Aliens/UFO's...Do You Believe In Them?

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  • sinis

    No. Most sightings are new propulsion systems being developed by the govt.

  • shark attack
    shark attack


  • kls

    Silly , Monkeys can't fly but they can sure throw poo

  • DannyBloem

    There have been UFO's of course, if you take the word litterary. Unidentified flying objects. because they were and are not yet identified. However it is very likely that they are have natural or human causes.
    No aliens in UFO's here on earth.

    I think it is very likely that if you count the number of stars and the possible number of planets that some must have developed higher intelligent life. It can however be quite few. For example if like 1 of every 1 miljoen stars contains intelligent life, it can be quite far, and difficult to reach.
    But probably some day we will find it.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Seeing is believing...those aliens were just on my TV.

    The Teletubbies! They live in a UFO, have TV's in their stomachs.

    My kids believe their aliens must be real!


  • jaffacake

    Yes and no!

    They talked about Rendlesham, Roswell and Kecksburg..The ones he hosted.

    Yes I believe there is a chance that somewhere in this universe there are likely to be other life forms, some of which could be as developed, or more developed than humanity.

    No, I don't believe any alien life forms could have ever visited this planet, because of the limitations of physics, the distances involved etc. I certainly don't believe that any of the stories mentioned above are anything more than deliberate inventions to hide some very secrte but very terrestrial goings on. However I have not made a detailed study, just my instinct and belief.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    This is an Amazon customer-review of “Alien Encounters”, by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman: Chuck and Mark hit a bullseye!, March 14, 2004:

    “I admit, the implications in this book are too much to handle, and at first glance, it can seem like ridiculous speculation. BUT, I am very familiar with other teachings of Chuck Missler from the website, and know for certain that he is entirely Biblical, born-again, and sincere. It is evident that God has chosen NOT to tell us a lot about angels and demons, but he has given us some very interesting pieces of info throughout the Bible, and Chuck and Mark have beautifully dovetailed these scriptures with other weird stuff from our present culture---and guess what---it all fits together into an end-times scenario that really makes sense! This book might be the vaccine that will alert and save thousands of skeptics when the end-times finally arrive. Someone once said, "a god small enough to fit inside your head is not big enough to meet your need" (or something like that). The message of this book is like this--a bit too much for my head, but I'm content with that. The conclusions are incredible, weird, and true (IMHO)---but so is the incarnation, the trinity, the atonement, the rapture, the resurrection, heaven and hell, etc. etc. I know it sounds like a Hollywood mix of Star Wars, The Matrix, and Men in Black, but hey, God is far more creative than that....
    Get this book--you will want your skeptical friends to have a copy too.


    Watch the tower,

    Exjdubs sincerely believed a great story that had all the answers, dovetailing all the bible texts together. It predicted with great certainty and in great detail what was going to happen in the near future - an end-times scenario that really seemed to make sense! It explained exactly what to do in order to live beyond that near future. Actually there were several stories, each consisting of several future scenarios. And the jdubs believed them all – until they stopped believing them. Suddenly they were left empty handed. So you could be preaching to some fertile territory. The only problem is that many may have become somewhat too cynical by now.

    Interestingly, when checking out some of the material published by the proponents of the demon/alien eschatology on, I noticed that some of them substantiate their teaching with pyramid measurements….in modern-day inches… Now, where have I heard that before..?


  • JH

    I've seen strange lights in the sky, in day time , but not sure what they were They were travelling at high speed, crossing the horrizon very fast.

  • skyman

    Absolutly believe in them. I think if a person does not believe they have never watched the shows you are talking about. I have seen UFO's and there is a place in central Idaho that I take people to see UFO's. Every time I have been we see them. I like to show un-believers the UFO's as much as I like to talk to JW's here on the forum. I love it, that is to see thier reactions

  • Sunspot

    Do I believe in them?

    I have SEEN them.....and very close by! The most conclusive time was the night, just after 7:00 PM, in early October of 1973, and my boys were "studying" with an Elder from up the road. The power had gone out (it was still plenty light outside at that hour) but I went and found an oil lamp to use in case it went on for any length of time.

    I went back to the bedroom and was reading on the bed when someone whipered in the window to COME OUT HERE off I went. I was astonished to see this immense "THING" silently hovering right over my house, had there been a second floor----I swear I could have reached and touched it! It was oval-shaped and had lights that went from greenish to yellow and back again many times. We just stood there without saying a word for the 15 minutes it stayed overhead. Oddly enough....I wasn't at all frightened---more like quizzical and thinking.Woooow!

    Then it took off, up and off to the east without a sound (again) so fast that it seemed impossible to imagine, but we had BOTH seen it! When I went back into the house, the power had just come back on, the fridge in the kitchen and the radio I had on in the bedroom were going.

    We never heard another peep about this, or heard of anyone who saw this gigantic "thing" either. I have seen others before and after this, but never as close to my head as this!

    I saw one in MA, one more in NY, and two while in WVa. I find i fascinating! I also saw all the shows that Rig Boy mentioned, and I had previously heard the Rendlesham incident referred to but had never seen actual footage of the account. Like I said......fascinating!!!!


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