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  • AlmostAtheist

    >>but in the bound volumes... did they ever change things around from the originals?

    Yep, they do change them. There's some examples of it on the quotes site: http://reexamine.org

    I guess folks weren't dropping enough loose change in the box to make the bound volumes worth printing? I'm not sure how much of a hide-their-history move this would be unless they eliminate the CD, too. Which seems unlikely.

    The ultimate 1984 move would be to eliminate the CD and instead host a research web site. Then they could change anything they wanted any time they wanted and there wouldn't be many pesky copies of the originals out there to contradict it! But it's hard to get folks to drop donations in the box for a web site, so...


  • ballistic

    My personal opinion is that it has nothing to do with trying to stop people research the past - because surely you have exactly the same content if you just save up the magazines every two weeks and stick them in a cerial box like my mother used to. (although there was a rather perculiar wording change made in one bound volume but that's another story)

    I guess it is more related to saving $$ \ ££. Just prior to literature being on a contribution basis in the UK, they put on a massive campaign of printing old bound volumes while they could still charge. Literally 4 or 5 months after this, the charging for literature rules changed. So I now would guess they aren't getting enough contributions for literature and probably think they can squeeze about the same amount of money out of their window cleaners and janitors while producing less.

    Anyway, pleased for the trees.

  • slugga

    She was upset because she doesn't have a computer and won't be able to play them.

    Ahh but this is good because it will encourage dubs to go out and get computers, with home computer access will come home internet access and we all know were that we lead to

  • IronClaw

    They have changed things in the past on the Bound volumes. So we will have to play close attention to either the audio or cdroms to make sure they dont try to slip one by us again. I guess us apostates will have to scan all our incoming rags and make our own bound volumes from now on. Oh I knew I should of kept those old blue rag binders. Damn.

  • IronClaw

    Kristyann here is one of the coverups from the bound volumes vs. what was printed in the original mags. Jan 1, 1989 issue.

    Image hosting by TinyPic

    Kind of hard to see. Anyway the society changed the wording from the origial mag "in our twentieth century" to in the bound volume "in our day" thereby expanding the future for more preaching work.

  • Gretchen956

    There's a program you can get that converts audio into written text. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would at least render it to a more usable format for the computer and for quotes. When they are doing the Watchtower do they read paragraph numbers and questions for each one? Or how do they handle the study articles?

    Re TARD ed.


  • orbison11

    i think there was a binder type book you could buy that would hold your magazines in a clip,,,,,maybe the will be re-issuing those


  • Mary

    IronClaw, that's amazing!! I hadn't a clue that they purposely made changes like that!! No wonder they don't want anyone comparing notes.........on the up side, I just spoke to my sister on the phone a few minutes ago again. Seems the elders in her Hall have been getting irate phone calls from the elderly bros. and sisters in the congregation about the 'new arrangment'. Most of them do not have a computer and are asking how on earth they're supposed to do research if they don't have the bound volumes? I guess they're being told that they better hang on to whatever magazines they have and perhaps put them all in a binder at the end of the year.

  • carla

    If they really are going to audio, another thought may be that people are not actually reading them. It is much easier to listen to in the car than sit down and read them, isn't it? I used to get books on tape that I didn't have time to read but had time to listen to when doing mundane chores. Saved my reading time for books I really I loved and was really looking forward to reading.

  • ballistic

    Most of them do not have a computer
    Why do they need a computer for audio???

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