Do you still believe?

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  • gumby
    A couple of things from the Power of Now that that help me that points to where JamesThomas is going (I think).

    -Feel your body from the inside

    k.....I just tried it and realised my back hurts, I got a headache, and I'm stiff all over. What the hell?


  • Chimene


    Your opinion is exactly how I feel, or think so to speak. I was not raised a JW. The only religion grew up with was that of my grandmother in which she was a Seventh Day Advandist. I only learned of the JW's when I married my ex husband in 1997. I feel, or have the opinion, that people which were raised in this religion have been done wrong so badly that they don't believe at all. I still believe, just not the JW cult way. It's such a shame and so sad However, you put it into words exactly the way I would have

  • MsUrsy

    You know, this is a tricky one, I don't know what I believe any longer, I know I need some time to de-program in order to even begin looking that is if I even ever will! I saw a bumper sticker that I sooooooooo wanted the other day that sums my life up now..."I believe in Life before Death"....Isn't that perfect! So many folks believe in "life after death" they never reach thier full and true potential in all aspects of life. I think having a hope for the future, and not living for today but living for another time even goes against what the bible tells us in regards to "sufficient for today is it's own badness"....Just looking at that in itself is really helping me to be the best person for today. If whoever it is that hands out judgement, (if there even truly is one), doesn't think that is good enough....than so be it! I really am not afraid of death any longer. That is the one true thing that holds many people captivated in Religion for years is the thought of death and their mortality. Think of it this way, If armageddon does not come in our life time and we die, and do not receive the ressurection until some undisclosed time, (as the Witnesses tell it)... will we even know if we were to be ressurected or not? We will be dead, unconscious! Be good to people now, live life now, nobody says we have to give up our morals, and even if we do, that is up to us! Just my thoughts on things!

  • Think

    I believe in God, but I don't believe that SinTower is holy, moral Christian Religion.

    Because there is too much rootten fruits to the contrary. Back in my naive years, when i having contact ONLY with JW, I was very angry, when somebody told me something bad about JW, like they have premarital sex, and they swap wifes and husbands.

    Now I KNOW for sure that there is a lot of f***** going on between married brothers and single Sisters, Married brothers and Sisters having sex with others mates, very young ones having sex at so called "christian gatherings", Fathers raping their own daughters, many broken marriages, Single Sisters TEMPTING single brothers to have sex and marry them, "Soft pornography" and others perverting "things"...

    There was ALWAYS a question in my mind, WHY all the SINS are happening, when they STUDY the Bible 5 timws a week ??? WHY / WHY ? WHY ? Why this OCCULT IS claiming holiness, and at the same time is commiting so much SINS ???

  • *Heather*

    I never have or never will belive in the organization. However, I do believe that there is a God and a Jesus because the earth and universe had to come from somewhere.

  • gumby


    As you know you will find sins in all faiths. Perhaps this is why other faiths realise they are sinners and look to christs blood to cover them all rather than try to be perfect to the point of becoming hypocritical by their claims of purity and the spiritual paradise they claim to hold the title to.

    In all honesty however, I don't think the far majority of JW's have the problems you mentioned.


  • FreedomFrog
    k.....I just tried it and realised my back hurts, I got a headache, and I'm stiff all over. What the hell?


    Ahhhh, that's because you're trying too hard...

  • nicolaou

    It's not like me to take blame away from the Society but this time I think I might have to (shudders). Chimene's opening line in this excellent thread was "I have found a lot of people no longer believe in God or Jesus since leaving the organization".

    This is certainly true and no doubt for many it was the Watchtower experience that did turn them off god - but it wasn't that way for me. When I first began to doubt it was because I had been forced into a situation where I had to examine my beliefs critically. I had to reason. Of course it wasn't too long after that that I realised what a load of baloney the watchtower was teaching.

    But I had started to think, to reason, and that process could only continue. It took me a few more years but inevitably I reached the only rational and reasonable conclusion I could, that there is no god.

    So my reason for disbelief is not the Watchtower - my reason is reason.


  • diamondblue1974

    I have been watching this thread toying with the idea as to whether or not to respond; I am here so you can see what I decided.

    Personally I am not sure whether I still believe; there are days when I can wonder at the environment I live in and experience a closeness with nature impossible to describe; on other days I have difficulty reconciling the terrible things that are being suffered by generally good people and feel I must question if a creator does exist and should he or she do so, why do bad things happen to good people.

    For me the arguments put forward by JWs and indeed other Christians are simply not enough; my quest for answers started at a very early age; its still ongoing and will never end, I just know I wont find answers within any organised religion.


  • Jake99

    Unless you endorse the one Kingdom global non profit operating system and stand behind the Messiah it does not matter what you know of the bible or how many times you went to church. Jesus was a stranger among men and a miracle worker and so am I for saying and doing the exact same things Jesus did times a million and its heavily documented. The path starts my way, I am the only true prophet and none of the prophets you have heard since Jesus speak my language or lead as I have led.

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