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  • PMJ

    mrs jones jesus often talked about the old testement and about his you?the bible isnt just the new testement its get a full understanding you need to read both.

  • mrsjones5

    when you assume PMJ you make an ass out of you not me

  • jeeprube
    to get a full understanding you need to read both.

    And that's all you need to read. So why do you add to the scriptures PMJ?

  • beksbks

    Why are these the last days? Things are so much worse than they were in say Medieval times?

  • Celia

    he will put a end to this system just like he put a end to the ungodly world or noahs day

    why would anyone believe the tales of Noah and the flood and the ark ? Why would anyone believe that some supernatural, invisible something would carry out that kind of genocide? It was just a local flood, and the story got told and retold and embellished. No god will destroy the earth. We'll do it all on our own.

  • jgnat
  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Well, I definately agree with you. How can God let the world go on much longer.??...also think we are in the Great Tribulation..and it's all wrapping up. I think what the brother said about "billions being destroyed" , is just a JW way of looking at it. I'm sure that however Jesus judges it will very just and righteous and not at all the way JW's portray it. When the bible talks of the dead, dying, etc., it is probably symbolic talk..of a spiritual death. But we know the bad won't be able to live forever. Adam and Eve were sentence to death but still lived out under a thousand years. Very merciful on God's part really..

  • Think

    Last days for the BadExampleTower, aka DopeTower, aka DrugTower, aka PedofileParadiseTower, aka ExtortionGangTower.

  • PMJ

    poztate i dont count any time coming on this site.and no im not trying to convince my self its true i believe this is the time of the end.ballistic if you dont like the atention my topics get then dont add to it.simple as that.good bye you r the weakest link

  • beksbks

    PMJ? Hon? You really need to spend some time on your english and vocabulary homework.

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