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  • Snoozy

    We usually made our own hard volumns.

    We would just get the binders and punch holes in the magazines we had saved for the year.

    It was a lot cheaper..

    All that work for naught!..oh well..they are in the trash somewhere now..

    Snoozy Q..

  • gumby

    I have a set from 1954 to about 2000 I believe. I've been hanging on to the bastards just in case my family ever decides to turn into heathen apaostate bastards like myself and I'm gittin tired of waitin for em to turn to the darkside........so if anyone wants to pay the shipping, they can have em. I got the "rainbow collection" in part too.


  • blondie

    I am somewhat surprised that bound volumes will be no more but the expense of the special printing may not be seen in the donations to the "worldwide work." JWs can just save single copies and bind them on their own. Many who have computers prefer the WT-CD anyway and many congregations have a computer/printer set up in the library with the current WT-CD.

    As to the magazines on audiocassettes, they have had those for many years for JWs who are blind. But I understand that the WTS equipment for the production of audiocassettes is outdated and updated equipment doesn't exist. They may go to MP3's for the blind.

    As to phasing out hard copies of the WTS publications for personal and congregation libraries, I don't see that happening in the 3rd world where everybody doesn't have a computer.

    Blondie (hanging onto her bound volumes for when the electricity fails)

  • What-A-Coincidence

    someone correct me if I am wrong, but I had heard that the VOLUMES were outsourced as in they were being printed by an outside company just like the WTLIB CDs. Am I correct?


  • AuldSoul

    What will the good little dubbies do to get the searchable WT literature? They'll have to download the PDFs from reexamine.org, I suppose.

    WTS keeps digging itself a deeper hole...one shovelfull of ---- at a time.


  • KW13

    On Audio Tape? That won't make reference even for the JW's easy without fast forwarding and rewinding all the time. Thats a lot of recording. I am not sure how that will even help them as with Audio we can then prove they 'said' it. As for stopping the CD...nah they just added some new features to the lastest version and the JW's love it. They'd need a good excuse unless they wanted to ban computers from witnesses.

    If its taken them since the early 1990's to work out the CD is causing them problems and also since before then with Bound Volumes they are more stupid than we thought, usually they might switch hard-back books for Soft-back so i suppose they could say its to save paper...doubt that though.

  • sass_my_frass

    Keep all old CDs. Make a copy of Quotes for when your local site gets sued out so you can replace it. (Thanks Mr Quotes!)

  • aniron

    I used to get the bound volumes every year. Mainly because they were easier to keep than a pile of magazines. (They used to do binders for the mags)

    I know that when I was Literature Servant only definite orders could be taken for the volumes. They were always considered an expensive item to produce, used to cost £3 back then. Then when the "contribution only/no charge" came it for literature. Many more JW's ordered them and didn't pay anything. I suppose it could be cost that has been the reason behind the decision.

    An audio CD would cost much less to produce.

    Will this mean that they will no longer be able to change things as they did in some volumes?

  • tijkmo

    maybe there is just some confusion over the fact that there will be no more hard back literature produced..everything is going to be paperback including bibles..

    or maybe the lit servant just plain got mixed up

    they are easily confused you know

  • aniron

    I just thought the Awake is now only a monthly magazine. So that volume will be a lot thinner. Maybe they decided because of that, not to do bound volumes any more.

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