New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • inbyathread
    I wonder, could you get away with video taping the actual disfellowshipping announcement, too? (and would you want to bother?) That would make a nice companion to this video.

    Well, it is the CO's visit next week. They would probably request anyone leave that had a camera. Would love to be in on the Elders Meeting though.

  • GoingGoingGone

    This is awesome!

    I can't believe they went through with the whole thing knowing the tape was rolling.

    Of course they went thru with the whole thing! There is no specific instruction given on "What To Do If You Are Being Videotaped When You Deliver The News That Someone Has Been Disfellowshipped." Throw 'em a curveball, and they have no idea what to do with themselves. They're on autopilot....

    Thanks for posting this!


  • AuldSoul

    Only one question I wish you had asked. He said you could ask your two documentary questions at the appeal. You could have responded, "Oh, WOW! That would be GREAT! You really think I could film the appeal for the documentary? That would definitely be a reason to go."

    I would have LOVED to see his reaction to that. But, hey, they caught you at dinner time (which is one of my three favorite times of the day) and had already tied up five from your evening. I am glad you didn't opt to shake their hands.


  • roybatty

    WOW! Thanks for sharing. Very well done. That took some balls and wit.

    Ya know it will make it's way across many JW's computer screens.

  • AuldSoul

    inbyathread, please record the CO's talk. It can be done very easily. Get there early and sit in the middle of the middle of the hall (minus two rows from the front). Once the meeting starts it would cause a MAJOR disruption and there would be many social hurdles to overcome to stop you from recording. Plus it would be incredibly obvious what they were trying to do, raising the question of why the talks can't be recorded. It is doubtful anyone would try to stop you.

    The psychology of social propriety in certain settings is very deeply ingrained.


  • inbyathread

    inbyathread, please record the CO's talk.

    I was audio recording them for a while. I wish I could still. My Blood Pressure skyrockets if I go there anymore.

  • Bryan

    Was that really Monty Python?


  • jwfacts

    I loved the look on the old dudes face when you asked why there should be an appeal if the decision was guided by holy spirit.

  • FreedomFrog

    Ok, this is just way too funny. I had to watch it, like 4 times already.

    Their blank faces when you asked about them being guided by "Holy Spirit". Them not wanting to answer it by answering "this is our decision".

    So if they're guided by "Holy Spirit"...but they still could have made a mistake, hence the appeal option...does that make the "Holy Spirit" imperfect?...hmmmmm.

    Though, I do feel kinda sorry for them...they are so assimilated in the collective they didn't know what to do with the questions.


  • observador

    Man, this is really really good.
    It's interesting how bold people are becoming. It's nice to know that people are giving them hell before leaving. I like that you kept your cool, and I also like the "holy spirit" question.
    Way to go, guys!!!


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