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  • doinmypart

    The WT & Awake are available on CDs in mp3 format.

    The society produces a library CD annually which contains a lot of their literature & magazines.

    It is interesting to watch this publishing company try to transform. They are scratching, clawing, kicking, and screaming as they are torn from their antiquated business model. Not as many people are reading print, especially the garbage the WTS puts out -- their own "publishers" don't even read the magazines. It is cheaper for them to produce CDs rather than print.

    The WTS will still need to print their rules & regs to keep the publishers in line. I suppose they will probably print one internal publication for the publishers, a combination KM/Sunday study article. And there will be one magazine for non-JW/public consumption.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Let me first say that it is no suprise the Society would not continue the production of bound volumes. Think about it. They have to produce well well over 1,000,000 hardback bound volumes per years just for the United States. They can't afford it. This fits in well with all of the new soft cover books, and downsizing at Bethel.
    Mary was confused about the "audio" thing. This is what I think they will continue to produce:
    -Watchtower Library CD-ROM
    -Watchtower/Awake Audio CD
    -Watchtower/Awake MP3 CD
    They will get rid of the bound volumes because people can simply use the CD-ROM instead of the books. It's so much cheaper for them.

  • aniron

    Interesting point. We are ever more moving to an "electronic age" were, especially for the younger generation, will be either CD, DVD or MP3 formats. For the younger generation the idea of reading a "printed" page, that is one on paper form is becoming uncommon in the western world. I know from my two of my sons 18 and 24 that they very rarely read a book or magazine of any kind. But will spend hours reading the same thing on a computer screen.

    Will the WT start putting their magazines online ??

    As said above will they just produce in print, things only necessary for the congregation to use.

    If so what will they offer on the doors. Just brochures maybe? Will books be held back until they think they can start a study with someone? Will they produce CD's for people to listen to? Or maybe DVDs to watch?

    Also the cost of producing printed material will rise. Cost of paper, ink etc. Also the cost of power for the presses etc. Those living in Britain will know how the cost of power electric, gas is rising here.

    Over the past years we have seen how the WT has stopped doing certain things to cut costs. From stopping serving food at conventions to starting to switch to paper back books.

    There must be a reason for it. As growth in the western world slows down, is the income also slowing down? Increase in poorer underdeveloped countries will not bring a huge income like the west.

    Whatever the reason we can be sure that WT is certainly going to put some king of spin on it.

  • slimboyfat

    It makes sense when you think about it. After all the Awake bound volume would have looked funny with only 12 issues in it.

    I think a lot of longstanding Witnesses will be pretty upset about this. Even worse than when the books went paperback.

    What next to save money? Paperback Insight books and Reference Bibles?

    The WTS is definitely winding down its operations.

  • greendawn

    That is good news the cult is showing signs of trouble, Franz could keep up a semblance of serious theology and visionary revelations but after him there is no one capable of producing such pseudospiritual works and things have dried up.

  • JT

    Franz could keep up a semblance of serious theology and visionary revelations but after him there is no one capable of producing such pseudospiritual works and things have dried up.


    excellent point since his death the level of depth of the publications is no more than cut and paste

    i came back during the 60's and the Anti-types, explanations were so deep you would get a head ache

    today they merely recycle the bookstudy, rev and united in worship was studied almost a dozen times it felt like

    great post

  • aniron

    I can't seem to keep away from this one

    I agree Greendawn.

    Their so called "spiritual insight" is or has dried up.

    The way the organisation has been split up in past years into three sections. The GB no longer in total control, no clear leader of the GB either. There is no one the stature of Rutherford, Knorr, Franz to control things. We have the strange now two men in their 50's on the GB, younger than me. Yet we were told all the "anointed" had been chosen by 1935. If I had decided I was one of the "anointed" a few years ago I would have been pulled to one side and told to stop being silly.

    I remember going to District conventions and always expecting some new book, with its "new light", now you're lucky to get a brochure.

    The magazines are becoming parodies of themselves. Having been able to get hold of a couple of recent issues. Its almost as if they are recycling articles from years ago. You get a touch of dje'vu reading them. Someone recently said on this forum that they are going to study the "Revelation Climax" book again in the groups. Boy! They must be stuck for new stuff.

    The WT is struggling to keep those who they already have, never mind find new members.

  • blondie

    I still don't think they will discontinue bound volumes without warning the rank and file to save an unmarked copy of the magazines for their files. Sometimes because we live in a country or a community that is computer savvy, we assume that most people are, including JWs. There are still millions of people that are struggling to get food on the table and a place to live and basic health care.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Sorry if I missed any salient points in this discussion - only got to read pages 1 and 4 of this thread.

    I find it impossible to believe that the WTS will suspend production of the CD-ROM or similar digital formats. The elimination of the paper source bound volumes was predictable for sure. And harmonized completely with the scale back going on at Bethel. [if reports are correct]

    If one poster was correct - this would result in 1,000,000 fewer bound books per year in the US, [this might be high since usually only one set per family is obtained, I would think more like 300,000], think of the amount of cost that accrues!

    The Watchtower Society cannot risk having no place that is easily accessable for it's rules and regulations to be found. Audio cassettes would just not be researchable when the local JC's needed to prove a certain doctrinal issue, or to do personal research to decide what the 'current truth' is of something. I would suspect they will produce audio versions, as they have for a long time. But the cost's of audio made them reduce availablility of that medium to only 'those in need of such' a few years back. SInce it all boils down to cost at the moment, CD's text seems the cheapest way to go.

    Possible scenario: Perhaps they have in mind some sort of 'congregational source' that would keep the info in house? I can see that - a CD-ROM issued to each hall for use on the hall computer only, and during normal business hours. This would prevent the researchers [read apostates] from looking too closely.

    The only way I can see them eliminating such a 'readable' format would be to put an online archive in place for the dubs to use. This seems unlikely due to the danger of the dubs reasearching other opinions while online.


  • Kaput
    The Watchtower Society cannot risk having no place that is easily accessable for it's rules and regulations to be found.

    I agree. Maybe the computer savvy JW's will be responsible for knowing info on the CD's, but when the overlords are ready to come down on some JW in Zanzibar, poor brother Mugabe w/no computer access (and no CD's) can plead ignorance to whatever "crime" he is charged with. Hence, the need for another medium e.g. good ol' hard copy.

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