Do you oppose Gay marriage?

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  • ohiocowboy
    like the Wonder Woman pose and the Rock Hudson moustache LOL

    Not to mention the collectible china in the background...Haviland, anyone???!!!

  • LittleToe

    Oldflame: Someone has a lot of angst! Hit a raw spot? Have you been hit on by a gay who wouldn't say no, or something?

    Listen I Love God with all my heart, that which means I truly believe in his Holy word.

    We're listening and heard, and no complaints so far. What makes you think you're so smart that none of the rest of us do?

    The thread asked a question as to how you feel about gay marriage and I spoke my most honest feelings based on what my faith say's.

    I don't see anyone condemning you for your opinion.

    But you people get so critical towards those who choose to follow what the bible teaches us. Do you really think that you are yourselves being compassionate or even understanding to what my belief is ?

    You have every right to your beliefs. What about everyone else? Do they have a right to theirs? The right to discuss them openly?

    Are you people so F&%%&ing self righteous and oh so all knowing ?

    That was uncalled for.

    I hardly think any of you are any of the above. I feel sorry for some of you.

    That's nice. Spare some pity guv'nor?

    You know whats funny ? is at one time everyone single one of you had a Love for God and a faith in his word but now that your out of the society you are angry at God as if it's all his fault.

    Hahahaha - You're right, it's oh so funny In case you missed this little point - some of us still love God, and quite a number are rarely angry. Someone else, on the other hand...

    Well it's not Gods fault we got involved in a cult it is our own damn fault.

    Errrm... wrong. I was raised in it. If you weren't, then YOU were a sucker. I had no choice. Does that providentially mean tht it's God's fault? I don't know nor care, as it's part of who I am. I moved on.

    I could damn you every gay person here but I don't,

    Errrm, no you couldn't. As you very well know that office belongs to God alone.

    I couold use some very harsh words for those who are Gay but I don't.

    Knock yourself out. I'm sure it wont be any worse than they've heard before.

    So you all go right ahead with your little stabs hidden by a computer, because I think your all gutless, your cold and heartless.

    Interesting judgement call. Who were you calling self-righteous? Some folks care about the person, rather than the label. Just because you obtained your beliefs from religion and a book, doesn't make you the paragone of virtue and all things decent. Remember that line about stone casting, sinner?

    And I'm about to leave this board because I am sick of self-righteous people.

    But you were (allegedly) in such good company, so why'd' ya wanna do that? Maybe if you tried walking a mile in other people's shoes, as Christ did, you might soften your approach to other human beings. Legalism in religion is such a dirty thing...

  • scotsman

    LT, you are a stirrer!

  • AuldSoul

    I do in certain contexts. I oppose all government sanctioning of marriage, hetero or homosexual. It is none of their business, and it is not required for them to be involved in order to insure that the Constitutional responsibilities assigned to them are met. Whenever government overreaches its bounds I am opposed. Marriage should be a social and/or religious contract, not a secular contract.

    (from a U.S. perspective)


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I'm against gay marriage (as in a 'mainstream' religious service) because this is against the teaching of most of the main religions. Civil ceremonies - no problem for me as these fall outside the remit of religion.


    PPS: That said; Why Gays want to marry is another matter

    I think it's largely due to the legal side - you know, like property inheritance, mortgages and stuff like that - as well as wanting to make a public declaration of their love for one another - which I think is a good thing.

  • unclebruce
    PMJ wimpered to no-one in particular: "I think it's unnatural"

    and pray tell PMJ what's your understanding of 'natural'? (a synopsis of how the Greek view of "natural" influenced Paulian thought would be a good start).

    I like the Wonder Woman pose and the Rock Hudson moustache LOL
    LMAO @ Slugga! So the man protethteth too much eh?
  • PMJ

    i just gave my opoin.God made man to be with woman.not man to be with in Gods eyes its wrong.its black and white through Gods eyes

  • wombat

    Hey PMJ....

    Don't mess with Unc....He is bad news..He has been known to speak his mind,

    Of course gays should be allowed to wed. Marriage is about love and commitment.

    Wombat - a grandfather who has never bitten a pillow.

  • unclebruce

    True Sad emo,

    and just the basic need to be accepted. Australia, being the healthy society it is, gays are very much accepted as a normal part of society but our current PM is so far up George Dubyas backside he's raised gay marriage as an issue here.

    cheers, unclebruce

  • unclebruce
    just gave my opoin.God made man to be with woman.not man to be with in Gods eyes its wrong.its black and white through Gods eyes

    Who told you that load of rot PMJ?

    So God only sees in black and white? When did God say he could see these things? Which God said this? To whom did this God speak? Is there some way I can I contact this homophobic God and set him straight?


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