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  • Hondo

    Are the audio tapes "proofread", or more correctly,"prooflistened," before they are distributed? Is someone going the check to make sure all the right words were said? Or, will it be possible for the irrate speaker, maybe questioning JW/WBTS policy or doctrine, to make a negative type "change", or "changes," against the WBTS as he or she recites the months awake or watchtower? Similarly, it seems it will now be easier to alter the original magazines content and insert a doctrinal change (new light) that may have taken place between the time the magazine was published and when it was actually recorded.


  • wednesday

    Feels like a way to control the flow of information. Started when the mags did not come in subscription form anymore, so to get the mags you had to either be attending the KH or have a friend who would get them for you, etc.

    Now they are going to stop bound volumes. Many years ago they told us a day would come when we might not be able to get the wt and awake, but I diid not think it b/c they themselves would stop printing it. We used to hear scare stories about how we had better not miss a meeting, b/.c if we were underground, we would have to be at the meeting to know where the next one was at, as no one was to tell anyone else.

    I see all this as the wts fulfilling its own prophecies about the times of the end. Secret meeetings, scarce literature, only known jws can get literature.

    For sure they are fighting the enemy, the apostates. Their literature can't be mocked if we can't get it.


    another thought, it is sort of a false shortage. . Create a false sense of urgency about something and make it appear of more importance than it is. they do it with gasoline, electricitcy, etc.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Upon further reflection on this matter - I think I missed the whole point. I will start a new thread on the subject.


  • stillajwexelder

    I think this is all unsubstantiated rumor. I heard that they were going to do a combined Bound Volume of WT/Awake which will still save money - only one set of hard cover per year rather than 2 as before

  • Kaput
    I think this is all unsubstantiated rumor.

    Don't be a kill-joy!

  • one

    Any PRINTED word on paper can be scanned and converted to SEARCHABLE text.

    Any recorded spoken word (cd) can be converted to text.

    Any text can be converted to audio.

    I beleive even XP comes with a feature to read aloud to you text from your pc, try it..

  • Mary
    stillajwexelder said: I think this is all unsubstantiated rumor.

    Well, this is what my sister told me on Sunday after she got home from the meeting and that's what she was told by the brother behind the literature counter. I sincerely doubt that a wanna-be MS who does the Literature would purposely lie about something like this-----it would really screw up his chances for promotion within the Borg.

  • blondie
    I heard that they were going to do a combined Bound Volume of WT/Awake which will still save money - only one set of hard cover per year rather than 2 as before

    That sounds more reasonable, stilla. We were discussing that yesterday, one volume rather than 2 with their only being 36 issues in each year.

    Until the rest of the "undeveloped" world have access to computers and other technological devices, I don't see the WTS shutting down the printed page for individual libraries. It has only been 16 years that those people in poorer countries have even been able to get the bound volumes now that they don't have a set price on them. Many poorer families could never afford individual copies of the WTS for each family member let alone the bound volumes. Compared to their annual income, these things were outrageously expensive. I'll look for the WTS comments about that.


  • TheListener

    The WTS has put the WT/AW on audio cassette and then mp3 audio for years. A lot of the friends listened to the cassettes in their cars while commuting.

    The society may combine the WT/AW bound volumes or discontinue them but neither of these two alternatives change the fact that :

    a) The regular mp3 audio or cd audio of each issue will continue to be issued.

    b) That the KM already stated that the WT CDrom would be updated and available yearly.

    There are a lot of the friends who don't order the Bound Volumes any longer because the WT CDrom provides the research material they need. Most dubs save the current year of magazines for meeting preparation and such and replace them with the bound volume or the WT CDrom.

    Can you imagine a cd audio of the entire year of WT/AWs? It would be a major multi-disc set with very little use for preparing for the meetings. If you've been a witness you know that you use the older magazines (usually within the past year) for meeting part preparation.

    It seems that this "rumor" blends two issues into one. Perhaps no more WT/AW bound volumes and current issue mp3 audio becoming cd audio.

  • AlmostAtheist

    BTW, I called Watchtower today and asked about this. They sent me to a guy in shipping (odd, I thought) who said he didn't know anything about it. The bound volumes are now paperback (which he generously referred to as "soft back"), and he suggested maybe the rumor I'd heard was based on that.

    "They're still important," he told me.

    "Oh sure," I enthused, "'Cause sometimes what's printed in the magazine doesn't match what makes its way into the bound volume. You really need both for verification."

    He didn't have any response to that, save for a hem/haw, not-sure-what-that-means-and-don't-want-to-find-out sort of thing.

    I wouldn't call the word of the Wallkill forklift driver as definitive, but at least he says he hasn't heard anything about it.


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