Do not Disassociate, Anull your baptism

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  • viva

    Anullment will not work. You can anull a legal union, but baptism is not legal. Even though baptism is in effect a contract, the seperation of church and state would prevent any court from granting such an anullment, and you know full well that the WTBTS would not grant an anullment.

  • viva

    I do wonder, though, if you could argue your baptism is not valid. I never dedicated myself to god in prayer, which you are supposed to do before the public baptism. So did my baptism mean anything? That may be a valid arguement.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    necroposting....a new term? necro- meaning death.

    Snakes ()

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    The issue is whether or not JWs will distinguish the difference. If the point is to simply go out on your own terms as opposed to "playing by their rules", that's one thing, though I think it's a pretty hollow victory. But if the point is to find some legal loophole so that your friends and relatives will still associate with you, I think it's pretty futile. They will still view you as having willingly left the organization.

  • ex-nj-jw

    After I left my dad hounded me about writing a letter and talking to the elders. I flat out refused, there was nothing I needed to say to them and certainly nothing I wanted to hear from them.

    If they couldn't figure out "my position" by me not attending any meetings, fs or contacting them then they were even more stupid than I thought.

    I couldn't be bothered with writing a letter I was busy going to school and taking care of my son, screw them and their rules, regulations they had no authority over me.


  • hotchocolate

    Viva, I too skipped the dedication in prayer. Noone really told me about it at the time, it was only later that I realised. :-) I WAS only 16.

    I do know of two people that annulled their baptism. One was an older guy who was baptised way way back, and the other a 20 something chick. I have no idea what they used to get out of it. Would love to hear of a success story, and how they did it....

  • Finally-Free

    DA, DF, Fade, or Anullment are merely labels. The end result is the same. You're out. You will be shunned either way. If someone truly wants your association and are serious about it, the label won't make a difference. Hell, half the congregation shunned me when I was a regular pioneerâ„¢ just because I was an ex-biker turned JW. I was "bad association" because I had a past. I've seen others virtually shunned because of race. I've seen some disappear for a couple of years only to return with children and no spouse without a word of reproof. Instead they'd be welcomed with open arms. Status in the JW world is little more than a juvenile popularity contest.

    Bottom line. It's all a pile of crap. Just do yourself a favour and get out and live life. Who cares what kind of label is attached to you by a collection of idiots?


  • Hittman

    Who cares what kind of label is attached to you by a collection of idiots?

    Agreed, but I can think of one cool advantage to this.

    The look on their face when you tell them you weren't DAd ar DFd.

  • homeschool

    I really do not care what anyone in the congregation thinks of me. I have no desire to associate with them. But for once, I am finally close again with my Witness family and don't want to ruin that. I know, I should let sleeping dogs lie. But I hate the fact that "they" (the JWs) still have a hold on my life and if they were to drive by my house and see Christmas lights up, they could DF me and force my family into not talking to me. As of now, my family knows I do not believe and they are fine that I am inactive. So I'm just trying to come up with a way to get the baptism silently annulled, or considered invalid. To whomever talked about not saying a dedication prayer to Jah right before baptism, thats great and I would say that is a very valid point. I was 15 or 16 at the time and never pioneered or volunteered at a quickbuild site (really??? they could use that against me??). Anyway, I'm gonna give it a go again and see what happens :-)

  • Farkel

    They won't read it. Dubs are too lazy to read more than two paragraphs at a time, so you'll probably need to condense it to get their attention.

    Instead, you could write something like, "&@#$off, xxxholes!" Succinct, clear and direct is always good! You're going to get DA'd or DF'd either way, so why not go out in style?


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