Do not Disassociate, Anull your baptism

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  • Jeffro

    I wrote them a letter saying my baptism was anulled, with specific reasons. It made no difference.

  • homeschool

    I have read everyone's comments. I reaLLY want to write a letter of annullment....mainly because I want to put up Christmas lights but I'm living in the same town I was raised a jw in. I did what somebody above mentioned....when an elder came to our house to speak with my husband to "encourage" him, my hubby had to use the restroom. In that time, I looked the elder straight in the eye and asked him if he had any recording devices on him. when he said 'no' I stated that I did not welcome him into our home and that I needed him to stay away. I also mentioned that there was no way they would be able to prove that I've done anything wrong (since my baptism in '96) and that I would NEVER Disassociate myself or get myself df'd because my family still talks to me and I won't have it any other way. Since that night about 6 months ago, we have not heard a word from the jw's, but we (my husband & me) don't want to get df'd for the sake of our families. Grrrrrrr. I tried the annullment thing through my elders at one point about 2 years ago, but they wrote the letter and then came back with the no-go answer. Thanks for the suggestions! I will try again...

  • IP_SEC

    I must be a masochist huh? Dont give a flyin flip if any of them ever talk to me again.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I wouldn't even want to spend a minute thinking about what to write in a letter. They've wasted enough of my life as it is

  • cameo-d


    This is an A+ idea and an awesome post!

    It is playing by their rules when you comply with the 'out' choices they will allow you.

    It means you are agreeing that you are bound by them.

    Isn't WT a corporation?

    Would it be possible to use contract law and VOID the contract of membership in a corporate subsidiary?

    Perhaps treat it as a civil case rather than a religious case?

    Or maybe claim fraud /deception since baptism was used as an initiation into membership?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Ahhh..a resurrected thread... and good info and debate for the newbies.

    as to the point of an annulment letter. I thought about the fact that what I vowed at my baptism is different than what is vowed now. (see the 2 questions in the old om book vs the new om and current od books). Have you ever wondered why the Society pushes auxiliary pioneering and regular pioneering so hard? It has nothing to do with field ministry. It has everything to do with legal paperwork.

    It is about you signing a piece of paper. Once you sign that piece of paper (application), you say that you support the organization. You have effectively amended the original contract (your baptism vows). If you go to Bethel, Gilead, MTS (or even apply for them), you sign away your rights, if indeed you have any.

    If you agree to be an elder or MS, then effectively you also agree to support the GB's new rules and vows, whether or not you sign anything or not. It makes you not only subject to the new vows, it makes you culpable in making others subject to them.

    If you never signed those papers or took on any responsibilities (including being a Regional KH Construction Volunteer), then you might get by with it.

    More importantly....if you were a minor when you took the baptism vows and none of the above applies to you, then you might have a better chance of annuling the baptism. The unofficial "marking" would still take place.

    It would be the same as if an unbaptized person decides to walk away.... the elders might acknowledge that such a person "didnt know better" (either as a study or as a kid)...but they would still make it known to the congregation that such ones are a "danger"...nooo... they will never make a formal announcement... but you can bet the Marking Talkā„¢ will be just as effective in keeping the cult members in line to protect "Loyalty to Jehovah" (aka "loyalty to the Organization.")

    just a thought.

    Snakes ()


    I LOVED this thread!

  • truthsetsonefree

    I wish there were a legal way of pursuing the "minor" issue. Of course it would make little difference. One would still be an apostate in their eyes anyway.


  • rebel8

    Good info, despite necroposting.

    Does anyone have actual proof that you said the baptismal vows? I for one actually didn't say them--we were supposed to stand up at the ass-embly and say them aloud as a group--I just stood w/o saying them, then got dunked. If you did the same--hence you were not really a jw--hence you are not eligible for DFing or DAing.

  • blondie

    No one I knew was there for my baptism and no pictures.............

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