Made-Up Rules Dubs Try To Impose On Each Other

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  • uninformed

    I'm familiar with all of the aforementioned "quirks".

    We had a CO in the late 70's who insisted that the brothers wear only white shirts, especially when giving parts.

    His son visited our Circuit Assy, and was picked up at the airport and brought directly to the Assy, and then had an interview on the program. Guess what? Yeah--and it was DARK too.

    Well, this CO didn't say another word ever about white shirts. He was a pretty nice guy all things considered, in New Braunfels Texas if I remember correctly.


  • Finally-Free

    When my ex wanted to arrange a baby shower for a friend of hers she took a lot of heat from all the elders wives, who had taken it upon themselves to decide that our congregation didn't do baby showers. When she came to me about it I told her to go ahead and do it anyway because the elders wives had no authority whatsoever. As far as I was concerned, neither did the elders in such a matter. An elder tried to talk to me about it too, and I made it clear that gatherings in my home were not subject to his censorship. So my ex went ahead and did it, and it turned into one of the best attended congregation events in a very long time. Only the elders wives didn't attend.


  • theinfamousone

    dont talk to the opposite sex unless you are planning on dating them/marrying them... likie someone actually told me that!!! everytime i tazlked to a single girl it was like a date!!!! ha ha, freaks!

    the infamous one

  • Finally-Free
    dont talk to the opposite sex unless you are planning on dating them/marrying them...

    haha! I wish I thought of that one. I could have used it on some of the elders wives who were usually bitching about something.


  • daniel-p

    One of the silliest made-up rules: You can't date until you are "ready" to get married. Back in dubland it made all the sense in the world to me - but the fact is, "readiness" of marraige is impossible to predict, since readiness lies with the emotional and mental maturity of a person, something that often cannot be seen until they get to know someone in a romantic setting. I am very empathitec towards JW's who try to date someone quietly and nonchalantly, trying to avoid the undue gossip, and scrutiny that is so common in the organization.

  • greendawn

    In my case they criticised me at first for growing a beard and for going to university but they soon got quiet about both issues. There was obviously nothing biblical about these objections but they were just manmade rules that I had ignored. Also they objected to my reading psychology books.

  • theredhead

    PPL in the hall believed that if u felt the urge to have sex or felt that you were going to commit fornication that you should hurry up and get married. I knew a sister who actually said in service to the other sisters " Frank and I have been advised to hurry up and get married cause we are burning with passion and instead of get dfd for having sex we should get married" ...

    What a bunch of crock!

  • morwen

    hmmmm.... here are a few I remember....

    no wearing cowboy boots on stage

    no jean skirts allowed,no "jean" type fabric especially on stage giving talks

    and yes if I were to talk to any of the young "brothers" all the elders would have red flag flying

    you were NOT to sit next to any brother unless you were already engaged to be married

    no "wild" ties for anyone giving "parts" at the meetings and yes,no "dark" shirts

    if you wanted to" handle the mics" on Sunday your Watchtower had to be underlined/highlighted

    women should not get perms in their hair because it makes their hair look to "wild"


  • anewme

    Gosh! I've heard practically all these silly made up rules too but cant for the life of me come up with anything to share just yet. I bet I still practice alot of this silly counsel and dont even know it!

  • Virgochik

    Sisters should not engage in the displaying of flashy jewelry, and goodness! NO fishnet or patterned hose like a woman of ill repute might wear.

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