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  • Sunspot

    Yes, AuldSoul, Barbara certainly has her credentials and her ducks in a row. Those that don't understand this are free to think whatever they wish. Most of us have been duped and tricked by this evil cult and are leery of being subject to having this done again. Understandable. But "who" is delivering the message, and her past history of blowing the whistle on the WTS, speaks volumes. At least for me.

    And I would stake my house on Barabara not stringing us along.

    I will go along with this viewpoint as well.

  • Mulan
    And I would stake my house on Barabara not stringing us along.

    You are soooo right, AuldSoul. Well said.

  • Elsewhere

    What if they have statistics that show that JWs are NOT "the happiest people on earth" and are in fact some of the most depressed people on earth!

  • nicolaou
    *** w04 12/1 p. 29 Trusting in Jehovah’s Loving Care ***Balancing patience and eager expectation is not always easy,

    Well how about that?! A Watchtower quote we can all agree with!

  • jeanniebeanz

    lol @ CG

  • IP_SEC

    All I have to say is, if the WTS is watching this thread.

    Dont you guys think that whatever this revelation well be it would be best just to suck it up and take your medicine? You know people are much more forgiving when wrongdoers as yourselves admit to being wrong and accept responsibilty.

    Shoot, you could always find a scripture in Daniel and Mark that might indicate there would be a second cleansing just before the end...

    ta ta WTS.

  • nicolaou

    if? IF?

  • moshe

    I have some phone calls I can't wait to make to elders at my old KH- "See, I was right- they are just a bunch of crooks and liars in Brooklyn" .

    Will this be big enough to bring the WTB&TS down? If the WT magazine loses it credibility, then the dubs might start thinking for themselves- It's up to the Corporation's directors to make sweeping personel changes to avoid a collapse of the organization. I'm waiting for the story!!!


  • Jourles

    I have noticed that many people have said that this announcement will not be a change in doctrine. I agree. We already know from Barb that this news will be coming from a third party, NOT the WTS itself. For the news to be a change in doctrine, that would only mean that someone got their hands on an unreleased WT magazine. Although, after the release of this news, it very well could lead to a change in doctrine.

    If the deceived r&f become vocal enough after this news breaks, then we may see a change in doctrine. If the change doesn't come, many witnesses may start exiting. An exjw means no more money going into the bank for the WTS. They know this and it scares them.

    Remember, even a non-donating witness is roughly the same as a df'd witness in the eyes of the WTS. If people get fed up with the WTS over this news but will still want to cling to mother because they do not want to break up their families and circles of friends, their donations will likely decrease or stop altogether. I know from experience than my donations virtually stopped after I found out the truth about the truth. But I remained a non-donating witness for another 5-6 years.

  • dorayakii


    If the entire Governing Body admitted to being gay, that they had all had blood transfusions and they confessed that they had lied about all JW doctrine - that might rip the heart and soul from the Witness organizaiton. But I doubt it. There would still be a few million brainless members who would just keep going on and excuse this as just the product of a few imperfect men who still had Jehovah's holy spirit operating on them and gave us direction straight from Jehovah.

    The WTS will not collapse anytime soon. No matter what is revealed in Barbara's upcoming post - the WTS will not collapse. At least not very quickly. Don't expect that.

    Just anticipate something that we can all use to further expose the WTS for what it is, and then use it accordingly. It's not going to be any great revelation from the new GB members. Do you really think they would have chosen anyone except the most non-thinking, company minded men?? Come on, any real free-thinker would have been disfellowshipped long before they would ever have been considered for the GB.

    No - this will be for thinking people. And further evidence for anyone considering joining the JWs to just quickly and quietly walk away.


    Quite right S4, people will forever make excuses for the Watchtower, whatever happens. They are always right about something. Once you prove something about the WT is wrong, they will say well they're right about that, so i'll believe them. Its like banging your head against a f***ing brick wall, and i'm fed up with it.

    Although serious, the child abuse thing doesn't cause a mass exodus, simply because they are individual experiences which cause a lack of faith anyway.

    I disagree; I have no personal experience with this, but this one sent me OUT the door. When I realized that the same men who made this criminal policy also wrote DOCTRINE, that was it for me. The level of moral bankruptcy it takes to keep this policy is breathtaking.

    I am keeping my expectations low. If we can get one more serious thinker/poster/letter writer per state, that would be a very good thing.

    Yes, it sent you and very, very many out of the door Pistoff, but i didn't notice any change on the level of my congregation or circuit. We were all given a rote response to questions asked about it in the ministry, and it was easy to cover up because JWs could just point to Awake! articles talking about how bad child abuse is. My father still excuses the WTS saying that its not them thats commited the crime, that there is a policy in place for dealing with abusers and that Jehovah will work it out in his due time. My parents were not phased, because they worship the WT like it was God. They've invested their whole lives in this cult, and to drag it from under them would devastate them. They would have no hope, they would lose face in front of everyone, something which they are not prepared, under any circumstances, to do.

    Most of all though, i'd like something that could free my parents or at the very least, give me a good enough reason to discontinue going to meetings.


    ANY reason that is good enough for good enough to keep you away from the ever-boring and same-old same-old meeting of wilted spiritual lettuce.

    You don't need permission or any "news" to make you realize that the WTS are lying and deceptive frauds. Anything we may be hearing in the next few days is just frosting on the cake.

    Sunspot, i know what you're saying, but i don't feel strong enough at the moment to just leave for no "good" reason. Everytime i think of leaving everything behind, i start to feel really sick and anxious and it gets me down. The honest truth is: i'm afraid.

    Dorayakii of the "really not feeling good today" class

    p.s. What is "UADNA" and why does Nathan Nata not want to discuss it?? (

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