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    I just finished reading post #105 from Barbara, and based on that, and on all of the other hints, I'm guessing some kind of major perjury (in court) that involves either money and/or a sex scandal. This could be major news. Katrina-related? Maybe. Or child abuse? Maybe. Or all three? Maybe. Slave labor? Who knows?

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    stop door to door we have too many lawsuits pending..... quit saying your a jw your a volunteer but please send all money to wts here is the address


    Something else just occurred to me. Remember how the new study book(can't remember the name but it replaced the old United in Worship book) did away with the chapter on blood? Virtually the entire book is word for word from the UiW book. But why did they drop the chapter on blood? There was speculation that they were slowly implementing a change in the blood doctrine. In everyone's eyes, this sloth-like change was the only way for the WTS to ease away from this killing doctrine without drawing lawsuits.

    I seem to remember that in other countries in order for the JW's to continue as a registered religion and/or have non-profit status they had to "allow" freedom of choice in blood transfusions. In the US however, they can continue their line of "no blood" which they do in publications such as the KM. (I think they did this in France for instance to try to win support from the government, to no avail!)


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    good grief. out of town for days and i come home to this thread. now 1pm monday and i have lost most of a day reading this.

    can't wait for the suspense to be over.

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    i'm so stressed that i've already chewed out 2 employees....i can't take much more of this. you're gonna drive me to smoke again woman!!!

    luv, jojo

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    i'm so stressed that i've already chewed out 2 employees....i can't take much more of this. you're gonna drive me to smoke again woman!!!

    *** Sprays jojo with a watter bottle ***

    Bad kitty!

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    Here's how it can make an impact: whatever it's about, if each one of us just tells 1 or 2 people about it, the news will spread. If we know people in the media, so much the better. If we can get the message to Jehovah's Witnesses whom we know, it will help (if they hear it from us AND from the media, it will be harder to ignore). Let's be the plague of locusts that the JW's are fond of attributing to themselves and make sure the whole world hears about this.

    So is this something that will not be readily known outside of the ex-JW community?

    What I worry about is if the "big news" is something that isn't confirmed outside of Internet sources or ex-JW sources. If it's similar to the child abuse or the UN scandals, the WTS will just put their spin on it and have the R&F close ranks even more. More heat will be put on inactive/faders and DFings of dissenters will increase. That has the potential of being more harmful than helpful as far as trying to get JW family to see the light.

    This 'big news' has to be some kind of scandal where the big wigs have gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar, where an obvious hypocrisy and double standard is taking place, resulting in lies and deceit. And it results in outside scrutiny, either from watchdog groups or the government itself. Misappropriation of funds, secret sexual deviancies of GB members, paper trails to politicians or other religions, etc. These are the type things that have to happen, and get reported by the media, that will make it be big enough to make the average JW stop and think.

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    Maybe the WTS testified in court that they do in-fact have a "clergy / laity" structure and that all JWs are not really "ordained ministers" with clergy privilege applying to all of them.

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    Wasanelder Once

    At last the truth shall be known, Jehovah's witnesses can have beards, but only the women! Oh the humanity! This has been a long time coming!

    Tell me already!!!!!


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    lurker here chompin on the bit & lovin what I'm reading (((hugs))) barb

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