Do you still believe?

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  • gumby

    Jake.....give it a rest. There ain't one damn person here who feels you got both oars in the water and you ain't gettin no followers go blab yer stuff to someone who hasn't been seen your type of shyte before.


  • diamondblue1974
    Unless you endorse the one Kingdom global non profit operating system and stand behind the Messiah it does not matter what you know of the bible or how many times you went to church. Jesus was a stranger among men and a miracle worker and so am I for saying and doing the exact same things Jesus did times a million and its heavily documented. The path starts my way, I am the only true prophet and none of the prophets you have heard since Jesus speak my language or lead as I have led.

    Its probably because its 5.52am and I am a little cranky but what the f*ck are you on about? DB74

  • Think


    They disfelloship about 50,000 people A YEAR for immorality. We hear this on every convention.

    And there is much more people in JW who DO IT, but never admit.

    Can you SEE THE PROBLEM, and you are saying that they don't have problem ???

    I know.... is hard to STOP the DOUBLE TALK...

  • gumby


    They disfelloship about 50,000 people A YEAR for immorality. We hear this on every convention.

    And there is much more people in JW who DO IT, but never admit.

    Can you SEE THE PROBLEM, and you are saying that they don't have problem ???

    How many christians in christendom would be disfellowshipped if members were guilted into confessing their sins to elders for playin nasty? How many would also be disfelloshipped if members of christendom were encouraged to rat on other members who try and hide their sins? A whole bunch.....that's how many. Witnesses don't have a special fondness for hanky panky anymore than christendom does......other than the fact their lives are so controlled that sometimes some simply can't handle the strain and let their humanity go running lose.

    Now then that being said " think", are you gonna marry unclebruce or not dammit......I wanna be the best man and wear my "sunday go to meeting clothes!"


  • itsallgoodnow
    I’m very shocked at this. If you don’t believe, can you tell me what brought to that conclusion?

    The whole notion of our beliefs and their effect on our afterlife doesn't make sense to me. ie just believe in Jesus and you will be saved. It seems important only to believers for some reason.

    I think we have a sheltered existence in Western developed countries and if we had to experience the kind of life the majority of people on this planet live, we might not feel all warm and fuzzy about God, or Jesus, or whatever. For most people in this world, there is no justice and it doesn't seem like anybody up in the sky is looking out for them. I have a hard time thinking this is because they don't believe in the right God.

    Since there's no proof either way, I lean on the side of thinking there isn't a God, and if there is, that it isn't involved with humans in any way.

  • Think

    Yes, I believe in God. I also believe that JW Occult have VERY, VERY BIG PROBLEM with morality, much bigger, what we can see. What we see is just a top of the iceberg.

    But the problems with false propheties, lies, child rape, sex scandals, cover ups, divorces, mentall ilness, suicides, abuse, dishonesty are compounded by the facts, that the leaders PROJECTS to the public HOLY IMAGE of the org., also to the members, and to the new converts.

    They are SELLING their souls and the truth, in order to gain new converts. Who want to join dirty organization ? NOBODY.

    This is similar to a person trying to sell used, worn down car, and he is claiming that this car is in PERFECT CONDITION, NO PROBLEMS, EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECT.

    The JW Occult is selling LEMON, and you will learn about that when is to late, when you are BAPTIZED into LOYALTY TO HUMAN organization, man made false religion.

    Of course there are devil's advocates ready to defend UtopiaTower, because they have money, and a lots of money.


    I don't think it is a good idea to be on the devil side.

    Or sitting on the fence.

  • Jake99

    You either believe in what you preach and stand behind the operating system and leader you say you want to, or you don't, that is the choice. It would be an instant global change that ends all wars. I only submit the facts about my life as an example of how the Jesus operating system works. Its up to you to investigate the mountains of proof of performed miracles that I left behind. I can only lead you to water, drinking is your choice. The people in need has nothing to do with God, its all about following his instructions of 2000 years ago as spoken according to your bibles by Jesus Christ. I think you should stop blaming God for mans failure to operate the planet as a non profit Kingdom which gets rid of the false prophets and Satan at the same time. I dont see your leaders solving a single problem and I specialize in problem solving.

  • stillconcerned


    Fortunately, Jesus believes in me...

  • SixofNine

    As do I.


  • lonelysheep

    I don't believe in a higher being. Even as a little girl going to church, my instinct told me there was no such thing and I was to believe simply because this is what I was told to do, yet without actual proof.

    Questions can go unanswered. No one has all of them...but I no longer chalk it up to a god belief in order to feel satisfied.

    I can only go by what I know rather than put faith in a non-existant supernatural being.

    Years were wasted in wanting to believe in a god, rather than accept reality and live life based on real knowledge instead of blind faith.

    If I still had to question the existence, then I would still feel the same because everyday, I'm shown that there isn't. I wake up because my body is functioning, and I will die because of whatever reason is yet to come.

    I do not fault anyone who does....this is the conclusion I've come to in life, and am happy with.

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