What are you REALLY like?

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  • Crumpet

    Direct to danny - you arevery dedicated but you rarely post personaly if ever. Whyis that? I'd like to hear more of you that isn't just cause related - altho I did get an inkling of ou with your post on richie's awake mag cover thread.

  • ballistic

    Sheesh Crumpet - I'm sure you don't feel like that all the time! Maybe you have ups and downs...

    I can get as high as a kite just listening to my music walking to work on a Monday morning when everyone else is looking miserable, other times I feel lonely - and sometimes I prefer isolation and lots of alcohol. How I would respond to a question like "what are you really like?" would probably depend on what I felt like at the time, rather than an objective general summary of my persona.

  • Crumpet

    No you're right ballistic - most of it is grossly exagerrated, but I do get days where the louder voice in my head is the one that says that I am evil and hateful and ugly and unworthy. Maybe everyone feels like that from time to time.

  • jwfacts

    From your posts and your picture you are neither evil or ugly. I hope coming here helps when you are down .

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