Made-Up Rules Dubs Try To Impose On Each Other

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  • daystar
    I have been to a few community events around here and you see the moral police out and in strong force. Any deviation, laughing too loud, revealing attire, anything that they view as cause for alarm will put you on the shite list.

    Mmm... sounds like someplace I'd like to be! They'd run me out of town...

  • ballistic
    He stopped attending soon after that, and the elders couldn't see why, idiots.

    fullofdoubt, there was a girl who wore a leather jacket everyday to the pioneer school, it stood out because people didn't wear them, I remember.

    The district overseer from the platform went on about people who wear jackets "looking like they just got off the back of a hell's angels motorbike", for about 5 minutes. To me it was obvious he was talking about her. I felt so sorry for her.

    I think some people high up the ranks would use this method to counsel people - and I think it's nasty.

    Personally I like leather.

  • beautifulisfree

    I don't know if these were rules in other halls but they were here

    1. No opened toed shoes

    2.No toe rings

    3. Only one piercing in each ear and no other piercings allowed

    4. No dresses that showed off your shoulders (ya cause shoulders are sooo hot) or showed your bra strap

    5.No guys are allowed to highlight their hair and it was once told to me by a pioneer sister girls shouldn't either.

    Man, I could go on for ages!

  • Mary

    I remember a friend of mine was spoken to about wearing fishnet stockings. Apparently, one of the elders (a dirty old bastard if ever there was one) saw a prostitute wearing a pair and didn't think it was appropriate that a Christian wear them. Now, now----I'm sure he saw her while he was out street witnessing. Wonder how much she charged him.

    Oh ya, and ankle braclets were bad too because prostitutes in bible times used to wear them.

  • ballistic

    I like fishnet stockings as well.

  • loosie

    Well now I know why I get the look si do when I go to the KH.

    I wear opened back shoes, ankle bracelets, toe rings, more than one hole in my ears, denim skirts and leather jackets. And I sometimes show my shoulders. I also drive a two door car.

    Wow thank you JWD board for opening my eyes.


  • Virgochik

    Well, let's put it this way...anything that was a cute new style, or remotely just fun to wear, or any pretty and harmless jewelry, must be squashed like a junebug!

    Where is it forbidden in the Bible? Nowhere, but if an elder or worse yet, an elderette, ran their eye over you, and declared you immodest, that was it!

    Virgogirl, of the Was Always Bummed Out Class, because she liked new spring clothes!

  • Mary

    I wear opened back shoes, ankle bracelets, toe rings, more than one hole in my ears, denim skirts and leather jackets. And I sometimes show my shoulders. I also drive a two door car.


  • rhian

    A CO told the elders in my congregation that if my 18-yr-old son continued to wear his tie chain close to the knot in his necktie instead of near his belt, he would not be used to run the microphones any longer.

    When our congregation hosted the pioneer school, the CO read the specific menus that were to be prepared by the sisters, which included "cookies: chocolate chips, with nuts."

    This same CO expected (and GOT, to my dismay) donations from the local congregations to buy himself an extra-large 1-ton pickup to pull his 5th wheel RV.


  • rhian

    Oh yeah...and you couldn't sit in the library (aka "back room") during a meeting, even if it was because you were suffering from a migraine and the flourescent lights in the KH made your head pound even worse.

    Fine. I just stopped going when my head hurt. (Which was most of the time!)


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