Do not Disassociate, Anull your baptism

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  • dubstepped
    Why do you feel looked down on? No one judges you whether you da or fade. The article lists the pros and cons of both, including a heading and section that covers reasons to disassociate. Both articles discuss that people that fade or annul their baptisms will still get labelled as bad association and mostly shunned.

    Umm.....maybe because anytime someone mentions DA'ing someone has to discourage them from doing it and tell them that they're giving in to WT rules, just like you opened this thread. It is painted as some weak way out, doing the elders a favor, etc. After it is done people don't seem to judge so much and seem to accept it, but mere mention that one is thining of it brings people that act like you're pandering to the organization and that you'll regret it. It is like the black crabs in the bucket illustration, trying to drag back down the one that tries to escape. It is also such a load of crap when people tell you that you're somehow playing the WT's game all the while you see those same posters (not necessarily you) then complaining about how they're treated by their JW family, their congregation, how they have to hide their true self, etc. It's a fallacy that is parroted over and over on here and it likely discourages some from DAing and gaining real freedom. Why WOULDN'T someone feel looked down on when bringing up something they want to do (DA) and then being discouraged in every way instead of getting support?

  • jwfacts

    Dubstepped - It is not a personal attack when saying not to DA. It is a warning to consider the consequences. Many want to DA on the spot, in that period of initial rage on finding out their entire life has been based on a lie. It takes time to settle and work out what is the best course of action, and whether to DA or fade is better suited to individual circumstances.

    It is painted as some weak way out, doing the elders a favor, etc.

    I don't know if you read the article Disassociate or Fade?, but there I recommend that if a person is likely to be disfellowshipped, they could DA to prevent the elders the pleasure of disfellowshipping them. I rarely see it painted as weak, rather the opposite, as a strong and more difficult option.

    I personally was disfellowshipped, and that was the best thing to happen, as it was what finally what let me move on from the cult. So I recognise that disassociation can have the same affect and be the best option in order to achieve closure and move forward.

  • ToesUp

    Like anything in life, it is a personal decision whether you fade or DA. Everyone has different circumstances. Some have no family that are JW's, so it may make it easier for them to leave and move one. Others have mates, children and elderly parents still in. Some have great relationships with their families, some not so much. When we were still in we hated the judgmental attitudes (it's one of the many reasons we left), so we try not to judge what someone else chooses to do in this case.

    We all have our own stories to tell and it is not our place to judge what others do or do not do. We are perfectly content with the decisions we have made, they are OUR decisions. We are happy with that.

  • Landy

    Long winded ego driven explainations about false prophesy, blood transfusions, the animal count on Noah's Ark, your head hurting and all the other crap sounds like absolute piffle and to the dub reading it. like someone piss weak in the truth, drunk on their own self importance and stoned on apostate porn. Grow up people, be strong and act like the proud independant soul you know you are. Look back by all means but forget writting letters to people who don't give a shit about you. The best revenge of all is a happy life well lived.

    Quoted, because, well, it's worth quoting.

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