What are you REALLY like?

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  • Kaylen

    Ok.....I feel really guilty.......I have to come clean with all of you.......I lied and deceived you.....


    I feel so ashamed

  • FlyingHighNow

    I feel so ashamed

    You're a B-52's fan, right? I've got a pic like that of me somewhere.

  • TallTexan


    Interesting statement. Many JW's are intelligent, but not deep thinkers. That is so true, and a concept that I've been unable to voice. I've known many very intelligent people during my time as a dub, and they can reason with people at the door very well, but they are so blind to the incongruencies in what they are spouting vs what the Bible really says. They truly can't be critical thinkers, because if they were, they wouldn't be dubs anymore. Most of the ones that are critical (not in the 'criticize' sense, but in the problem solving sense) thinkers are on this board...lol.

  • TallTexan

    Hmmm...interesting question. I'm very sarcastic, tend to be more logical than feeling, and have always had a problem with being honest. Working on that, especially with those close to me. I have two hobbies - music and old cars. I play guitar, mostly blues, rock, and metal and pretty much spend my spare time and money doing that. I play in two bands - one doing covers, one doing originals. I don't have the time, space or money to endulge in my classic car hobby any more, but hopefully will get to do it again someday. I'm a Cowboys fan, an Astros fan, and a Rockets fan. I hate Nascar. I love Tarentino movies and hate Woody Allen. I have a disturbed sense of humor.

    There, that's me in a nutshell.

  • force

    i was 15 last month

    i am 9 stone 2

    5 foot 6

    blond but at the moment my hair is dyed black

    i like music - fightstar my favourite group

    i go to the gym with mates and love shopping shopping shopping

    favourite tv programmes - bill and ted, titanic, little england, the simpsons, family guy

    fav food - chinese

    fav holiday - florida. i love america and wanna live there when i leave school

  • diamondblue1974

    Well contrary to popular belief I am not green and do not live on a strange planet and neither am I a Jedi Master (although I am in as far as JWD is concerned)

    I am 31 years old, ash blonde, 5.11 medium build with a bit of tummy which is being worked on in the gym right now. I wear glasses (which is something I only started doing in October, long story!), I am married with no children as yet, my real name is Gary.

    Personality wise well people take me as they find me; no airs and graces I am what I am.

    I consider myself to be down to earth, wicked sense of humour which is dry at the best of times; Considered reasonably intelligent; becoming more self confident as time goes by; I tend to be very blunt and wont mince my words in any circumstance but I am capable of being diplomatic also when the occasion demands.

    I work as a paralegal in a law firm but have responsibility for my own caseload and practice; I am also studying to be a Barrister which should open up more channels of opportunity in terms of my advocacy (or at least that is the theory!). My specialist areas are UK Employment & Labour Law, alongside an academic interest in Child Protection law.

    Me in a nutshell methinks.


  • Jamelle

    I guess I'll jump in on this thread too - just to be friendly...

    I am 27, recently married, no kids. I'm 5'11" with medium blond hair and greenish blue eyes. I need to lose weight but I'm not panicking yet.

    I am a very social person - I like being around friends in large groups or small. I do alot of entertaining, especially this time of year. I think I would do well as a party planner or wedding coordinator - so instead I train people on how to use computer software - go figure!

    I rarely meet someone I can't get along with - and I almost always like everyone. I like to look for the good in a person - the silver lining. I'm a good listener.

    I love animals and can't get along without having a pet of some kind. (Right now we have 3 dogs and a bird.) I'm an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and other misc titles that catch me eye. I like to craft, crochet and scrapbook. I laugh alot. The only time I cry is when watching a movie. I'm very patient.

    Oh and my fav vegetables are cocoa beans and coffee beans.

  • jwfacts

    This generated a lot of comments, great to get to know you all a bit better. I wish everyone put up there profiles as i love knowing a bit about who a person is after reading some of their comments.
    Jamelle I dont think cocoa or coffee count as vegetables, though I am sure they keep you on a happy high.

  • moshe

    I took a psych test once- in eight categories of personality I scored a level evenly spaced line between paranoia and schizophrenia- is that normal or what? Also, I'm pretty smart- I was the 1st kid in the 6th grade to get his drivers license.



  • Maryjane

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