New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • Nosferatu


    My god that was friggin hilarious! I just loved the clueless look when you said "How can you make an error when you're guided by holy spirit?" bzzzzz *crackle* *crackle* BRAIN SHORT. Default response: "This was our decision" (brain still smoking).

  • AuldSoul

    I am 100% certain they never dreamed it would be posted on the Internet (<--- read "Devil's playpen") within hours of it happening. And they also never dreamed they would be getting a call one day from a CO trying to figure out why [in the hell] they thought that was a good idea.

    Poor fellows. That's what they get for serving under a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship.


  • DaCheech

    Should have told them that if you hear that there is a special needs talk done in the next month.... and the topic was similiar to your df'ing: then you would sue for slander

  • jgnat

    I'm going to memorize that earnest expression in case it is ever used on me.

    I'm betting the mistachioed elder had to wash with carbolic soap with ten changes of water that night. The other dude was just there for backup. He looked like he woulda tackled the householder if need be.

    I chalk up the mistakes to extreme nervousness. Who would ever want to be an elder if they knew THOSE kinds of confrontations were in store?

  • Spectre

    Instant classic!!!

  • Honesty
    The Elder that read the scripture is the Theocratic Ministry SCHOOL Overseer.

    Those AWAKE! graduates are so easy to spot.

  • kittyeatzjdubs


    ''You can appeal our decision if you feel we've made a mistake.''

    ''But aren't you guided by holy spirit?''


    ''Then how can you make a mistake if you're guided by holy spirit?'' <why didn't i ever think of that? dur!

    ''Uugggggggggghhhhhh....'' **snapcracklepop** ----DOES NOT COMPUTE----


    you rock dude! 2 thumbs WAY up!!!

    luv, jojo

  • jschwehm


    The JW elders that showed up at my door when I lived in Nebraska were much more obnoxious. If the other elder had not been there, I think the other one would have hit me. He got mad at me for answering his question.....He asked me "If I had any relatives in the Truth?". I said, "No, I do not have any relatives in the Truth but I do have relatives who are Jehovah's Witnesses."

    I told them that they were welcome to come and visit me anytime and that I would share with them the ways in which the Watchtower Society has lied to them. They claimed that they were there to assist me in being reinstated. Actually, they were ticked off because I had coached a couple of ladies in this small Nebraska town whom they were trying to convert to ask them questions that they could not answer and it turned out that one of the JWs visiting my friends was the daughter of one of these elders.

    Oh, well! The JWs never visited my house or my friends' home again.

    Jeff S.

  • TooOpinionated

    This is priceless! Good for you for your foresight and grabbing your camcorder.

    Is it standard practice for the elders to send JC invites by certified mail? If so, they would have known that you hadn't recieved (or signed for) the 3 letters. I'm surprised they showed up in person to let you know.

    When we were going through all that our phone rang for weeks (caller id always said it was a private caller) so we just never answered. No one physically came to let us know when our announcement was-not that I would have answered the door anyway. Pompous jerks.

  • AlmostAtheist

    >>The Elder that read the scripture is the Theocratic Ministry SCHOOL Overseer.

    I just watched it again with Gina. I'll bet the guy is actually pretty cool, he seems like he would be. But when playing the role of judge/jury/executioner, well, let's just say no one can show their best side with an executioner's hood on.

    It shows how destructive to the person this cult is, that it makes a decent guy come calling in the night to deliver your death-blow. (From his perspective, that is. You apparently could care less if you're barred entry into Albania!)

    I wonder, could you get away with video taping the actual disfellowshipping announcement, too? (and would you want to bother?) That would make a nice companion to this video.


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