Do not Disassociate, Anull your baptism

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  • Fernando

    Great suggestion.

    And still very relevant after 10 years!

    Personally I would reduce it to one page at most.

    Even one sentence.

    Less wiggle room.

    Harder to dismiss as an apostate rant.

    Easier for them to remember till the day they die.

  • jwfacts

    What a trip down memory lane. I recently wrote two articles about this topic.

    Should You Fade or Disassociate?

    Can Baptism be annulled?

  • dubstepped

    So is this where the "if you DA you're playing by their rules" nonsense started, as if faders somehow get a pass? DAing is a tough enough decision without having your fellow ex-dubs looking down on you for doing it. All the while these faders complain constantly of their family drama caused because they're still in contact and literally playing the JW game day in and day out. Yes, DAing is dropping a bomb on things, toxic things, things that sometimes need it. Reading the article on the site refers to how awful it is to DA, how much regret can be felt. What about the freedom? My wife and I no longer play the game whatsoever since DAing. No more heirs to keep up to appear a certain way. No making excuses for anything. No fear of organizational repercussions. No looking over our shoulders. And we feel go knowing that we took a stand rather than slinking away.

    DAing isn't for everyone. I get that. But it isn't some lesser form of leaving, so cowardly playing of their game. It is taking a stand, not shying away. It is ending the game once and for all, not playing it.

  • TheListener

    With respect to leaving the WTS here is how I feel:

    As long as each person does what they need to do in order to maintain their happiness and mental well being who are we to judge their motives or methods.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    In my case I just DA'ed way simpler. Just wanted to send a message and give a warning shot across the bow.

    Triumph : Lay it on the line ( good Canadian Rock )

  • blondie

    If jws start not going in d2d and/or not attending meetings they are fooling themselves that their relationship with family and friends who are going d2d and attending most meetings are not going to treat them differently. You will be viewed as bad association, spiritually ill, contagious. They will socialize with you less. I always viewed fading as a temporary state to get your things together to lead a different life. No meetings, no d2d, no assemblies/conventions, no funeral talks/wedding talks, etc. Think how will I explain it to my minor children living at home. What will I do if I a) live on the same block as a jw 2) work for a jw 3) most of my customers are jws 4) what will I do for work instead 5) should I move farther away and not hook up with the local congregation. DAing is fairly permanent and an official statement of your position, so you might hold off until you get these and other things accomplished. I read stories on here all the time where one spouse is no longer a jw and the other is and it cause many problems. What would your spouse do or say if you stopped going or hardly ever? Would your marriage stay intact, would you be happy with the results?

    The jws in your life will try and push you to be a better jw , nagging your insistently. Will you be able to hide your new feelings and thoughts about the WTS?

    I'm not making anyone's choice for them; but what ever you do, plan it out, count the cost, and pick the best time for you and your family.


  • Vidiot

    A waste of time, IMO.

    You'd still be ostracized for having had it annulled, instead of re-baptizing to make it "legitimate".

  • ttdtt
    This really does nothing. You still get shunned.
  • jwfacts
    dubstepped - DAing is a tough enough decision without having your fellow ex-dubs looking down on you for doing it. ... Reading the article on the site refers to how awful it is to DA, how much regret can be felt. What about the freedom?

    Why do you feel looked down on? No one judges you whether you da or fade. The article lists the pros and cons of both, including a heading and section that covers reasons to disassociate. Both articles discuss that people that fade or annul their baptisms will still get labelled as bad association and mostly shunned.

  • zeb

    When I was baptised I never received any letter,card, or any formal document saying welcome. I don't consider I should go by the wt Pharisee like love for rules by offering them any resignation.

    and as regards any claimed respect for due process and the rule of law the wt dashed this to bits by their performance at the Royal Commission in Australia.

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