Do you still believe?

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  • Chimene

    Also LittleToe, I heard your exiting talk also, it was wonderful, it really moved me

  • AlmostAtheist

    Nark made an interesting point, saying he could buy into "God" as a metaphor for what really is. I'm reading "The Power of Now" and he talks about your "pain body" and your Being (your true self) not being your mind, but something outside of it. From an actual physical standpoint, I don't buy that. But using those ideas as metaphors, I can still benefit from what he's saying. Stepping outside of my mind (metaphorically) and becoming aware of my "pain body" allows me not to be hurt by the pain. The pain just IS. It exists, like a freckle. It isn't a bad thing, it's just a thing. The hurt of the pain melts away and I'm left with a simple awareness of its existence.

    Powerful stuff, I'm eatin' it up like candy.

    Thanks, JamesThomas, for turning me on to this stuff.

    Dave of the "accepts his own anecdotal evidence" class

  • Chimene
    Though, I do tend to lean more towards the Native American ways such as Shamanism.

    Ah! yes, Wicka I think is just a deep south name of Shamanism. Very intersting!

  • onesong

    AlmostAtheist, I'm reading "THE POWER OF NOW" as well and it is one of the most powerful books I've read in a long time.

    You might also like this guys stuff, it's similar. I saw him in person and it was an amazing experience.

  • Chimene

    hhmmmm, sounds very interesting! Sounds sort of like candy for the mind or soul, or both

  • onesong

    Adyashanti's book "Emptiness Dancing" emphasizes that we are not what we think we are...merely these physical bodies with chaotic minds but that we are a higher being and need to learn that our bodies and minds are tools. When we master them WE are in control, not slaves to them.

    The more I've learned , practiced and experienced the ideas I've grown in leaps and bounds in being peaceful, understanding and altogether happy!

  • Honesty
    I have found a lot of people no longer believe in God or Jesus since leaving the organization.

    That means that the Watchtower god wins either way.

    People remain JW's and are denied access to God by the Watchtower Society.

    People who leave and no longer believe in Him are still denied access to Him.

  • Chimene

    I hear ya onesong cool!

    and OH! I stand corrected! Hey freedomfrog, I mis-spelled the name, Wicca. And my boyfriend informed me that it's not southern, it's all over the world, sorry! I just hate when I make mistakes, LOL

  • DanTheMan
    People who leave and no longer believe in Him are still denied access to Him.

  • daniel-p

    I am not an athiest. I simply do not feel the need to try to know God anymore or find out what he/she/it wants of me.
    If I grow into an old man and still have this feeling, I will not be sad about it. I would rather feel this way than try all my life to figure out the Universal Question.
    I can honestly say I never knew this Yahweh. There is nothing in the Bible that, to me, gives a remotely accurate depiction of what the Ultimate Entity must be. In the Christian Bible, God is anthropomorphized into something we know and respect. But even then, it was done by men thousands of years ago, so part of this God's personality reflects the values and culture of a time long ago.
    All this talk about how the WT keeps people from God is bullshit. I've read the fucking King James Bible and I am aware of the viewpoints of Christians. It's not much better than belief in Jehovah. I do not need forgiveness for my sins because there is no such thing as sin. What better way to control civilization than to convince them they need forgiveness for some inherent error? Calling on faith is the oldest trick in the book.

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