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  • Seeker4

    I had to laugh about a huge news story pre-empting this announcement.

    You must remember that this is news about Jehovah's Witnesses - the birth of a two-headed calf in Ufukistan would pre-empt it. JWs are not of much interest to anyone except JWs and ex-JWs.

    That having been said, I just finished reading several pages of excerpts of the information we're waiting to be released. No, the site hasn't been hacked and we're not being punked. This is great, authentic, well-researched stuff coming from completely outside the JW or ex-JW community. That's why I've been telling you it doesn't matter whether the WTS is aware of this or not. They have no way of knowing where this is coming from or how to prepare for it. It's also very nice in that any faithful JW will be totally free to read this as it has no connection with us apostates! Therein lies much of its power.

    I will say this: If the complete body of information is anything like the pages I read, it could have a devastating affect on the WTS.

    But please don't get your hopes up that all your family members will read this or hear about it and immediatley DA themselves. This information will have no affect on many faithful Witnesses. If they've dismissed all the other problems with the WTS, this will be unlikely to make any difference either. That in no way is meant to detract from the importance of this announcement - but lets get real about this and not create unachievable expectations. Some Witnesses can shut out any rational thought or worthy criticism.

    The information is not simple, but it certainly has the potential for creating huge problems for the WTS for years to come. The announcement will hardly be earth-shattering - it's how the information is used that will make all the difference. It's why Barbara was appealing for activism a few days ago in a post.

    So, in the time being, relax, set back, don't start talking about it to your JW friends and relatives until you've had a chance to see it and digest it and discuss the best ways of using it. Making it seem like just another apostate smear campaign will do it lots of harm. This is about as legitimate as you can get.

    Enough said. I'm sure this post will get lost in this HUGE thread, so if anyone wants to take it and move it to some other threads feel free. I just wanted to add a note of real optimism about this for the skeptics, and a note of caution for those with unreal expectations.


  • glitter

    I am stunned that not one person noticed

    Mr. Anderson .

    I noticed! I didn't post a new theory though cos I wanted to be surprised! :D

    But my theory was that the HLC have been instructed to dissuade patients and parents from taking blood fractions and the "new light" in the Watchtower was just a front to keep the R&F, judges, and governments sweet.

    But I don't think that really makes sense for them to do - and I still think anything to do with blood wouldn't shake the faithful, they'd just keep saying it's in the Bible.

  • blindersoff

    I just had a thought...what if a JW hacker has gotten into Barbara's account and is posting this to have a go at us? What if this is all a theocratic war tatic to get our hopes up? What if I'm dreaming?

    i was thinking the same thing

    I think the real Barbara would have stood up by now.


  • blindersoff
    I can't believe you people!!!

    In fact I am stunned that not one person noticed

    Mr. Anderson .


    Do we know for a fact this is Joe?


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    So Seeker4, are you saying that this will start with a bang, and we have to keep the domino effect going? WE CAN DO IT SIR!!

    Horrible Life here, Set to screw with active JW's, and to tell the world. 1 person at a time.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Mr. Anderson could not be the real Mr. Anderson per Mrs. Anderson's message:

    "Very few people have actually seen what's coming: For instance, my husband, Joe, saw it; ...

    Would the real Mr. Anderson please stand up?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Do we know for a fact this is Joe?

    Based on what he said, I know he is right. Unless someone knew whathe news it is they would not have answered in the way he did

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I still think it has to do with real estate. Taking Lawyers, and investigators, IRS, etc, several months to get their ducks in a row, and sift through pages and pages of paperwork.

    Money is at the root of the problem. They have really stepped up their begging.

    Stop!! Wait!! They are stopping 1/2 production of the Awake, and paperbacking their Bible. Could they be also taking in business, from outside? Both of these scenarios would mean a loss of charitable status.

  • AuldSoul
    undercover: Let's see the big news, study it, dissect it and if it's as big as is being reported, then we can go nuts telling everyone.

    Someone closely involved with the child abuse scandal, whose opinion I trust in such matters, says it is bigger than that. While I don't think that is license to "go nuts" it is certainly enough to amp me into donning full-scale battle armor for the days ahead.

    Also, depending on who has already dissected it (if it is a result of an investigation by the Federal Government, which is unlikely, or some sort of thoroughly peer-reviewed data) I may not feel a need to redissect it on my own.

    But your point is well taken. I have notified a few people who are already on their way out and a few who have never been in that something big is coming. I doubt I would tell that to current JWs.


    P.S. Love the avatar.

  • AuldSoul

    "What follows money" has got to be lawyers. So this would have to be something that would either be a lawsuit, a precursor to lawsuit or lawsuits, or some new-fangled way to get at religious abuser's where it hurts.

    Maybe it isn't a single doctrine at all, maybe it is a sword that we can wield to gouge holes in their funds. That would be way more fun, what if we have been looking at this inside out? What if it is a doorway into their secret chambers, a means to haul their asses and secret records out of their cloisters for display and make them verify what they claim about ... well ... anything they claim.

    I have for so many months wished I could sue for monetary damages for the lies I've been taught. Those lies have been the basis of all the money I've poured in over the years. But as far as I know there is no way to assail religions that way for money. If only I knew...I might want to postpone DA'ing in case that would change my legal status to one unfavorable for being able to move on this info.

    Well, no...I guess anyone can use whatever is coming. I hope I can be useful in closing their doors forever.


    {edited to add} P.S. Chalk it up to exaggeratedly wishful thinking. This would be way too good to hope for.

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