Bethel Downsizing Again!

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  • garybuss

    You wrote: On the other hand there are sure to be many angry confused vindictive persons with inside knowledge of the wbts. They may become ex-bs apostates.
    I'd have to think if they become useful and help the people they helped harm, they have started to make their amends. If they leave Bethel and continue to endorse the blood law and continue to help split families and shun decent people then I hope they end up in some culvert eating dog food.

  • outoftheorg

    Remind me to never cross you Gary.

    Where is it you live? I would need a head start.

    Yeah I know exactly how you feel.


  • observador

    Gary said:
    "The Bethelites have worked hard to be sure they have nothing. "

    Exactly! They, actually, went to Bethel because they believed in the wisdom of having nothing. They take to the extreme the tale of "treasures in heaven" thing.
    Well, they're about to see the consequences of this mindset.

  • garybuss

    I've met active Bethelites. They were arrogant, condescending, egotistical SOB's. I didn't like them.
    Bethelites are Watch Tower monks and Bethel is a monastery. Instead of making wine or rope or pine boxes, they clean, build buildings, and print.
    Now Bethel, Wallkill, and Patterson are tourist destinations, like Disney Land. Book your tour . . . Georgetown, Niagara Falls, and Wallkill.

  • Sunspot
    Now Bethel, Wallkill, and Patterson are tourist destinations, like Disney Land. Book your tour . . . Georgetown, Niagara Falls, and Wallkill. you foresee a Jehovah Theme Park in the future?



  • garybuss

    Hoova land:-)
    I made the pilgrimage to "the wall" aka, Brooklyn Bethel, in 1958 with my parents and my brother and my aunt and my uncle all pinned into a 1953 Chevy 6 banger. Bethel was closed for making items for sale so the workers could sit in the sun with us in Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds for 8 days of hell. I touched the walls and the halls.

    It was all interesting. I was 13. I had a 35mm camera along and I still have tons of pictures as proof of it all. The end was due any day. How many bus loads of Witnesses do you know who organized a trip to the Grand Canyon? :-) I don't know of one. There is an industry making loaded tour bus runs to New York. Wallkill will have to start charging a ticket price and open a souvenir stand to add more nickles and dimes to the Governing Body's retirement fund, all on donations of course. :-)

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I wonder how much it costs for 1 person in Bethel. Food, Shelter, laundry, health etc............. I don't know what all is provided. Shampoo, deodorant???

    I bet when it is all added up, you can hire people to do the job, rent out the buildings. Come out much better. The article posted, about the new presses, foretold the need of a reduced workforce.

    I also noticed that they said they would send them out to be CO's, special pioneers etc. Looks like the congregations will now be picking up the tab for these.

  • Kaput
    There is an industry making loaded tour bus runs to New York.

    That's why they're booting the Bethelites. They need more room for the tourists. Hey, $150.00/night and you can actually sleep in a closet where a Bethelite has roomed. For an extra $10.00/day you can have burritos, puddings, and hoagies pulled from the freezer and experience the nostalgia of food service at the assemblies.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    1. "Awake!" magazine, published by Watchtower, reports that The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world with an estimated five billion copies. It has been translated into no fewer than 2355 languages" /////////////////// this is an interesting point. and true. as usual the wt is deceptive. LEAVING THE READER WITH THE IMPRESSION THAT THE WT PRINTS 5 BILLION COPIES OF THE BIBLE EVERY YEAR IN OVER 2300 LANGUAGES... when in fact the wts admitts they they only print the bible in 31 languages. and i forget the number of bibles they print in a year. off the top of my head it's in the 10's of millions a year or less. i made a big point out of this info. to the tour guide at bethel. leting him know that it was the Americian bible society, in conjunction with the Gideons, and other church that are responciple for translating the bible into about 2500 languages. and that the gideons alone in 2003 placed over 59 million bibles. far out streching the work of the wtbts. this portion of my bethel tour was at about the half way mark. this 18 year vet. of bethel was perplexed. with the info i was slamming him with. i would guess he learned MORE from me in an hour. than in 18 years at bethel. it got to the point he was asking me questions.???????????'S

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    Watchtower commented that they wanted their bound products to have a "hands-free" feature and are looking into the possibility of switching to PUR for their binding processes in the future

    Anybody have any idea what this is?

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