stumbling" some of the other sisters Can you believe the nerve?!? She should have beaten me over the head with her Birkenstocks

    ~Merry Merry Quite Contrite

  • pratt1

    The lenght of a sisters skirt or dress had to be under her knee.

    Sisters shouldn't cross their legs at the knee, only at the ankle. Us brothers should never be able to see the "Magic Patch". Remember Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

    If you were on the platform, brothers must wear suits, not a sports jacket and coordnating trousers.

    No cornrow braids in your hair, brother or sisters.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    In my kh, the elders got quite annoyed with a guy who came to meetings in a leather jacket. He had only just started attending, so they left him alone for a while, but they were soon on his case when he had been studying for a few months. He stopped attending soon after that, and the elders couldn't see why, idiots.

  • daystar

    So weird how so many of these unoffical rules sound familiar to me. But we didn't all share all of them.

    I never heard that brothers could not wear necklaces. I never heard that we could not wear cowboy boots.

    Women were to wear modest dresses, but some regularly wore open-backed high-heels. The dresses had to be below the knees when standing and long enough past that to cover the knees when sitting. But they could just cover. (Though they may not have been called on it, the girls who did were unofficially to be considered with a wary eye.)

    There were no rules on the men wearing white shirts. We regularly wore colored shirts, both short sleeved and long. Though we might have worn a white shirt for a talk, I can very clearly recall brothers giving talks in short-sleeved colored shirts.

    No, no, no facial hair though. Mustaches were mildly frowned upon for a time, but I think they eventually cracked down on that as well.

    In my later teens, my hair even touched the collar and maybe even a bit past, and I still regularly gave talks, even #4s. But I was fairly regular in service and was very regular with comments and I also hung out with the elder's sons (though I was definitely the black sheep).

    Ahhh, memories...

  • doinmypart

    Back in the 90s black brothers in the area were counselled for shaving their heads. The elders said they were trying to imitate professional basketball players. It is ok for black brothers to shave their heads now, but white brothers in the area still get called to the back room.

    Black sisters can't get their hair colored anything besides black or brown.

    Sisters can't wear mink or other expensive fur coats, because some might be envious.

    It is ok to buy a new house, but if you build a house you're considered materialistic.

    If a person rides a sport motorcycle they aren't exemplary and won't be considered for pioneer, ministerial servant. If an appointed brother or pioneer sister starts riding a sport motorcycle after the appointment they will be removed for engaging in a dangerous hobby. (Sport motorcycles like the Ninja, not to be confused with a cruiser-style like Harley Davidson)

    Can't stand up in the back of the KH during a meeting.

  • Leolaia

    One elder spoke out against sunglasses.

    His comments were so ridiculous he was actually laughed at during the meeting....ppl thought he was joking!

  • Scully


    So my ex went ahead and did it, and it turned into one of the best attended congregation events in a very long time. Only the elders wives didn't attend.

    That's precisely why it was one of the best events: the elders' wives weren't there to fck it up.

  • wednesday
    ! I never saw this in a publication, and yet never saw a woman in trousers at a meeting.

    oh yes the battle to wear pantsuits to the KH. A few sisters tried , and I always loved it when a study would show up at the KH with a pantsuit or even jeans, Gawd forbid!

    I once wore a feather in my hair , it looked really nice, I love different things. . I liked off beat thngs. I also once wore ankle socks with heels.(frilly ankle socks with some cute little strappy pumps) It was in fashion in the 80's and actually looked quite cute ( I still see it occ) . A bossy sister came up to me and told me to not wear things like that at the hall, I told her to mind her own business, I'd wear what I wanted. Jws tried to tell me I was old at 30 (i looked 20) and I did not buy it. 30 is not old, well maybe in the jws world it could be but it's not old anymore. In the cong. once we had a beautiful sister with a body to die for. She was from some island descent, slightly darker complexion and her style of dress was very revealing clothing Amazingly they made an exception for this sister, which just shows , it really does depend on who you know, how much money you have, and how popular you are and in this case, how attracted the elders are to you. Eventually she and her husband moved away to a Island cong off coast of texas somewhere, where her style of dress was accepted. Smart lady.

    This area has a lot of church of christ, baptists pentacostal, and similar religions. They tend to dress very conservative. They run our city council and this area is drying up and dying , we can't even keep a movie theater here.

    So it is not always jws that are nutty, if you live in a small town in the bible belt you will face the same thing. Imagine what it must be a bit like livining Utah with the very conservative mormon population.

    Generally speaking ,the dress of JWs was to be governed by the dress of the community they lived in. So that really does account for the differences, b/c I live in what is called the bible belt. Women in general here dress very conservative. Seldom do you see cleavage, or tight jeans, really short skirts etc. It would depend on your job of course, but proper job attire here is very conservative, however, pantsuits are allowed if in good taste. jeans are not worn to work(not even at wal-mart), except perhaps on casual friday. Jeans are worn on the street, but if you don't dress properly, you will be gossiped about.

    I have been to a few community events around here and you see the moral police out and in strong force. Any deviation, laughing too loud, revealing attire, anything that they view as cause for alarm will put you on the shite list. and once on that list, you'll never get off, you would have to move to escape.

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