I am a 4th Generation JW, Baptised in my early teens, DA'd in my early 20's. (Wierd but I can't remember the dates) I'm a survivor of several versions of the New Light. Shunned by my parents and former friends...but I am obnoxious and prefer the in your face approach when I see them. Member of the White River Jct, VT Congregation until 1989. Since being out I have been an elected official (2 terms) and E911 Police Dispatcher. I am a wheelchair user as a result of an orthopedic birth defect. I own Wagoner & Associates, Inc. (Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Experts) and serve as an Adjunct Professor with ROUND TABLE GROUP. I've been married for 18 years (10/13/1990) to Christine and we have a son Alex (10) and daughter Reagan (4). I sing in a Barbershop Quartet, travel, enjoys casinos and like most any kind of music where you can actually hear the words (and they are not *bleeped* out) ! ----- I have made a webpage to give people an idea of who I am and what I experienced ----- www.nh3766.com/4WAGS/exjw.html My EMail is [email protected] ----- Oh yeah...I am a Rabid Republican ! I am also an Ordained Christian Minister and Chaplain.