Made-Up Rules Dubs Try To Impose On Each Other

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  • stillajwexelder

    We had a CO in the late 70's who insisted that the brothers wear only white shirts, especially when giving parts.

    White shirts - yes I remember that.

    Also you had to wear your suit jacket/coat whilst on microphones -could not be in shirt sleeves

  • FlyingHighNow

    • Men cannot wear necklaces.
    • Don't burn incense. I burned them anyway.
    • No backless shoes for sisters
    • No western suits, boots, ties, hats. When the co tried to tell our West Texas cong. they had to stop being faddish, ala the movie Urban Cowboy. The elders in the congo had to set him straight. That's how the brothers in the Texas panhandle dressed and they always had dressed that way. The CO apologized.

    On the white shirt thing: a CO gave a talk at our hall and said there was NOT a white shirt rule. He told how one cong. had various sized white shirts hanging in the closet. If a visiting speaker showed up with another color shirt on, they were escorted to the closet and told to pick a shirt in their size and go change shirts. The CO said the congo was going way beyond the scriptures and imposing man made rules on others.

  • stillajwexelder

    Can you not sleep FHN? You are up late

  • calico


    I have never heard anyone say not to burn incense! Wow, I am in trouble! What's with the backless shoe rule? That's one I don't believe I've heard of either--weird

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes Catholic priests use incense - it is supposed to symbolize prayers going up to heaven - so since they do it - it is bad, bad, bad

  • FlyingHighNow
    Can you not sleep FHN? You are up late

    I have lots of troubles right now. The tension sometimes keeps me awake. How sweet of you to notice and to show concern. Last night I was online taking spelling and typing tests trying to hone my skills for job interviews.

    The thing with incense is that people burn them just for air freshening, just like they burn candles for light or for romantic atmosphere. As I recall, the Israelite priests burned incense, too. I just saw right through that one, thank goodness. It was a ludicrous as telling me not to burn candles because churches burn them.

    With backless shoes, I think some brothers must have found them too sexy.

  • chappy
    Err... could you explain this to me in fuller detail? How could it be that much different?

    The proceedure performed in the Jewish communities also involved certain rituals. For example the Rabbi performing the circumcision would use his teeth to pull the foreskin forward to make the cut. Saliva from the Rabbis mouth is then applied to the wound.

    Circumcision is still performed in this manner in many Jewish communities, even here in the states. There was recently a move by the Department of Health and Human Services to ban the practice in the US and was meeting with quite a bit of resistance from the Jewish community.


  • hereticult

    There was an elder who promoted the view that JW should not watch the smurfs at TV. His argumentation: They are unnatural blue. They are unnatural small. They can talk. THEY ARE DEMONIC!!! :) :) :)

  • snarf

    If a man and a woman ( not married) and unable to be chaperoned, one should sit in the back seat, to make sure nothing happens.

  • ballistic

    Our CO tried to give us guidance on drinking habits, but unfortunately used poor logic to do so...

    he said if you went into a cafe and asked for a cup of tea, you wouldn't ask for a pint of tea, so why drink beer by the pint?

    It is in fact true, however drinking beer by the pint is the standard measure just as drinking tea by the cup is.

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