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  • Rabbit


    My mind is being flooded, so many ways, it's hard to settle on one thought.

    "misrepresentation"... seems at first glance to be such a 'slippery' concept. How can that word help us & hurt the Watchtower ?

    As I read, fireworks started going off...

    "misrepresentation"... of disaster funds usage.

    "misrepresentation"... of the risks of transfusions.

    "misrepresentation"... of the risks of transplants.

    "misrepresentation"... of even receiving transplants for many years

    "misrepresentation"... of the dangers of vaccinations.

    "misrepresentation"... of the use of aluminum cookware.

    "misrepresentation"... of the 'right' to force children to "sell magazines for the WT."

    "misrepresentation"... of all the so-called scientific 'facts' and don't forget all their un-named experts. (doctors, scientists, judges, etc.)

    "misrepresentation"... it's what the Watchtower has always done better than anyone. They've hid behind their smoke-screen of words and their lawyers for a hundred years.

    I guessed it was the 'blood issue', but, it's actually SO much more that that.

    Their medical advice about blood transfusions, their omissions, their written words...that cannot be taken back -- murdered my Mom.

    Quotes: Now, we just need to hope that there are enough surviving relatives (that are no longer Watchtowerites and can/will sue) that can use this appropriately. Yes, WTS, payback is, indeed, a Bitch.

    I'm surviving, so are 3 other siblings that never were dubs.

    We all have a 'bone to pick' with the Watchtower ! Are you listening Almightly Governing Body ? Imagine having all of your words drug thru the news, the magazines, the "investigational" reporters on TV ? Not to mention the courts. I know how much y'all hate bad publicity, too.

    "Payback is, indeed, a Bitch"

    Rabbit ( of the really bitchy class. Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do when they come for y o u ?)

  • FlyingHighNow

    My children are both damaged for life for me refusing them exchange transfusions. They walk against the wind and will for the rest of their lives.

  • Rabbit


    I'm so sorry, I didn't know that. I have a child, too, that my JW wife (now divorced) and I fought the doctors & hospital over the blood issue. The court order was in the works, we were planning on fleeing with our baby -- with the help of the WT, to a "friendly doctor" in another city.

    Luckily, our baby got better. They got my Mom years later...

    I am sorry. We were all brain-washed, conditioned to accept everything the WT said -- on faith alone. Please remember that when you are beating yourself up.

    You aren't alone.


  • steve2

    Um, can I have your attention, people:

    Has anyone ever successfully sued over this issue? Where's the guarantee that it would work?

    Didn't the legal arguments over the Watchtower's child sexual abuse policy also seem compellingly watertight, but subsequently failed to hold up in court?

  • doodle-v
    Didn't the legal arguments over the Watchtower's child sexual abuse policy also seem compellingly watertight, but subsequently failed to hold up in court?

    With all due respect, please provide evidence of the above claim. Also, I believe you are either forgetting or are not aware of the many out of court settlements that were made in which the abuse victims signed gag orders/non-disclosure agreements.


  • Rabbit

    Guarantee...? Life has no guarantees. Is the sun gonna come up tomorrow ? Maybe for you and not for me.

    There's no such thing as a 'free meal' in this deal. It will be what we make it.

    You're not lazy are ya' ? Come on, stop the negativity, please ? Just because you don't 'get it' right now, don't rain on everybody else's parade.

    Get some're just tired and sleepy. It'll make more sense in the morning after your coffee, OK?


  • avishai
    Didn't the legal arguments over the Watchtower's child sexual abuse policy also seem compellingly watertight, but subsequently failed to hold up in court?

    Uhhh, no. Most of them are STILL ONGOING!!!!! The things that did'nt hold up with some of the other high profile cases usually had something to do with things other than policy. These things take YEARS!!! Soooo....I'd wait and seee.

  • alamb

    Avishai is right. This is not an instant gratification for all the walking wounded here. Years from now someone's child will be spared and when he grows and learns of the situation, his answers will lie in the research we now have. And this will now be burned into the pages of the internet for possible recruits of the JW cult who are typing the crucial words into a search engine somewhere, and they will be able to walk away before the damage is done. It will sit and ferment in the minds of elders and those in positions of knowing until something moves them to act and, it may not be the last straw, but it is a straw. And each keyboard here and printer and envelope and tear is another.

  • FreeinFlorida

    Kisses to Barbara!

    I haven't slept a good nights sleep for three nights in anticipation of what this news would be. I am thrilled to see that it is the blood issue. I am a surviving widow of a faithful to the end brother who was lied to about this blood issue! I am sure both my children and our attorney will be happy to look into this information for me.

    That 'look after widow's and orphan's" is also a lie...they just turned their backs.

    Hey WBTS, I bet there are THOUSANDS of surviving parents, children, spouses, uncles, aunts, siblings...who will be more than happy to talk to just about anyone...including those still on the inside and our lawyers. Class action would be a wonderful way to go and I am sure huge lawyer firms would jump at the chance to become famous and rich suing a corporation of this size...don't they work on commission? If they get a piece of the pie, wouldn't they want a large settlement too?

    And whoever said $100,000? That is what you get for a lost toe in a car accident! We are talking about lives....loss of parents, children, brothers and sisters. I think WBTS needs to sell more magazines to come up with the chuck they will need to!

    Read it and weep, you jerks!!! get my second cup of coffee before I call my lawyer and children, they don't get up at five a.m., but sure will be GREAT news for them to wake up to!!!

    Hallelelua....paybacks coming!!!

  • Abaddon

    Is this already being translated into Dutch, or shall I organise it?

    This is... interesting.

    As shown in Excerpt 1, under the law of tort, religious beliefs do not excuse secular misrepresentation. If a religious organisation misrepresents secular facts, they can be sued for it even if the issue pertains to a doctrinal belief. As shown in Excerpt 2, the Organisation's literature makes use of misleading quotations (gosh, really...?). As shown in Excert 3, the Organisation's literature omits important information () regard differences in rejection rates between those who underwent transfusion (and therefore were not anaemic) and those who did not. Excert 4 provides a summary.

    My chief hope is that it will lead over a short (5 year) time span to financial disaster for the Corporate Arm of the Borg. There is definite hope that there will be some within the Borg who will leave due to this. I am not up-to-date enough with the recent splitting of corporate and 'theocratic' arms to know what impact this could have at Congregation level (i.e., is the money divided up craftily enough to stop the forced sales of Kingdom Halls to pay for litigation if the publishing arm runs out of money?).

    My dad is a HLC member... I think I'm gonna casually ask him if he's head about the blood thing yet...

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