Made-Up Rules Dubs Try To Impose On Each Other

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  • TooOpinionated

    Our congregation looked down on ankle bracelets, too.

    In the early 90's there was a short-lived style of wearing an army style boot with a skirt. A few younger ones tried it, but was told that they offended the older women, so were told not to do it.

  • loosie

    Shouldn't have your ears pierced more than once.

    no fake nails.

    no high heels with jeans (not at meeting of course)

    Don't sit with a member of the opposite sex unless married.

    Don't drive in a car with a member of the opposite sex. (you'll have sex at every stop light)

    No matter how many hours you put in service you still shouldn't do anything but field service on saturday mornings.

    A I grew up I saw that not all Witnesses thought this way. I was given a hard time about sticking to the (Don't drive in a car with a member of the opposite sex.) rule. Until I finally gave in. I never had sex at any stop light.

  • damselfly
    burning with passion

    Antibiotics will cure that, marriage not required.


  • morwen
    Err... could you explain this to me in fuller detail? How could it be that much different?

    lol sure!

    When a baby boy is born his foreskin is attached to the glans(head).It serves as a protection from infection etc. and should never be retracted until it detatches itself(sometimes up until puberty).

    So in a brief overview...when a baby boy get's circ. today:

    they first make a cut into the end of the foreskin to make room for the tool they use.They then have to rip/tear the skin away from the glans(head)(it causes bleeding because it's attached much like your fingernail is to your nailbed).

    Then they place their tool around the foreskin and they then have to clamp it tightly enough to crush the skin so it doesn't bleed like crazy.And of course cut away the foreskin.(there are many different types of these tools and ways to use them,so I'm being general here)

    There are many blood vessels in this area as well as nerves(much like your eyeball).So in the end they have removed quite a bit of skin.Which of course is extremely sensitive skin.And needless to say it would be a painful experience.

    Biblical circ. is much different because:

    They would first gently but firmly pull out the foreskin, out in front of the glans and a tool like a shield with a slot in it is slid over the very end of the foreskin(that's immediately in front of the glans). Then a scalpel/knife was run along the face of the shield to remove the small tip of foreskin.The glans is protected by the sheild and the frenulum is left intact.(the frenulum is usually recommended to be removed in circ today)

    It goes quick and there is very little blood loss and is a simple procedure.Something even people living way back then could of done.These people were living in tents without all the modern things we have today.So they couldn't have be doing anything major or else infection would have become a huge issue.

    Most of the sensitive foreskin is left untouched no tearing away of skin,no crushing and very little cutting,little is actually removed. This is why "some" believe the statue that Michelangelo made of King David is wrong.Because he is uncircumcised. He is uncirc. by our standards today but by biblical standards would have been accurate.At a brief glance a biblicaly circ. male would appear to be uncirc.It's a small difference.The biblicaly circ. male would also still retain the benefits of an intact male.

    There is quite a bit of info on the web about this subject.For new parents it can be a pretty heated issue.I just think it's funny JW's would tell me how I should circ our boys because it was something God said to do for his people.And yet they don't even have a clue as to what circ really was way back then.Many in my JW family treat Doctors like gods.Never asking questions or researching anything for themselves.

    hope that helps!


  • just2sheep


    old way: pray,sacrifice,pray, snip snip

    new way: snip snip, "next"

    i've always been grateful for being born in a catholic hospital, not because we were catholic but because it was the closest hospital to where my mom and i were at the time...

  • Virgochik

    Morwen, just curious...

    Is the poor infant given anything at all for the pain, or do they just do it to him while he wails?

  • daniel-p

    Ya thanks for explaining that... just a bit more detail than I wanted but thanks. I didn't know there was any difference in how circumcision was carried out between biblical times and now. I find it funny that people say the foreskin is protection against infection. Have you ever heard of some guy's penis getting "infected"? I haven't. God, if you take a shower at least once a month it should keep it from getting "infected."

    dp, of the oh-god-i'm-traumatized-by-circumcision-class

  • TopHat

    Our cong had an elder shame us once, he said: Our cars were to expensive and we could use the money we spend for new cars for the World Wide Preaching work....Hea Sure!

  • Elsewhere
    It was about a 2 hour ride home. This elder insisted that a chaperon was there, since there could be temptation between the 25 yr old and the 70 yr old.

    Hey, you never know what naughtiness could have erupted should she have taken out her dentures!

  • morwen
    Is the poor infant given anything at all for the pain, or do they just do it to him while he wails?

    Not usually.They don't like giving newborns a whole lot of drugs.You can request it,although the babies still cry bloody murder.If babies could talk then we would know if it works,but if that was true I'm sure they'd say,"get that freaking knife away from my crotch!" It also depends on what your Dr. thinks and Hospital procedure.

    Have you ever heard of some guy's penis getting "infected"? I haven't. God, if you take a shower at least once a month it should keep it from getting "infected."

    Your Welcome daniel-p!! LOL! Yes I actually have heard of it a couple times but it was in little boys who were either not being clean enough or the mom was told by her Dr. to force the foreskin back( prematurly) to wash it.I agree,if a guy washes himself it's not a big deal.Sheeesh,think of girl.She's actually got an opening to the inside of her body and they tend to get infections easily no matter how "clean" they try to be.So guy's have it pretty easy,in my humble opinion.


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