What is a Born Again Christian??

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  • reaper

    I was a JW for 49 years and my wife was one for 52 years. We are now both Born Again believers in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. It is not being in a religion, its being ONE with the Holy Spirit. John 3:3 says that unless ANYONE be BA they cannot see the KINGDOM, it does not say Kingdom of Heaven in any Bible that I have read, including the NWT. Therefore the WT Society have NO RIGHT in saying that Jesus was only talking about the Little Flock. The little flock were the Jews of Jesus day and the other sheep are the ones who accept Jesus out of ANY Nation or tribe.

    To become a BA Christian is very simple and does not involve any special Bible Studies or Adherence to a Church or Group. In order o become a BA we just need to repent of our Sins and accept Jesus Christ as a saviour, simple as that. After that we need to ask for the Holy Spirit to fill our lives, which he does in abundance.

    Both of daughters and their husbands are also out of teh Cult, and they are now BA Christians as well. Our oldest daughter Naomi was recently diagnosed with Lung Lymphoma and she is only 37 years of age. However we are all strong in our faith, and we know that she is going to be healed.

    Both my wife and I serve in the Minsitry Team in our Church, and we just love praying for the sick and the lost.

    The wonderful thing about being a BA Christian is that we have FREEDOM in Christ. So if we do not want to believe in a literal Hell Fire doctrine, then we do not have to. Having said that, we do believe that Hell is the place that was reserved for Satan and his Demons. We do have a problem with ETERNAL Damnation, because Philippians 2 clearly states that everyone will Bow or Bend the knee to Jesus, those in Heaven, those on Earth and those UNDER the Earth.

    The main thing that has impressed us with Christians, is the LOVE and willingness to do things for others. My Christian Pal has just gone to Uganda to install water purification into a village, and this is his 2nd visit in the past 4 months. He studied with the JWs for 6 years, but did not see any real love, only works and commands of men.

  • TopHat

    Is your Christian Pal paying his own way to Uganda? Who is paying to the water purification? Just curious.

  • oldiesman


    Regarding your question about believing in Hellfire, are you referring to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone from the Book of Revelation?

    I grew up Roman Catholic, and of course we believed that there is eternal torture in "hell".

    Then much later I came to the belief that anything placed in the Lake of Fire would burn up, be annihilated.

    So now I believe the latter.

    What do you think about folks getting born again, via Romans 10:9?

  • TopHat

    In Romans 10:9 I believe Paul here is speaking to the Jews to come to an understanding that they have a new way in which to come to God and to confess that Jesus the is Massiah.

  • moshe

    20 years ago I was a JW, 15 yrs ago I was a Southern Baptist, 14 years ago I was a Pentecostal, 10 years ago I was not a professing Christian. and 5 years ago I converted to Judaism.

    What Happened? After leaving JW's I took the safe route and returned to my Christian upbringing. If an emotional experience qualifies you to be born again, well I believed it. My second wife and her church family convinced me that Pentacostalism was the "way to go". And then one day I asked a question that didn't have an answer, then I found another one and the more I looked the more I questioned the veracity of my beliefs.It was a painful process to go back to the begining and analyze the Bible and Christianity. Finally after several years of study ,one day I realized that try as I might the old feeling was gone. I tried going back to church with some friends- Songs like "victory in Jesus" stirred no emotion in my heart. The dream was over. A rational mind and Christianity don't mix in my view.

    Christianity might work for some, but it doesn't work for me. I am glad we have Christians in this world , as they give back a lot. For me, I just chose a different belief system. In the end ,if we have to face a supreme G-d, then I will know that whatever happens I can say I have been true to myself.



  • reaper

    Hi Top Hat. Our Church is not at all wealthy, but this year they have funded a trip to South Africa for 3 people. Plus also raised money for the First water purification system that was installed at WellSpring Uganda, and now one of the Brothers has just donated £3000 to finance another water system which will purify the Kids water that they wash and bathe in. Up until now, they have had to use rainwater that has been stored in old tanks that are full of parasites. My friend is an Ozone Treatment expert and met the Vice President of Uganda last time he was there, and they are monitoring the results of the equipement so that they can fund other similar projects throughout the country. Ian has mainly paid for his Airline ticket himself, although some have helped him out.

    He is working with a Christian group called Links International, and they also helped fund the original equipement. I managed to locate a really good comapany here in the UK who have provided all of the filtration at very good prices, and they have trained some of the local Ugandan people to maintain the filters.

  • ozziepost

    Well, reaper, how neat to see the Hammers on JWD - or do you know them as "The Irons"?

    You're a long way from the Boleyn, aren't you?

    BTW welcome aboard from downunder!

  • oldiesman
    In Romans 10:9 I believe Paul here is speaking to the Jews to come to an understanding that they have a new way in which to come to God and to confess that Jesus the is Massiah.

    TopHat, I believe that as well. And I believe it is addressed to the Gentiles, as well. According to "born again" doctrine, all "saints" are born again. The whole book of Romans is addressed to the church of God in Rome, all the saints in Rome. And in Romans 10 vs 12, 13, it basically says that there is no difference between Jew or Gentile as pertaining to belief in Jesus, and salvation. Also bear in mind that most of Paul's ministry was to the Gentiles, as we see in the Book of Acts and the Church Epistles.

  • TopHat
    According to "born again" doctrine, all "saints" are born again. The whole book of Romans is addressed to the church of God in Rome, all the saints in Rome.

    So basicly the "Born Again" doctrine is saying all Christians are saved from the first century until now?

  • myelaine

    when I wondered what being born again was looked to the Bible where it clearly talks about the disciples admission into the kingdom of God.

    the Lords supper had ended...John 13:1-10

    If Jesus died for ALL men then we are ALL guilty of murdering an innocent man, so to speak. For me, upon realization of this I did not want to be guilty of murder, I wanted to be guilty of ACCEPTING His sacrifice for me.

    back to John...

    I saw that when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, perhaps He was symbolically washing His blood from their feet, they were not guilty of trampling His prescious blood in the dirt.

    why did Jesus say that Simon Peter did not need his hands and head washed? well, it could be that, like Pilate, they were not going to be guilty of murder either, their hands were clean. And their head? Their head would then be symbolically "covered" with His blood, you just dont want that washed off!

    see Romans 4:7-8

    It is then with great joy that disciples of the Lord would preach Christ crucified, others would come to a knowledge of the saving power of His blood, at which point Jesus symbolically cleanses their feet too.

    I think being born again is really a realization and ACCEPTANCE of the fact that Christ died for me, instead of being murdered by me.

    love michelle

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