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  • katiekitten

    Me too. Its hard to concentrate on anything else. Im hoping it will be really obvious when it breaks - like Armagedon!! (tee hee)

    Im wondering if I will see anything in the papers? Im going to be totally hooked on checking the board until I know what it is. I was hoping DB might be able to shine some light, being in the legal profession.

    Id really love to have something grand to discuss with my Witless relatives.

  • diamondblue1974
    I was hoping DB might be able to shine some light, being in the legal profession

    Well my view was if it is this big I believe the society might well know about it too...(although I am aware that we have been told different).

    If the society do know and it is about to be made public the society will no doubt be trying to silence the publicity; I have checked the courts listings for injunctive relief hearings and cant find any relating to the WTBTS; that is at present anyway; this might well be different when things get closer. Who knows.

    KK, I am as intrigued as you though.


  • katiekitten

    Well done for checking the court listings.

    The soicety are bound to know something. Maybe we should be checking flights to South America! Maybe it honestly is something they cant do anything about except deny deny deny when the time comes.

    Id love to see them squirm royally. I can just hear all the weaselly excuses now.

  • under74

    I e-mailed everyone in my family after seeing this thread a couple days ago. I'm waiting with held breath.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    "I agree that there is hardly anything that could be revealed that would empty the KH's. Others have well stated the reasons why. I would be happy if we can just release a small percentage of the current JW's (perhaps some family members) & give prospective victims one more thing to add to the negative side of their paper as they do their research. If we can stop the growth, that is accomplishment in itself. So lets not be discouraged if we don't see a stampede for the doors."

    I can think of one thing that could help empty the KH's. A class action lawsuit that would cause legal action against the elders. Then elders would not only be stepping down (or deleted), perhaps losing their homes. As far as replacements, who would want to fill their shoes? This could cause great chaos in the congregations. Well, perhaps that's just imagination.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Well i have finally got to the end of this thread, I am so bad at being patient! I want to know now!

    Seriously I have family that I so wish to free from the lies, anything I have brought up so far has been rejected as what satan must be saying and what other organisation doesnt go to war! It completely falls on deaf ears...I guess that introducing idea's and doubts might eventually make them decide to question it for themselves. I think it helps a lot if your either a thinker/weak in the 'truth' or have been hurt by it. Otherwise you tend to be so caught up in the propaganda that the watchtower is the only way and there are reasons for all the problems with it - even to the point that any problems with it disappear

  • dedpoet

    I am dying to hear what this is all about as well, but I will be patient and continue checking the board as often as I get the opportunity. I am not going to speculate on what it might be, but if it damages the wts it will have been worth the wait. If (and now I'm dreaming lol) it destroys them, then that would be the best Christmas present I could have.

    Here's looking forward to some good news


  • FreeinFlorida

    I can't believe I have to go to work now and not spend hours dreaming of what it can all be about.
    Last night talked to my JW bro. in law while he was smoking and drinking beer and asked him what was going on at the KH...I heard some big news? He said he didn't hear of any big news, I just said that I must have been mistaken.

    Perhaps that will perk up his ears! He is the only one left of my family in there....and he is defending it to the end....with cigarette in one hand and beer in the other.

    God bless him!

    Now I bet this day will drag on as I wait for five p.m. to come home and play catch up on the news.

    Can't wait to see what I can do to pass on this big news all around Florida. Hope someone who knows what is going on is compiling lists for us to reach others.
    I also have connections with many different languages, so may be of help in the future when the big news is out.

  • rwagoner

    I have a friend at ABC Nightly news...I certainly can't promise cooperation but I will do all that I can.

    Sitting by the keyboard exercising the fingers in anticipation....


  • AndersonsInfo

    In the coming months remember these definitions:
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