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  • 95stormfront
    same here. not to be rude...but i hope i'm not getting my @ss tickled w/ a feather here.


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    22000 views - all I did was go to bed and sleep for a few hours

  • AuldSoul


    People HATE (i.e. loathe, despise, detest) being manipulated. Especially when the way they are manipulated affects the public's view of them. They triply detest being manipulated with outright deceit through misrepresentation of facts.

    From the way Barbara is talking, whatever this is has nothing to do with an action on the part of the Watchtower Society as far as some change they are making. They would be fully aware of that. It is something they are being exposed for. Of course, all the scurrying in the world won't do them much good. They have done too much in secret to be able to figure out what it is they are going to get a one-two punch from.

    However, if they have directly and intentionally misrepresented facts in such a way that they can be caught, and potentially SUED for having done it, they may have no clue it is coming if we happened to be in on it from the beginning. We may, for once, have the jump on their legal team.

    It is easy to imagine a scenario that would make this possible. An unbelieving mate may be aware of something going down and has tipped off Barbara. Maybe an ex-JW who is now in a professional career that allows access to such information ahead of time. Or perhaps it is a ex-JW professional who is a key player in it.

    The point is, it was bound to happen eventually that the ex-JW community would know about something before the Watchtower Society. They have done very well to get away with it for as long as they have, but their luck may have just run out. And again, look what a key role the Internet plays in getting the word out.

    In times past, Barb would have had to finance a letter writing campaign to all the ex-JWs she knew and get them to forward the chain letters to other ex-JWs. Now, the news will be uniformly communicated to over 20,000 people in a little than a day. We have unequalled response time now. And each of us can reach more people with releases than ever before through email. No need to lick a stamp. The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses may be about to experience the first of a series of judgment messages. These trumpet blasts will not be what they want to hear, they will be deafening and will plague them. They will strike out seeking to kill the cavalry of horsemen with stinging tails and fire breath.

    Speaking of which, I should probably go brush my teeth.

    To free2beme and 95stormfront, the person delivering this news was on national TV, on Dateline. She has appeared on many other spots on radio. She has served as a conduit for information damaging to the Watchtower for years now. Many on the forum, including me, know her personally—although she won't tell me what the news is yet. This isn't a stranger saying this will be bigger then Dateline, this is one of the people interviewed on Datelin saying this will be bigger than child molestation.

    So, my money is on blood, but I could be just as wrong as almost everyone else who posted an idea. And I would stake my house on Barabara not stringing us along.


  • Seeker4

    B_C; Merton Campbell is a Bethel heavy who has been in the Service Department forever.. Ray Franz mentions him in CoC. S4

  • Beep,Beep

    ""I'm afraid that no matter what the Big News it, it's not going to be big enough to really shake things up.""


    But a certain man rose in the San´he·drin, a Pharisee named Ga·ma´li·el, a Law teacher esteemed by all the people, and gave the command to put the men outside for a little while. 35 And he said to them: "Men of Israel, pay attention to yourselves as to what YOU intend to do respecting these men. 36 For instance, before these days Theu´das rose, saying he himself was somebody, and a number of men, about four hundred, joined his party. But he was done away with, and all those who were obeying him were dispersed and came to nothing. 37 After him Judas the Gal·i·le´an rose in the days of the registration, and he drew off people after him. And yet that man perished, and all those who were obeying him were scattered abroad. 38 And so, under the present circumstances, I say to YOU, Do not meddle with these men, but let them alone; (because, if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; 39 but if it is from God, YOU will not be able to overthrow them;) otherwise, YOU may perhaps be found fighters actually against God."

    Sound advice I think. Let's face it, there have been repeated "scandals" in the past that has not changed anything. There have been doctrinal changes in the past that did not change anything.

    I don't think there is anything you can post that will be that BIG of a thing.

  • AuldSoul


    If this news is truly about deception - and not just deception of "worldy people", but clear, deliberate deception of rank and file Witnesses - I think the reaction will be very, very strong. If I were still a Witness, I would not react kindly when faced with unavoidable evidence that they had intentionally lied to me.

    I hadn't made it to this page when I posted, but we are on the same page now (pun intended).


  • metatron

    I strongly doubt that any doctrinal change will take place ,as they are under no necessity, given the extreme compliance of Witnesses

    generally. In addition, they've already given their answer on doctrinal change, if you been reading recent publications carefully.

    Any hope of such change is over, killed off by the new "What The Bible Really Teaches" book and renewed emphasis on obedience

    to the blood issue.

    As things stand now, there appears to be ONLY ONE WAY to destroy the Watchtower - and that is to embroil them in a lengthy,

    painful legal battle that exposes their amoral core.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    Wouldn't that be wierd if the Society was posing as a front for some major publishing corporation? Now *that's* the wool being pulled!

    Let's see...

    lawyers chasing $

    deception, lie, ensnare = something about where the money goes, and what they *tell* people about where the money goes;

    could lead to doctrinal change in future

    WTBS wouldn't know about it yet -- since it's coming out of far left field;

    Information brought to light by a woman;

    I got it! The Governing Body is being hit with a giant child support order of enforcement after fathering hundreds, if not thousands, of children by their communal wives!

    Hmmm.. maybe not it.


  • AuldSoul


    If there were any chance we were fighting against God, I wouldn't be involved. God is nowhere to be found in that Organization except in the hearts and minds of the disillusioned ones who are sighing and groaning over the detestable condition of their "Spiritual Paradise."

    Too many lies. Too many secrets. Too many policies and teachings that are directly contrary to the Bible. It just isn't possible that God is with them.

    When Gamaliel stood and spoke, he spoke of men who were able to heal people by praying over them. Men who were unlettered who could speak many foreign tongues. What proof do you present beyond a preaching work that is trounced yearly by Mormons, and changes in people's lives that are outdone yearly by Evangelical churches?

    You have no basis for confidence in these earthling men. They are blind and if you follow them you will fall into the pit with them.


  • oldflame

    Personally myself I am just going to continue to live my daily life as if nothing was coming. The reason for this is because back when they did the segment on the child molestors it had been post poned many times and we kept getting word that it is going to be next week and then it was next week again aand again and again, and the whole while people were getting nuts waiting as I was too. I was telling my JW mother every week you got to watch this, then it would be postponed again. By the time it did finally air my mother had thought I was just a lunatic and was trying to stir up trouble so instead of it being a good thing it turned to be a bad thing. Then it finally aired...........I would just recommend that everyone just stay calm do what you do and it will come in it's own due time.

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