Born and raised a witness. My mother was "in" my Father wasn't. At 15 my parents marriage died a death and she just gave up. She gave up going to meetings and gave up on us and left home. At 15 after years of being bullied for being a dub and being treated like the classroom weirdo I finally found myself free of the "truth", I no longer had to go to the meetings. Yay. I became worldly and I got into worldly habits. Unfortunately at 17 my father decided he no longer wanted to be tied down by three kids So we all got split up and shipped off to different relatives. I ended up 100's of miles from my home completely on my own and not knowing a sole in town. I started a new job, working on a building site and I was put to work with a bricklayer. I had only been working with him for a few hours when he decided to tell me he was a dub (Just my luck)He was working towards Baptism and was full of it! Being 17 and stupid I opened my big mouth and told him about my past. As soon as I did that the emotional blackmail started. I might as well have put a dog collar and chain on and handed him the lead to drag me off to the KH because that's what he did. I had two years out and I'd been recaptured again :( I made rapid progress in the "truth" and was baptised just before I was 18. It was downhill all the way from there on in though. I three things going against me 1. I was alone in the truth, 2. the brother that captured me and studied with me was considered to be the congregation idiot and so no one thought I'd stick around or wanted to associate with me because they'd have to associate with the idiot and 3. I had an uncanny knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with all the wrong brothers and sisters. If wrongdoing had happened within the youth of the congregation I was normally there (but not necessarily involved) As the years went on my mates all fell away or were DF'd or married off till it was just me and a bunch of oldies and micro elders (the 10 yr old kids of Elders)I was dating a Sister but then some Elders wife stepped in and messed all that up for us, telling her I wasn't spiritual enough for her, that I wasn't reaching out. So that all went down the pan. It was the way it was handled that really p'd me off. There were no explanations, no reasons, I was just treated like I'd been DF'D or marked. I didn't get an explanation for 3 weeks and then it came from her best mate. I was furious and really Pee'd that I had been treated like that So I left my congregation and ran off to another local hall. The local Elders tried to get me back but the PO in my new hall stuck up for me and wagged his finger at them over how I'd been treated and he got my publishing card off them. I stuck around there for about 3 months but I never really fitted in and I got really really lonely. Eventually one Sunday lunchtime after standing around for 10 minutes waiting for someone to say hello I decided I'd had enough and i left. I left for good. No one came looking for me, no one phoned to see if I was ok and no one ever contacted me to find out why I hadn't been going to the meetings... They just let me go.