What are you REALLY like?

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I'm my kids mom. They come first, husband comes second, and everyone else third...then me.

    I am nice and thoughtful. I will help you and be your best buddy if I like you ... but if you burn me or rub me the wrong way watch out.

    I don't forgive easily.

    I love music. I am happiest in my car blaring Susan Tedeschi, or 7 mary 3, John Mayer or one of my other fav's.

    I will mean what I say.....but not always say what I want. Because sometimes f*ck off or f*ck you is not appropriate in front of the kids!

    The wounds from my childhood are still with me and I can't let them go but they have made me tough and who I am today.

    I used to be thin...then I got real fat...and now I'm thin again.

    I am a work in progress.


  • Crumpet

    Great question - I decided not to read any of the other responses until I had given mine so I would not be swayed and could be totally honest:

    I am a vindictive mean bitch who never forgives. I am about 200 lbs I guess, maybe more and resent every pound. I feel lost and distraught and like my life is over at 30 because i wasted so much waiting for armageddon. I have a sense of humour but its pretty viscious. I thrive off all the attention I get here because I have no real life. I was sweet once but it got sucked away through time and disappointment. I fantasise about being a real writer but know I could never be, not just because I am so antisocial hat marketing would be hopeless for any agent but because i actually have no talent. Being able to read does not naturally make me a writer - that slow realisation makes me crazy with disappointment and I spike it outwards and become a little more introverted each day. I dwell in fear each day of what that day may hold - will I have to speak to someone new, will I be asked to do something that makes me use my brain and note the lack of its ability. When I look in the mirror, which i pretty much stopped some months ago I find I am as ugly n he outside as I am on the inside.

    So how honest was everyone else? hmm lets see...

  • JH

    I'm a person that has no friends because I'm mean and hateful.

    My avatar is there to show what I look like inside.

    Beware of the rat

  • forsharry

    I'm a graphic designer. I work for a newspaper in the advertising department.

    I'm a brown belt in karatedo, and have learned a handful of jujistu, aikido, judo, and iado...just enough to make me dangerous...to myself.

    I am a riot. I live to make people laugh, but I wouldn't be good in standup because I need input from outside sources to come up with my funny, if not snarky, comments. I swear like a sailor, and I fight like a banshee. I don't take crap from anyone and so many of the people who know me are afraid of me...and it's not like i've ever tried to kill any of them or anything. I guess they just see that if they ever crossed me they'd be doomed.

    I expect utter honesty, because I give nothing less. I will give the coat off of my back for people. I help out in a volunteer cat rescue group, and I would love to do more but I'm renting an apartment and am at my limit with four cats. They are my children. I love my guys so much! enclosed somewhere in this post is a picture of me with my siamese buddy, Arnau. (I swear, his eyes are the color of blue curacao! But he's also a demon...so there ya go. ;) alt

    I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall. I'm a stocky girl, as my friend terrie says, curvalicious. ::giggles:: My hair right now is dark auburn-brown with red highlights...but I've been just about every shade known to genetics and then some not. :) My real hair color is strawberry blonde. I have blue eyes with flecks of yellow in them which you now can somewhat see because of the dark hair. I'm pale...i haven't had a tan in years. That's because I'm prime breeding ground for the cancer...pukey white irish skin is what my mother-in-law calls it. :)

    I think I'm done for now. :)

    wow...and then i se

  • Crumpet

    forsharry your cat is so siamesey demon - cute!

    JH - i like the new honest approach - lets see how popular we stay after that!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Personality: ENTJ

    Personal: 5.7, 150lbs. Hazel eyes. Auburn hair with silver slowly taking over.

    Interests: Family, jewelry, reading, art and the theatre.

    For fun: Bike, fish, entertain, play the 'bubble brain' on JWD.

    Pet Peeves: Arrogance, ineptitude, liars, laziness, negativity and people who don't put the seat down.

    Professional interests and experience: Corporate Human Resources, Employment Law, and Organizational Development.

    Short Term Goals: Survive motherhood with marriage intact.

    Long Term Goals: Figure out what in the world we are doing here and why.


  • JH
    JH - i like the new honest approach - lets see how popular we stay after that!

    Well, if people like us after saying what we said, they are true friends.


  • forsharry

    and then it entered and i gave up on continuing trying to edit my initial post. :)

    Hey Crumpet! Yeah...demon...but soooo cute! but he's got a meow on him like an air-raid siren. sheesh!

    I liked the brutally honest approach there...I could add some stuffs...but...::shrugs::

    I've been called unreasonable...that I'm a bitch at times. I don't take that as an insult though because i've been called much worse and by family no less! :)

    I'm on lots of antidepressants so I can face the day. But I'm not suicidal anymore so this is a good thing. I was a mess before, truly. I'm with you there on the weight crumpet. I weigh 195, but I can assure you under the protectivel layer of fat lies a finely tuned killing machine. And I hate it hate it hate it! But considering I've been on both ends of the spectrum (my lowest weight was 108 when I was in the full swing of anorexia)...i think ultimately I'd rather where I'm at now. After all, at least for me, the eating disorders I'm dealing with has nothing to do with body image and everything to do with control and guilt. I'm a very well-adjusted post-witness, yes I am.

    was that better?

  • forsharry

    wears her JH & Crumpet Fan Club hat with pride!

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny Haszard Bangor Maine has no personal ego any enemy of my enemy is my friend i exist to bring the Watchtower to justice.

    I put my time and my money where my mouth is.I have 40,000 pages up critical of the Watchtower cult and add more every day.

    WHY?Because they defrauded myself and 4 generations of my family,so in this way i am much like a holocaust survivor turned nazi hunter.

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