An Especially Stupid Watchtower Issue (Mar 15, 06)

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  • metatron

    What makes this latest Watchtower particularily dumb? Well, let's see.

    Take a look at this gem:

    " ...would a Christian who is a self employed contractor bid on a job that involves painting one of the churches of Christendom and thereby

    share in helping to promote false religion?" (pg. 24)

    How about congregations that sell their old Kingdom Halls to churches? When I objected to this as an elder, I was told it was

    OK with the Society!

    The study articles in this issue repeat the phrase "false religion" and "false worship" over and over again - but then offer up this

    precious thought:

    "We certainly do not use derogatory terms to describe people of other religions" (pg 31)

    Like what exactly? "False religion"? "False Worship"?

    The article says that false religion "has prostituted herself by forming alliances with one political power after another".

    Since the metaphor here is that of a harlot, I would note that most prostitutes perform in exchange for hard cash.

    However, when the Watchtower was exposed in an alliance with the UN, they offered the excuse that they needed

    access to UN documents. When have you ever heard of a prostitute whoring herself for a library card?

    Finally, how many Witlesses will actually ask themselves, "what is false religion? Wouldn't it be a religion that teaches false

    things? Could it be a religion that repeats lies?" Isn't that entirely reasonable?

    Then, into what category does the Watchtower Society fall, after its 120 year history of false prophecy in saying that

    Armageddon is "Soon"? If they have been dead wrong across more than a century, in setting dates and encouraging

    false expectations, how can they pretend to be anything except false religion? Does "false" MEAN false?


  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Unbelievable isn't it? They just love to demonize other religions and critisize them for doing what they themselves do. But since the majority of the dubs are braindead and don't know about the true reasons for the WTS joining the UN as an NGO, or the RANDCAM and Phillip Morris stock they own, they just sit there listening to all this CRAP and believe it ALL, all the while feeling superior to other religions.

    It's just unbelievable how ridiculous the WTS really is, spewing this kind of garbage!


  • Woodsman

    Bomber post, isn't it amazing how clearly you can see these contradictions and hypocrisies. When you no longer have the mental roadblocks up the mind picks up on these instances. In fact they seem to jump out at you.

  • lawrence

    These bastards are no different than the "Wild Beast" they deride - these are the folks who sell dynamite to the Arabs and guns to the Jews - no different, cut from the same cloth. What hypocrits! Great post!

  • jwfacts

    The kingdom hall I grew up in in Hobart was bought off the Salvation Army. After the quickbuild they sold to a bridge club. I was about 16 and wondered what Jehovah thought of all these old men gambling in his old house.

  • LDH

    Their synapses have ceased firing.


  • garybuss

    It looks like the Kingdom Hall in Sioux Falls was sold to a competing religion. I didn't do a title search to see if this was a direct transfer. Unless a Witness bought the Hall, it would have had to have been sold so some part of Satan's organization. Sleeping with the enemy is a long established Witness behavior.

  • Nellie

    Wow - I agree - how clear it all is today!

  • Kaput
    Their synapses have ceased firing.

    When were they EVER firing?

  • sass_my_frass

    I know buddy. Isn't it great not to be swallowing it all now?

    Like an enormous yoke lifted from my back, hey wait a minute...

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