Bethel Downsizing Again!

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  • minimus

    The end is truly near.

  • greendawn

    Zack I don't think the Bethelites were much of a financial liability or burden for the WTS since they only got peanuts, food and a little pocket money, it's not as if they ever got half of a decent wage because jehovah will "reward" in due time.

    Perhaps they got rid of them because they modernized their equipment and need less labour or they are not doing so well and as a result, cutting down their operations.

  • xjwms

    I think Blondie is right...

    WT will speak out of both sides of the mouth

    However, ... starting 2006 with such GOOD NEWS is good.

  • Nosferatu

    Reasons companies downsize:

    1) Can't afford to pay the employees

    2) Replaced by new machinery

    Now, we all know it can't be number one. Perhaps Jehovah upgraded to Holy Spirit v2.0!

    Oh yeah, I forgot one that only applies to Bethel...

    3) Apostacy

  • jeanniebeanz

    I wonder if they will use the 'downsizing' to purge any suspected disloyal to the borg?


  • Nosferatu
    I wonder if they will use the 'downsizing' to purge any suspected disloyal to the borg?

    I wouldn't doubt it. Look how much crap they've downsized already... They downsized the Awake magazine, the publications from hardcover to paperback, and their calendar keeps getting smaller and smaller.

    I think I may know what's going on here. They're doing a slow conversion from a publishing company to a real estate agency. C'mon, it works! Many real estate agencies have their own lawyers! Not sure how the religion part will come in. Perhaps they'll start getting outsiders to print that crap. They no longer make their own ink, nor do they grow their own food. They've been slowly getting rid of their publishing angle. There's no money in it anymore. There's more money in real estate.

  • stillajwexelder
  • Axelspeed
    They've been slowly getting rid of their publishing angle. There's no money in it anymore. There's more money in real estate.

    I have been thinking about this as well. As well as for other reasons for the shift in focus, while downsizing. Consider this scenario for a typical in his 50's life-long bethel middleweight:

    I'm in my 50's and not getting any younger

    I'm in my 50's and have no retirement to live on in the upcoming years

    I have no marketable skills to use on the outside in the real world

    I have seen the rough plight of others who have left Bethel and the hardships they are facing, and their dependance on the mercy of the friends.

    I have no children to look after me in my old age

    While at the same time:

    There is this big pile of money and assets that should be able to carry me and my wife through for the next 30 or so years.

    Yes people are leaving in droves, but if we downsize enough, at least we'll be taken care of (the ones left at Bethel).

    I can live out the rest of life in a paid for prime location riverfront Brooklyn condo, while selling or leasing the rest.

    I can get free med care and live off of the friends for the rest of my own life at least.

    I have no kids, so there is no need to have assets to pass on, just worry about me and wifey.

    Just some random thoughts about what may be going through the minds of some at HQ.


  • metatron

    Let's add to the list of reasons why they are laying off Bethelites:

    Liability issues

    Remember the $1.55 million settlement? Everyone of these folks who drives a car is a huge liability waiting to happen.

    Volunteers, my butt....


  • Mary

    He stated that the brother indicated that the activity in Brooklyn was "winding down."

    OK, who wants to lay a wager that within the next 6 months there'll be a WT study or some announcement made comparing the present situation at Bethel with (drum roll please), Noah's Day. Something to the effect of:

    How Noah preached for 120 years and when Jehovah realized that no one was going to listen, then he closed the doors to the Ark. Symbolically, they'll say, that's what's happening now in our day. Of course, this will take time for them to close the doors, but brothers! Do not be deceived in to thinking that Armagetten isn't comin' ta get ya!! The very fact that Jehovah sees fit to start winding it down is ample evidence that we are "deep, deep into the time of The End" and Armageddon is nigh.

    This will of course, scare the holy hell out of a number of Dubs and they'll once again quit their jobs and cash in insurance policies to see them through until the Big A comes. The GB will dangle this mouldy old carrot in front of the R&F again until they realize they've been had yet again. By that time, the stinking old goats who mostly make up the GB should be dead and buried and it won't be their problem any longer.

    W hat a pathetic joke!

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