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  • ackack

    Well, who knows, maybe I'll get to do some picketing this summer. :)

    I think its reasonably obvious this is some kind of big piece of WT hypocrisy that will be embarrasing. I guess I'm as excited as everyone else.. (while still trying to keep myself in check if its nothing) I think like everyone else, we wonder, will it be enough to free XXXXXX family member?

    Here is to hoping. Hey, maybe I'll get to orginize a massive protest at Copps collesium this summer?? Who's with me? LET HER DROP! (we can go over and get the Welcome JW Delegates Breakfast at Harvey's first of course :) )


  • freedom96

    Whatever the news is, I am looking forward to hearing about it. I would love for the organization to be involved with something huge, that makes the big time news, and that they can't spin.

  • doofdaddy

    I don't usually gamble but I'll put $10 dollars on misappropriation of relief funds for Katrina victims.

    Calling for money then spending it on furthering "kingdom" interests

  • Ticker

    I would still count on a doctrinal change being thrown in. It's probably a combination of money and mass disbelief on the part of many as they grasp to deal with how the Organization could have mislead them. They have to drop 607bce and the blood issue someday, why not cut loose strings now, they eventually are going to lose many over disallusionment on these very issues. Could very well involve a legal case or cases as well.

    It will be interesting to wait and see.


  • daniel-p

    So I was at the meeting today (no I haven't left yet) sitting through the boring talk the brother was giving about how awful the world is and how happy we are to be in the truth and I was looking around me wondering who would leave over what issue. I was dissapointed to realize that I can't imagine many people ('smart' or not) leaving over anything which we would call "Big News."

    What is big news to us is big because we see a lot of the problems and are looking at things from the outside - a much more objective view. And, in that sense, it is still subjective, because we see Big News as we want to see it - as damaging to the Society - not as the average JW sees it - as a comfirmation of their belief that Satan has specifically designed this to draw the faithless ones out.

    I'm afraid that no matter what the Big News it, it's not going to be big enough to really shake things up. If the big news requires extensive activism, it will just look like a carefully plotted campaign by the anti-christ.

    As long as there is some shred of basis for faith left among the R&F they will not leave over this. They will leave of their own volition, due to some circumstance in their own life that changes their views, not from some scandal brought on to sift the chaff from the grain.

  • seven006


    Is that $10 cash or a check?


  • oldflame

    What I would like to know is if the WTBS knows that this is going to be coming out public (whatever it might be ) and are already planning their way out of it.

  • Ticker

    If they know its coming it obviously must be something they cant sugercoat to the masses or im sure they would have already taken that route. Must be something rather damning.


  • wombat

    Doofdaddy- I reckon you're way off. Go back to page 4 and read Barbara's post #101. It's gotta be a lot bigger than what you're thinking.

  • wombat

    Hey can I please be post 400?????

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