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  • one

    A "group" may come up with the idea of breaking down the same data (quotes) into multiple pieces.

    create multiple websites, in different countries, registered to "different" persons

    or use existing websites even if the main purpose of the site is other than wt related

    cross link them all by subject (directly to the relevant page)

    "You can find more info on this subjec click here -------------"

    technically easy to accomplish, but legally very difficult, if not impossible, to stop

  • Quotes

    I just wanted to add:

    Right now the WTS monitors are reading my previous post and saying "A HA!!! He admits that he is an Apostate, drawing the faithful away from Jehovah".

    No, that is the wrong conclusion. To the WTS monitors, and apologists reading this, I say:

    I have not drawn anyone anywhere. The writer/publisher of the material in the Quotes site, that is what as drawn them away. The responsibility lies with WTS, not with me. They flip-flopped-flip-flopped. They said that gravity doesn't exist. They said Aluminum and vaccinations will kill you. Not me.

    Furthermore, leaving WTS is not the same as leaving God. The arrogance of such a statement is simply mind-boggling.

    Finally, if all it takes for someone to leave WTS is to simply read WTS's own literature, then they probably didn't truly belong there in the first place. The result of my web site was simply to do the thinning and culling work that you WTS should have been doing: eliminating the people that are there under false pretences; pretences provided by WTS themselves. Those that study WTS's history, and yet remain, are too far gone and are likely much better off inside WTS (or any other High Control Group) than out on their own.

  • Bryan

    My heart really hurts. I understand, and thanks for the fine fight.

    This is only the beginning!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    for Belbab:


    Something else that identifies the Bible as coming from God is the candor of its writers. Why? For one thing, it is contrary to fallen human nature to admit one’s mistakes, especially in writing. In this, the Bible is distinguished from other ancient books. But, more than that, the candor of its writers assures us of their overall honesty. After all, they would not likely reveal their weaknesses and then make false claims about other things, would they? If they were going to falsify anything, would it not be unfavorable information about themselves? So, then, the candor of the Bible writers adds weight to their claim that God guided them in what they wrote down. -- The WATCHTOWER, December 15, 1982, pages 5 & 6, "The Bible - Is It Really from God?"

    From the earliest times the canonical books have been received by the Jews as inspired and as wholly trustworthy documents. The truth of the Scriptural narrative has been attested to by the unanimous testimony of that nation, though a great portion of it is a record of their own repeated disobedience, unfaithfulness, and falling away to idolatry or religion and into the hands of their enemies. The writers speak with all candor and humility about their own shortcomings; they spare no creature. They were faithful witnesses of Jehovah; they suffered and even died for his truth. Seeming inconsistencies may perplex the superficial reader; but they vanish before a reverential and accurate investigation. The contemporary Israelites of the writers, both of the Hebrew and of the Greek Scriptures, always accepted each book as a true record of events. -- "EQUIPPED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK," (1946) page 18

    The authenticity of Numbers is proved by the followingfacts: Many of the regulations of Numbers are suitableonly to life in the wilderness and in camp, which shows thematerial was recorded under those conditions. (33: 2) Thewriter's candor testifies to the truthfulness of the record.He does not conceal the sins of his nation or of his owntribe. Moreover, the record exposes the unfaithfulness ofthe writer's nephews (slain by the Lord for offering strange fire) and the seditious conduct of his own brother and sis-ter. He does not even spare himself, relating his sinthat excluded him from entering the Promised Land. -- "EQUIPPED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK," (1946) pages 121 & 122

  • tryagain

    You did good Quotes!

    I'm proud of you!

  • outoftheorg

    Hi Quotes.

    I felt sorry for you having to deal with the wbts and their slash and burn personality.

    Then I read all of the results of this lawsuit and your feelings and I actually feel very happy for you.

    You had your say and you frightened the wbts to the point of risking thousands of dollars.

    Knowing of their love of money, your site must have been causing a problem that really frightened them or they wouldn't waste the time and money to close you down.

    Job well done my man and a man you are, one to be remembered. Now you can relax and go your own way, doing as you wish, having fun and knowing that YOU seriously frightened a multimillion dollar corporation into taking action against (one man.)

    ONE MAN terrified this large publishing corporation.

    Does all this tell us just how fragile this corporation has become or how confused and fearful, of what the near future holds for them??

    I think they are slowly going down and they have begun to realize this.

    ONE man makes them panic. This brings a smile to my face. I love it!!


  • NewLight2

    What the WTS seems to be forgetting is ALL of the times that THEY have really violated the copyright laws in their own publications!

    Why is it that THEY are allowed to quote, and even misquote, other sources and NEVER give proper credit to the original author(s).

    The "Trinity Booklet" comes to mind as only one example of this illegal and dishonest practice where the WTS has left out major sections of the original referenced article which has resulted in CHANGING the original meaning from what the original writer has intended. This practice by the WTS is well documented in printed books as well as tons of web sites world-wide.

    Isn't it about time that the WTS start to reap what they have sown?


  • AlmostAtheist

    Gee, Quotes, you seem like a sharp guy and all. I hate to have to disagree with you, but when you make these wild, off-the-wall statements, I just feel the need to take you to task on it:

    Thanks for all the accolades, but I'm no hero.

    Sorry Dude. You are. The best heroes don't know they are, only those around them.

    Ok, I'm done. A guy can only take so much back-slapping, eh? :-)


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Quotes, the service that you provided to the world was invalueable. Your site will be sorely missed.

    Thank you.

  • Leolaia

    Let me join in the chorus of applause for the high-quality research site you had provided. Thank you for helping so many people. ((((hugs))))

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