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  • ApagaLaLuz

    My attention has been distracted for sometime. But you do have it now.

  • bebu

    I wonder if the Big News could make an appearance on South Park? Because look how much 'help' SP gave to the Scientology cult... I will definitely research out the email for contact...

    Oh, and I'll bet the documentary director of "Knocking" would be interested in hearing about this news!


  • blindersoff
    Oh, and I'll bet the documentary director of "Knocking" would be interested in hearing about this news!

    Barbara already has that base covered.

  • Sunspot

    ***I don't think anyone cares that Freddy Franz used a non witness source for his Hebrew.

    W-Once....I don't think so either! I had also learned about this "little" tidbit ages ago....and I'd venture to say that this is NOT the "good news" we are waiting to hear!

    ***Thank you Sunspot!! Its like looking under the Christmas tree at all of the packages, wondering what is in them.

    Thanks, HL, I just felt it had to be said. And I laugh EVERY time I see your avatar---it just strikes me SO funny! It reminds me of an old Carol Burnett character that used to crack me up! You must have a delicious sense of humor to have picked that one out! MY kinda gal!

    (sorry---SO off topic! My bad!)

    *** I hope the next big news is a little bit more . . . climactic. Jeez. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . G'nite.

    G'nite, CISA,
    I have a sneaking suspicion that you won't be zzzzzzzing when this news breaks....

    ***I'm just stating a fact to think about.

    Not too very long ago, I had posted an expose' on this "princes" nonsense on another forum, and how the WTS always likens itself to the "loftier" roles wherever and whenever they CAN in order to elevate themselves to their adoring followers, enforcing their "ever-prominent status" within their ranks.

    This has been a sore point with me ever since I left the WTS, and how easily they slide into their royal robes as they climb into the seat of THE "savior" at every turn.

    I can see nothing better than to bring the WTS down to the "REAL world" and thoroghly expose them for the actual frauds and despicable and disgusting liars they are.

    ANY news that will help in this effort WILL be greatly appreciated and made VERY well known....ASAP!

    I thank you for your part in all this, and what you have since had to go through since you nicely offered your "preview" for us here, and for the flak that you have received because of it.

    appreciation and hugs,


  • Gretchen956
    “The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much and a person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much.” Luke 16:10

    Although I don't put my faith in that particular book, the essence of it, that if you would lie about a little thing you would lie about a big thing helped me exit the organization. Once you find out ONE thing they lied about you can damm well question everything ever told to you by them.


  • bebu
    Oh, and I'll bet the documentary director of ;"Knocking" would be interested in hearing about this news! ;

    Barbara already has that base covered.

    Good grief, missed her post!

    Well, great minds think alike, at any rate!


  • Sunspot
    Once you find out ONE thing they lied about you can damm well question everything ever told to you by them.


    I do have all these delightful quotes on file, but I am much too tired to access them.......but isn't the WTS the ones who have said that if you find out your religion has LIED to you....that it is time to seek out the "truth" of a religion that IS "the truth"? (paraphrased but the meaning is crystal clear)

    Sooo, when you discover that your religion is full of sh**, then you must "leave it" in the dust.........right? This is exactly what I did when *I* found out that the WTS had deliberately me and EVERYONE that they followers!

    SOME track record huh?

    We ALL, think-hope-PRAY that SOMEONE will supply us with the dart that will hit the target right in the heart....with a (hopeful) death-knell to follow. This will set EVERYONE free from the hateful and evil Witchtower Babble & Trick Sassiety forever!!!!!


  • FreeinFlorida

    Two nights of no sleep and just had to get caught up on reading what was up.

    I am sure many people like myself who have been out for many years will be interested in how we can help the rest of our families escape the lies as well. It is sad to think I once believed it all! I was so convinced that it was the truth....and to find out I had been lied to all those years I was a faithful servant...well, it hurt, but I escaped to a new, good life! If ths really shakes some more people out to find out all the deception within, I, for one, will be here to help them heal.

    It is a scary thing to leave that place because it is all you know...all you are allowed to know. How wonderful to really be part of a great big wonderful world. I am hoping that this Big News will help others find true peace and happiness too. catch a few zzzzz's before work.

    Thanks Barbara for getting me excited about those left behind! Perhaps they too will be FREE!!!!

    Kim in Florida

  • one

    It is a book,

    possibly more evidence about child molesting lies or


    based on key words i remember reading here:

    "impact of this could affect far more religions" (seeker4)


    "I will be demanding an apology from the WT and if I know you all, you will do the same"

    documented "lie",

    "timing" (WT recent "estance" on the matter )

    "nine languages" translations

    "sense to ferret this out, but I didn't. Stupid me, I was just too trusting", = was at Bethel and knew about child molesting and/or who used the "library cartd",

    WT has no idea of what has been discovered, (just like when it was discovered, documented, that Russell was not the first president)

    only "smart" jw will see

    Worth of "TIME

    " magazine

    "author", "released", "months", "what I have been calling big news"

  • anglise

    Hi everyone

    Been keeping up with this thread since it's inception. Hope the "Big News" is out before xmas. Could be the best pressie ever, even if the full impact does take time to mature.

    We are looking forward to whatever part we can play in "getting the good news preached" LOL.

    Thankyou to all involved.


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