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  • DevonMcBride

    In order for the "news" to be of any interest to the public the Watchtower would have had to commit a criminal act. Worldly people really don't care about JW doctrinal issues unless it involves a serious act of crime. If the expose is on the blood issue, I'm sure many Witnesses will feel lied to and bamboozled as Barbara suggested but the public isn't going to care.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    It would have to be something HUGE to do any lasting damage to the Religion.Im a glass half empty type of Person,so cant see it unfortunately.

    Just stop and think how massive the decades old belief in "this Generation" was ....and how hardly anyone gave a hoot when it was changed!

    In one foul swoop the entire belief system of Jw,s changed in a couple of WT paragraphs. (shakes head sadly) and everyone carried on as though nothing had changed.HELLO..the primary doctrine,the bedrock of JW,s was no more..replaced by a totally ambiguous crock of S**t.

    This Lady does seem to have a good previous record tho,and i sincerely hope things change in la la land.

  • Pistoff

    "Yes, it sent you and very, very many out of the door Pistoff, but i didn't notice any change on the level of my congregation or circuit. We were all given a rote response to questions asked about it in the ministry, and it was easy to cover up because JWs could just point to Awake! articles talking about how bad child abuse is. My father still excuses the WTS saying that its not them thats commited the crime, that there is a policy in place for dealing with abusers and that Jehovah will work it out in his due time. My parents were not phased, because they worship the WT like it was God. They've invested their whole lives in this cult, and to drag it from under them would devastate them. They would have no hope, they would lose face in front of everyone, something which they are not prepared, under any circumstances, to do."

    Understood; the thing is, how can any of them live with themselves when they realize that the news was there, and they CHOSE to not research it?
    I had to know.

  • undercover
    if I was still a JW and found out about this, I really believe I would immediately walk away from the WT and never look back.

    I keep trying to not get too excited about whatever this news is. I'm afraid to get all worked up about it and fantasize about how to finally get family and friends to see the truth about the "truth".

    And then, that quote pops back in my head.

    Was the UN scandal bigger than Dateline or Dateline bigger than the UN scandal? Was the Dateline thing really a scandal? the WTS really was able to sweep that under the carpet, at least as far as the rank & file were concerned. They did effective damage control on the UN scandal. Most JWs don't even know about that scandal.

    Will this new scandal big enough to really make a difference? I hope so, but unless it involves some kind of criminal charges or major, crazy expose, like the GB kept a secret heirem of girls for their pleasure for many years, or something equally nutty, I just don't see most JWs getting too concerned. The WTS will scream "persecution" and tell the sheep to not listen to the words of the Devil coming from the Internet.

    Then I remember this quote:

    Jehovah's Witnesses won't be able to call this one "persecution."
    So it must be some kind of expose that can be verifed and proven without the possibility of someone lying or concocting a story. Definitive proof will have to be available so that no one can say, "oh, it's just them disgruntled apostates making up lies again".
  • Jourles

    Something else just occurred to me. Remember how the new study book(can't remember the name but it replaced the old United in Worship book) did away with the chapter on blood? Virtually the entire book is word for word from the UiW book. But why did they drop the chapter on blood? There was speculation that they were slowly implementing a change in the blood doctrine. In everyone's eyes, this sloth-like change was the only way for the WTS to ease away from this killing doctrine without drawing lawsuits. If they were to drop it altogether, surely many lawsuits would hit them. But by slowly introducing little tidbits of new light over time, they could probably get away with it. Hemoglobin was one of those "little" but BIG changes. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't already have a roadmap/timeframe in place that would show what they were going to allow and when.

    Could it be that this roadmap was found out about and was leaked? Did another GB member have a crisis of conscience and came forward with this information? If they knew the ultimate goal was to allow blood transfusions without the repercussions of being df'd but were going to slowly over time arrive at this goal, then what about all of the people who will die in the meantime rejecting transfusions for what they believe is God's own personal stance? Even if only one person died after this roadmap was setup, that is one person too many. This makes them bloodguilty, according to their own definition.

  • Axelspeed

    I agree Dorayakii, some will never leave...and I don't believe the WT will go away completely anytime soon.

    But, these things do sometimes have a cumulative effect. While many are still attending, among these are those who are still inwardly reeling from the recent revelations (i.e. UN, child molestation, generation change), and those who are leery about the recent education stance. JWs are about pretense,...pretense that everything is fine in paradise. But there is only so much that any ethical or thinking person can take.

    If this is major, it might just be more than the needle that is needed to break the camel's back.


  • cruzanheart

    Here's how it can make an impact: whatever it's about, if each one of us just tells 1 or 2 people about it, the news will spread. If we know people in the media, so much the better. If we can get the message to Jehovah's Witnesses whom we know, it will help (if they hear it from us AND from the media, it will be harder to ignore). Let's be the plague of locusts that the JW's are fond of attributing to themselves and make sure the whole world hears about this.


  • Elsewhere

    What I find most funny about this thread is that somewhere in "bethel" there are some Bethelheavies running in circles trying to figure out *which* of the many lies has been found out!

  • hillbilly

    Well, if it involves class action, about $30k US and I will call it "good".

    I have to ask... the only thing that would get my attention will be the total collapse of the org....thousands will splinter out to a bunch of start-up nut groups.

    Tick tock.....


  • Finally-Free
    Well, if it involves class action, about $30k US and I will call it "good".

    Let's make it $100K.

    I have to ask... the only thing that would get my attention will be the total collapse of the org....thousands will splinter out to a bunch of start-up nut groups.
    Now I find that kind of scary...


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