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  • Gregor

    Several have mentioned their concern and empathy for aged JW family members who might be badly hurt if, indeed, the WTB&TS is truly discredited. I would just like to remind everyone that JW's bread and butter mission has always been to destroy the faith of others. This has been done by, among other things, walking up to their doors on Sunday morning and trying to engage them in dialogue that has the ultimate goal of undermining, in many cases, their deepest religous/spiritual beliefs.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

  • TopHat

    Welcome to the board Greger

  • DannyHaszard

    Welcome Gregor my aged beloved JW mother rotted in a nursing home and i was forbidden to care for her because of U WT bastards.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Gregor that may be true of the Borganization........BUT.......we actually CARE about the people. Those are the people that get hurt. Who gives a rats ass about the WTBS as an incorporated entitiy or the governing body.....worrying about the rank and file.....shows we are better than the WTBS. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  • MaryAppleDiamond

    I wanna give a big shout out to my buddy CAB1000. We're the girls trying to decifer the "Big News". We've been working on this for hours. Just breaking for lunch an hour and a half late. Cab has been back there laughing at us the entire time. We have several ideas...some of which are already mentioned here.

    1.blood is now acceptable in all forms.

    2. disfellowshipping completely abolished.

    3. Government exposing illegal action of some sort.

    4. just a pich for sale of a new book.

    ....we got nuttin....

    stumped by the words: if you put two posts together you'll almost have the BIG NEWS, EXCEPT ONE COMPONENT IS LACKING...YEAH THE BIG NEWS IS LACKING!!!!!!!!!

  • belbab

    This long long thread about the Big News is like a irresistable whirlpool that keeps sweeping me to the center.

    Yesterday, I tell myself, accept patiently the delay of news release. Today the irresistable impulse is to write.

    What I will write will not be speculation. It is a thread of events and discussions of events from the past couple of years or so.

    It is about the Big Lie.

    The Big Lie is that the Bible says that it requires two or three witnesses to establish a crime.

    Ted Jaracz stated to the Panorama reporter in public the Bible commands: Do not go beyond what is written.

    On this board a post was written back then, that the Bible does require two witnesses but one of the witnesses can be God her self. This post gave several scriptural evidences where only one human witness was necessary. The main discussion was the case of a woman being raped in the wilderness and the rapist denies it. The woman endures a trying public procedure to establish her innocence swears an oath to God. If she was lying she would be publicly disgraced by having her belly swell and rot.

    Certainly, Watchtower writers and Bible researchers must know of this Bible account that only one human witness can determine truth and have discussed this over the years.

    Next fact: Back then, or whenever,. a woman claims, while being a Jehovah's Witness, that she was molested and abused by a man who now is the most prominent one in the governing body. She claimed that there was a Satanic under tones to the wrong doing. In a demonstration in front of Brooklyn Bethel she read out loud her statement. Some , and I too, believed she was somewhat disturbed in mind. Farkel, who knew her well, reported confidence in her story. The WT never ever publicly acknowledged or denied that accusation.

    Brooklyn headquarters has admitted, or not denied, that there is a list of 23,000 cases of child abuse in their data base. I often wondered, does this number cover world wide incidences or just USA. I wondered if anyone in headquarters would ever show courage enough to release the contents of that data base. If this data list becomes known, and it lists all cases throughout the world. The governing agents responsible for child abuse in all countries should learn of the case of hidden perpretraters in their jurisdiction and act accordingly. For them to learn of this takes publicity. Whom shall I send?

    Barbara Anderson sacrifices family, friends, position, reputation in an effort to expose the Watchtower evil position on child abuse. For the past few years she, along with others, has not deviated from her nurturing determination to see that justice and relief be delivered to victims of abuse.

    She writes in a report on this thread, that several years ago, there were changes made and assistants and helpers were appointed to help the supreme glorious ones. These appointments were support by Lies based upon false interpretations of Bible texts.

    She reports that one of the prominent ones who was disappointed at not receiving goes to his superior and questions why he was not appointed. He is told that the highest in command did not recommend him because of his criticism about the Watchtower policy on child abuse.

    Barbara quotes the text:

    He that is faithful in the little, is faithful in the greater.

    He that is unfaithful in small things is also unfaithful in large things.

    If the Big News turns to be some other scandal, blood issue, money, whatever, the above rememberances still stand. Whatever the Big News is, all these factors and publicity will be woven together. One falsehood, one scandal shall sweep all the abominations into one big heap to be burned.

    There is fire in the inner sanctum and that fire shall burn and consume the one making an oath in his name and swears falsely. Zech. 5:1-4


  • ackack

    Wasn't there a "strained analogy" hint earlier? What could that mean?


  • rebel8

    This thing has taken on a life of its own. It reminds me of "Who Shot JR?" Hey, I know what we can do! Let's start a big bet about what the big news is! Half the proceeds can go to the winner and the other half can go to AJWRB or Silent Lambs. I'm just kidding of course.

  • Elsewhere
    This thing has taken on a life of its own. It reminds me of "Who Shot JR?"

    OMG! I sure hope I don't wake up to find J.R. Brown in my shower!!!

  • wednesday

    yes ack, I saw that too


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