An Especially Stupid Watchtower Issue (Mar 15, 06)

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  • greendawn

    They are double minded and it shows wherever money and financial profit is involved they don't mind doing some traffic with the devil, it's the same when they allied themselves with Swaggart to fight the taxman.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    here in the southeast MI area all they do is sell KH to churches. I know of one hall that they sold to a soroity.

  • Oroborus21

    That is very stupid. I hope my painter friend won't lose any business if the local elders in his congregation try and police his clients. Well, knowing him I am sure he would tell them off.

    This isn't the first time that the Society has made dumb statements like these. Setting the antagonism aside, the logic is what bother's me. If painting a church is helping false religion, what about providing it with telephone service or other utilities? What about paving the road to it? What about the brother's in the saw mill or the hardware store that supplied building supplies to the contractor that built it and so on and so on.

    Everything is connected in some way if one wants to go far enough with it.

    yup so stupid.


  • Pole

    ::When have you ever heard of a prostitute whoring herself for a library card?


  • Confession
    " ...would a Christian who is a self employed contractor bid on a job that involves painting one of the churches of Christendom and thereby share in helping to promote false religion?" (pg. 24)

    How about congregations that sell their old Kingdom Halls to churches? When I objected to this as an elder, I was told it was

    OK with the Society!

    Wow... Super yet simple point. This should be a Question from Readers; I'd love to read their response. Maybe we should write a letter to the Society, asking about this.

    Oroborus, your points are well taken too...

    If painting a church is helping false religion, what about providing it with telephone service or other utilities? What about paving the road to it?
    They would probably suggest that taking "Christian standards" to this extreme would be unnecessary. And I guess that's my biggest problem with them. They simply cannot let people use their own Christian consciences. They must dictate the specifics regarding "right" and "wrong." And if your personal conscience differs from theirs? Look out!
  • DaCheech

    Paterson, NJ super Kingdom hall was bought from the Mason (masonic temple), and after 10 years was sold to a christian denomination

  • Legolas

    Unbelievably stupid hypocrites!

  • luna2

    For the WTS its all in how it looks. Directly bidding on a job as an independant contractor looks kinda bad, especially since that very contractor will be sitting in a KH on Sunday listening and nodding his head to all the "false religion" and "harlot" type rhetoric in the Watchtower study. It appears more directly hypocritical since he is hoping to profit from the very organizations he condemns. However, if you can remove yourself a step, like if you work for a big company that provides services for Christendom, then you aren't responsible...its just your job.

    As for selling KH's to other religious groups, seems like long ago the WTS decided that real estate transactions between organizations are exempt from the kind of moral distinctions individuals are supposed to make. There is apparently a big difference between the WTS possibly losing money on a piece of property and Brother Average losing money because he isn't suppposed to bid on certain jobs.

    Dumb? You bettcha. Hypocritical? Absolutely.

  • DannyHaszard

    Profound post by the meta man ----------- Jehovah's Witnesses are the'perfect storm' of deception in a word they are the cult of Innuendo-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • carla

    So what do the resident jw apologists have to say about this thread?

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